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  1. Your an idiot man! You get any player on a certain day......................It`s over. Julio is a BEAST!
  2. Those guys don`t grow on trees or everybody in the league would have one. And they are one hit from the entire offense being changed to fit that of the backup QB`s they have on their bench.
  3. Idiotic post by an idiot!! Matt FREAKN Ryan is part of the problem you said??????????????????????????? You `re a D.A. because without him we probably wouldn`t have won a game this year or get a $billion+ Stadium built because of their performance. Man, you are D.A.!
  4. Sometimes you have no choice. If one is injured you got to do something.
  5. Played at the University of Alabama.........................Nuff said.
  6. Ridley already in BEAST mode in pre-season. Im really digging that. Especially without Julio out there drawing double tams. Kid is special!
  7. Good news is that Ridley is getting all these extra reps with Matty!
  8. You ever hear about Julio`s blocking?? Nope. But if he`s not getting the ball he blocks his a$$ off. Another reason for all the injuries he`s plagued with is because he leaves everything on the field no matter who gets the ball. Nobody EVER mentions the dirty work he does but they are quick to throw up his TD numbers. Go back and watch some games and watch what he does when he`s not getting the ball. Julio is one of the best blocking WR`S in the NFL. Again there`s no stat for that so he never gets the credit that he deserves.
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