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  1. Fine. What's your endgame then? You suggested earlier that people stop coming to games until the Falcons shape up. What should change?
  2. Yeah maybe Arthur Blank would be financially successful if would only just listen to you.
  3. Nah you said "he ONLY time that franchise got their crap together is when they drafted Vick." Doesn't sound like all you were talking about was his superstardom.
  4. And probably forgot to slide and had to miss out on the next 4 games.
  5. Good for Roddy. I'd much rather he miss a game or two rather than have no cartilage in his knees and have to ride in a wheelchair to accept his ROH induction.
  6. I think I've liked this photo 10ish times over the past week.
  7. That'd be great because currently we hear is "why is that guy we paid so much for sitting on the bench for such a high % of snaps?"
  8. Yeah good luck convincing him. If you're on a Falcons board pining for Vick in 2015, you're probably a little too far gone...
  9. Hahahaha you're not letting this one go, are you? Just vicious.
  10. Yeah I'm sure the late-round pick a (then) almost 32 year old WR would have brought in return would be tearing up the league by now. Probably 2 AllPro seasons, maybe even MVP consideration.
  11. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/the-nfls-all-bad-contracts-team/ Can't say I didn't see this coming...
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