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  1. Not digging this new Falcons Life layout.

  2. Aria7 and the "realists" will never cease to be miserable common people with sticks up their bums because despite all their bemoaning and inveighing against the Falcons, it all amounts to diddly squat. They are powerless. That is why we "homers" will continue to enjoy our time watching football and not bother to go out of our way to deplore the Dirty Birds. Good day!

    1. Aria7


      I dont deplore the dirty birds and I clarified what I meant by homer. What you call a homer and what I do are 2 different things. I dislike people bashing others for sharing their opinions and I will continue to give those bashers a dose of their own medicine. If you are not a basher then this does NOT apply to you, and IF it does - o well.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I admire you for putting "Daddy's home" in his place. Its hard for me to read the hate that pours out of him. Anyway you are a very strong woman that deserves her props. Thanks again for your posts. -PEACE-

  4. Miller Lite guy? Yeah, sorry about that.

  5. Too Bad you took that pic down :(

  6. I checked the uni's out. Not bad. Not bad. Try looking at more of a Versace cut. It's never wrong. Can't go bad with long staple Egyptian Cotton. It's very strong so you can get up into the extra fine 140s+ stuff and still stand tight. Also, if you really wanna stand out... Never use primary colors. Laters!

  7. i'd miss the black jerseys, have to admit

  8. Where were you in Canada ?

  9. Two its been awhile how is NY?

  10. So glad we aren't making irrational and careless moves just for the sake of making them. Let the suckers griping about TD continue their bellyaching!

    1. revenge


      Agreed so much.

    2. abcranford2


      wow...a sane rational thought, so rare...

    3. abcranford2


      wow...a sane rational thought, so rare...

  11. NY Dirty Birds REPRESENT!

  12. LAX office job?

  13. Has anyone seen Super 8? Thoughts?

    1. GEORGIAfan


      It was pretty good. Likable characters, so it is easy to invest into the story. It also has a pretty high score on rottentomatoes.com, which I use as an indicator for good films.

  14. A thread is possibly in the works...

  15. So, maybe I missed it but are you ever gonna do a thread? Also haven't said much to ya lately so, Hey Girl! :)

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