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  1. it was something i was nervous before the season, since it was a new scheme he will play in. I see that he just picked up where he left off at last season.
  2. On the play where Ridley did the whip route. Ryan is at fault on that throw. He throw the ball behind Ridley making him spend around to catch it. Slowing his momentum down. Then him not trying to get the first can you blame him he is not even 200Ib and 2 guys cut him off.
  3. Lol was it the 3:33 point where everyone panic about trying to get a question out. And Dled just screams "Coach what about" "Coach what about uh" "Coach what about uh" Then asked the same question that was asked from the start! It was so important that he asked that same question..... Then ends it by repeating the something Arthur Smith said about "credit to Pitts for being ready"
  4. If im trading Grady its for a first round pick. He hasn't shown us any point that he is slowing and you can probably have him be the same player until easy 33
  5. I'm sorry I strongly doubt Gage, OZ would be anywhere for any team. Gage at most would be a #5 and OZ would be Marvin Hall at best. Hurst is a 50/50 guy.
  6. Gage is only listed as a #2 WR but isn't fit for that role. Good thing Pitts is the real #2 because the #2WR is trash lol Yea im hoping for the signing we have nothing. So we need all the help we can get a WR
  7. I blame Arthur Blank more. He is the one that over kept TD. Most of the Biggest mistakes I think TD did was after the superbowl. That is where the miss handling the cap and everything was. Trying to chase a window that closed.
  8. There is a lot of what if and maybe. The thing is people are making it about him when he wasn't on the field blame just the play calling and the people on the field at the time. Ryan had other options other then Davis that was on the field that he could have went to. That isn't on Pitts. Also who is claiming he is a "indefensible red zone weapon"? Lol Not confused at all actually, Pitts wasn't drafted for that exact scenario. He was picked for everything that he brings to the table that also includes redzone. Yet let's ask ourselves something, how many times in the 14 seasons have we actually been good in the readzone? I can remember maybe 5 or 6. The first 3 was because of the running back. When you bring up someone's name in the conversation it makes it about them. Even if it's indirectly. Because you have to ask why wasn't Pitts not out there. Like you said was it about him making mistakes with penalties? Was it just play calling and match ups. People talking about the person not out there and not the other 11 guys on the field is where it's making it about coaching and Pitts. Edit: look at the chat! Lol there is a reason why I put "some people will blame Pitts." Heck the first 3 post in this topic was making it about Pitts! Lol
  9. It's not like he was our 2nd leading WR. With 31 yards (51 yards was #1) Or that he did run that nice route to get a first down. Yall focusing on this dude like our whole offense this game wasn't trash. Like why on 3rd and goal did Ryan throw it to a double covered Mike Davis? Or the next 3rd and Goal throw it to him again.... but some only blame Pitts for not being out there. Lol
  10. We had a defense that held the other teams offense to 7 points for almost 2 full quarters. You blaming Deion Jones like it's his job only, but not blaming the 2 players that didn't do their job at holding the edge. Deion Jones has never had a problem with side line to side line speed. Stop just zooming in one one person and blaming them. It's like a bad play happen and the camera showed him so you just decided to blame him since he was there.
  11. What bugs me is that I was going to buy season tickets this year, the seats I wanted said it wasn't available yet watching the game today and in preseason its always no one there. Its endzone seats.... but if you look at the seats available on the website they have so many not open... who is buying all the seats? are they blacking them out so that it seems fans are buying them? because I watch the game and dont see the fans in the seat. They also not standing in front of them either.
  12. We have 1st rd pick this year and 2 2nd round picks if that is what you are asking.
  13. Like I said in another post. The defense did there job. 6 to 7. offense had 4 times to score because of the defense. 6 to 15. Offense had 2 times to score because of the defense. 6 to 22. Offense had 1 time to score because of the defense. The blocking was doing good until we got to the 2nd half. We killed ourselves with penalties and bad field positioning.
