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  1. Being as the list is of 2010 alone, I'd say that Vick deserves a much higher ranking than Ryan. He was the most electrifying player in the league, hands down.
  2. You have Julio Jones and Roddy White lining up opposite one another, and you don't think defenses will respect the passing game?
  3. Why are you so negative? What's so glaringly bad about your defense?
  4. Champ Bailey was definitely re-signed. You're one of the possibilities for Asomugha because he fills a need and would be going to a contender.
  5. As this is my first post, just to make it clear, I am a Ravens fan, but I'm not here to talk any smack. I do have an article worth debating over though. With regards to Gaither, I would prefer the Ravens make the effort to re-sign the guy. When healthy the guy is a great LT, truly one of the best. If he's willing to accept a low-cost, incentive based deal like the OP suggested then I think the odds of him staying in Baltimore are much more favorable. Because Rosenhaus is his rep, I think he's most likely to land with a team with a desperate need for him and earn a lot of $.
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