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  1. Anyone know where I can check it out? I missed it
  2. So basically every recent falcons preseason lol
  3. Kog man ive only caught bits of preseason and haven't been here. What do you see so far?
  4. Fuk em both lol. Officially from durrtay
  5. Hey you got a like button. I hear by revoke my fuk you and transfer it to Denver I think?.?.
  6. And we should have cured cancer cause the other treatments are sub par... Anyways I'm done with this circuitous argument.
  7. Dude. His draft spot don't mean sht. He was a starter.
  8. No. Dude is trash, has been trash, and will be trash. The fact he gets love from fans is proof how "high" the bar has been set.
  9. Is beer man finally off the team? Heard something on the radio and wasn't 100% sure what they said
  10. Quit playing it like a year ago. I was rank 20 lol
  11. Jarrett definitely earned some more playtime
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