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  1. Quit playing it like a year ago. I was rank 20 lol
  2. Hey recently made my first pizza dough. The rest was easy being a manager at papa Johns for so long.
  3. I started watching kingsmen last night but was waaaay too drunk to know what was going on
  4. I was iffy about Quinn at first but this entire offseason has changed my mind. And if it hadnt, this alone would have.
  5. http://rack.2.mshcdn.com/media/ZgkyMDEzLzA3LzA1LzgzL1RoZU9mZmljZS42NjIzMS5naWYKcAl0aHVtYgkxMjAweDk2MDA-/0352c94a/421/The-Office.gif
  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heeeeeeeeeeellz yeeeeeeeeeeea!!!!!!!!!
  7. I just want a pic of op giving someone a hug or high 5 or anything positive
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