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  1. We don't all need 2 hands. But it's still creepy holding hands and doing it
  2. Quit playing it like a year ago. I was rank 20 lol
  3. It's a very, we will call it flagrant, place in atlanta
  4. I would change the most dangerous thing comment. Most dangerous thing would be straight man going to ponce DE Leon and only wanting anal
  5. Dude, for real?!? Lol is it cause we're alcoholics?
  6. Blue screwdriver for me. But I already knew I was fukt up
  7. I heard about a Powerball app on tv. Lol sht is way hyped right now
  8. So pumped for this movie
  9. lofukinl I never say this, but don't swallow. Looks pretty bad azz
  10. I was about to post this. Never thought I would use it but I was hella wrong.
  11. I'm a terrible person for laughing as hard as I did.