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  1. Thanks bro, I didnt think it was stupid i thought it was a pretty funny thread.
  2. This songs hook has to be about julio. I know its not, but its funny to think about. "BUT YOU'LL NEVER CATCH MR.JONES.
  3. Matt Ryan is not the best qb in the league, but who gives a shiiit he is our qb. Idc if he throws 100 interceptions ill still love the falcons. Ryan is one of the best young qb's in the league. GET USE TO IT
  4. I Think you need to go to the eagles board you bitc as fagge +h,s,t to the end of each word .
  5. Representing Swainsboro. lol

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31ydzkbjTrYI hate these types of football fans.
  7. I wish the falcons could give him a coaching/personel job.
  8. I don't think Aaron rodgers is that good.
  9. I will talk to you all tommorow
  10. Yes i would. Then i would wake up in the morning and make the b*tch cook me breakfast. Naw lol i would just get some he@d
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