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  1. After watching 3 games and focusing on Jerry and Walker, I have to agree that Walker should get more snaps. Walker is a play maker. Yes I know Jerry can make a booty tackle but you can't build a solid defensive line based on that. Keep Jerry in the rotation but let Walker get the majority of the snaps.
  2. And then the follow - up: Oh come on. Can't we just feel bad about the way the Saints are playing (not playing) football without really trying to ruin our entire life?
  3. Here's one of my favorites: Ultimate Insult! After this weekend the Falcons (with the Niners loss) are probably considered at the top of the NFC. If they get home field advantage with a 1st round bye they could make their way to the Super Bowl in the Dome. How painful would it be to see the Falcons win the Super Bowl on our home field???!!!
  4. Let's run out the clock here and head home. First place with a two game lead.
  5. I sure hope the saints don't get a lottery pick. A 7 - 9 record would be good.
  6. A win today would serve notice to the rest of the league that the Falcons are for real
  7. I know Julio can play through pain but the way he's holding his hand isn't good over the long run.
  8. Looking at the saints remaining schedule you can practically stick a fork in them now.
  9. Yeah I watched the whole game. Cassell absolutely sucks. The saints had no run game after the first qtr and the defense couldn't stop the run.
  10. How bad are the saints. Up 24 -6. Charles run for over 200 yds. D Bowe dropping the few good passes Cassell throws and the saints lose in OT. Break out the fork.
  11. The Chiefs would need a miracle to win this game. They are terrible and the Saints aren't very good. A lost here and you can stick a fork in the Chiefs and coach Crennel.
  12. I think the defense should be top priority next draft. MLB will have a very limited role in this defense just as we're seeing with Dent. But we do need another stub OLB in case we lose Nic or Spoon to injury. A big NT would be nice to help the run defense. CB will be a priority because Grimes may not be back. We can get a RB in the 4th rd or later. TE wouldn't be a high priority IMO because we could always go to a 4 WR set or find a pass catching UDFA TE to at least tie us over while we build up the defense.
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