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  1. a person can manipulate themselves to do anything.

    1. What person wants to be an alchoholic, put their family through suffering, their own body through suffering and abuse a substance that will take every inch of them to quit. No one, but they do it

    2. what person wants to inhale a substance that makes them cause, have all kinds of lung diseases, hurt themselves and the people around them, and get addicted to a substance that will cause a slow and painful death choking on their own mucas. No one but peoplee smoke every day

    So yes people make choices on what they want to do, regardless of whether or not in the end that is what they really wanted to do all the time. Ive talk to lots of people who would never have started drinking had they known where it was going to lead them but they couldnt put that bottle down. they are making a decision they dont want to make.

    Then that raises the question of whether your sexual orientation is genetic or behavioural. If it cannot be manipulated (suppression never works) then is it possible that people are born with a certain orientation? That is what appears to be the case.

  2. so if a person is not forced into being Gay then they are indeed choosing to be gay

    Why don't you ask yourself? Are you a male or female? Are you attracted to the opposite sex? If so, try being attracted to the same sex. You cannot? Does that feel strange? Can you force yourself to feel something you simply do not?

  3. so they are forced to be gay? riight...

    I didn't use the term forced. The term forced would imply that a higher power has a hand in what sex they are attracted to. But people don't choose to be gay or straight, don't believe everything those "Ex-gay Christians" say.

  4. Why are we assuming that he is saying that being gay is bad, he didn't say that. The comparison was would you rather lead the league in recieving stats, or win the Super Bowl. Well leading the league in rececieving stats isn't bad, but you probably would rather win the Super Bowl, because that's why you play the game. He may be saying that being gay isn't bad, but he assumes you would rather be straight,because of whatever reason. Roddy never said being gay is bad so why would everyone think that ,when the comparison was between two good things?

    But the fact that he assumes "you know the answer" implies there is a right answer. And the right answer, according to Roddy is straight.

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