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  1. My top ten all time: 1. Deion Prime Time (made being a Falcons fan more fun than frustrating) 2. Bartkowski (the Falcons qb of my childhood) 3. Humphrey (too often forgotten) 4. Andrews (the best RB we ever had) 5. Nobis (eventual hof'er, and great first pick) 6. Vick (sad fall, but even former falcons can rise) 7. Jam (was such a beast before the knees went) 8. Riggs (I really liked his style and time here) 9. Ray Brown (our real big play Ray) 10. Chandler (holding off Ryan for now. Thanks for the SB trip!)
  2. Good grief. It is possible to like both. I've never rooted against former players, except when Keith Brooking was so outrageous in his Falcon taunts. As for where they rank, Bartkowski Vick Chandler Ryan Miller I won't insult any of these guys. Especially not the one who changed the entire attendance rate the moment he became a starter.
  3. I have him 11th, bud expect him to climb into the top 5 in the next few seasons.
  4. In the end, Vick isn't here because of his issues in life, and people should just wish him well elsewhere. The fact is, growing up a Falcons fan, you had to see them in person to see the majority of home games. People had more interest in the Cowboys, 49ers, Giants, Bears, etc. Vick changed all of that, from the moment he was announced as a starter. He also won playoff games, and just couldn't get over the Philly hump. For everything he meant, mainly getting Georgia focused on the Falcons over everyone, and getting those transplants on board, I'll always root for Mike. But things happened, and
  5. No cool story. Just the team of my childhood as a Georgia kid. Wish I had one.
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