  14. Maybe! Lol because defense was doing ok but could have done better if they won them plays where they had clean shots. Offense was the one on that julio stuff. Lol
  15. They play zone. So motions and everything don't really do as much. As for the defense Pees actually put his players in alot of winnable match ups, but we couldn't tackle, or the qb made the guy miss. Not only that when the defense give the ball back to the Offense and they don't do anything and you have to stay on the field because the Offense can't stay on the field for more then 1-2min its hard to play. The defense did ok not great but good enough, they just didn't have any help from our Offense
  16. Believing in that this team is only good as they practice against is a bad why to assess our team. The right coaching staff can turn a franchise around. Also make the team the best in the league. Bill belichick, Sean Payton and a list of other coaches have done so. Then the players on that team that leave to another team never live up to what they did with them coaches. Gono isn't even close to being 100% the starter. He didn't even hold his job last year and was off and on. WR I dont disagree with you here, besides Ridley I don't think anyone one of our guys can come close to a great #2. Yet that is why we will focus on the run game and the 2 TE so it should work out. Lastly what we did with the defense is bring in a coach that never had worse then a top 15 defense and never lower then 30sacks for his team. That he focus on the strength of our team (LB) to make the defense better. Lastly the reason you should have hope is that Mike Smith came in with a worse situation than we are in now. Built a winning team, What our GM has done is brought players that can help us now and for the long run. We are building to win with our coaching and our scheme being better then the other team. Then as money frees up and in the draft it's to build on that. As of right now the coaching staff and the GM has not disappointed. You have to look inwards and see why are you looking at it all wrong. I think most people are wanting to see consistent play. Also to improve more then we have the past 3 season. If we exceed that then great. Yet not a single player and players that was available this year for the price we can afford him will make a difference. The way the players that we did bring in will work out is buying into the culture we are trying to build and the coaching staff.
  17. From what they where saying I haven't seen anyone say stuff much different from what people here say. Starters are B and you are ok with sending them out and facing anyone in the league. Its only when you get in the depth of the positions that the worry happens. my biggest concerns is WR,CB,OL but with the right play calls helps both the WR and OL. As for CB with our strength in our LB that helps with both the CB and the DL. Also keeping the Defense off the field more then we have in the past, that also help. The only reason I have hope that I believe that the coaching staff has the agility to get the most of this team and that to hide the weakness of this team with scheme and with the strength of this team. QB: A) Matt Ryan hasn't went anywhere and is still a top 10 QB RB: B- ) Mike Davis being the starter has the ability to be top 15. ( The rank I think can go only down, that this is the ceiling.) WR: C+ ) Calvin Ridley is easily a A+ but the rest of the WR I don't think are even a B WR where they are playing. Gage in my book will be a C grade #2 WR but is a B grade #3 WR. That being said he will probably be the 3rd or 4th option so I think he will do fine. ( I think the ceiling for the WR is a B TE: B ) not much to talk here i think we have a good group and even not counting the unicorn its still strong. (could easily jump to a A) OL: C+ ) we have 2 starters that you can be happy about other then that its all a big question mark. ( if the scheme is here to help this guys with running the ball and no having them block like Kotter made them I think they climb into a B- DL: C ) The main thing that is holding this DL is Grady Jarrett. ( we have a few guys showing some promise and with the scheme this will jump to a B LB: A ) this is the strength of our defense we have 2 linebackers in the top of the league and another one on the climb plus the depth is strong) CB: C- ) we have AJ and that is it as of right now. We are hoping for him to be better then last year. I don't know where the ceiling can be.) S/FS: ? ) I can not speak on this part of the team because I always been lacking in this department other then saying to draft (Honey Badger(Tyrann Mathieu) Budda Baker) but everyone knew they would be great lol. This is what I think our team is at right now.
  18. yea went back and seen that jetpac and ya_boi_j was talking and they found out what i was kind of meaning lol. Like you said I just ready to move on lol nothing against anyone but lets move on.
  19. well actually that is spot on don't have to go in more detail lol
  20. yea media is doing their job but I'm not saying I wish the media would stop talking about it. I want Blank to stop talking about it, fall in line and do what your head coach has been saying from the start he wont talk about players that are not here. also yea its a story to report but its already been reported. So this is old news nothing new to the story. They didnt add anything to the first report that was new breaking.
  21. Yep, the biggest thing is that the head/owner is going against what the head coach been saying since he got here. That he will only speak on people that want to be here. Like you said the other interview from a few weeks was enough. If you keep talking about to people that used to be here and not the people that is here the you doing it all wrong. Also it kind of gives me the feel that he has been having his hands in the decisions a lot more then I knew. Is Blank just a Jerry Jones?
  22. Yep and the only reason I would say he didn't get as hurt more is because the way he is built.
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