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  1. I would love to have him next to grady. Plus a DT that could be like a sponge with suh and Jerret in a rookies ear!!! Maybe draft raekwon davis in the 2nd and see if he can become what he looked like he was the first 2 season in college
  2. As a 2nd round guy I wouldnt mind grabbing him a d drafting DT or CB with the first. I get a little nervous of him kind of like Duke Riley. Dont get me wrong Queen looks to be alot better but same school and same kind of back story with the 1 year start..
  3. 1st round grab Kenneth Murray or K'Lavon Chaisson as LB at that spot! I think you have a small list of LB in this draft same with CB. the DT have alot of players 10 guys that I think can come in and do work!
  4. If he falls to the 2nd round I hope we move up a little to grab him! Lol
  5. How good is his coverage that he doesnt have to worry about tackling? Lol like if he is going to deion sanders then dont worry a out tackling 10 other guys can do that... I dont know to much a out his cover skills
  6. Plus having him with flowers too!!
  7. That's around 16million a year! Ok I can get behind this! Hopefully he can do more in the run game for us. And get a few more sacks then what Beasley got. That would be ok to me.
  8. Still other options at DT in free agent. I wouldnt mind getting Suh and putting him and Grady together. With a young DT we draft to replace him!
  9. Lol you not lying!
  10. Suh , McCoy , and Poe are still out there and price will be low. With adding someone like Flowers or Clowney that looks nice. The player at a good deal I wanted went to the raiders for a 3 year 17mil contract... (Carl Nassib)
  11. Really like it! Grab alot of players that could help the team now.
  12. Would you draft Cesar Ruiz as a future replacement for Mack or would you keep him at LG if he balled out?
  13. Nope lol I will keep this as my last for this year hahah.
  14. Very well put and I definitely see it from your prospective! Wow. Yea the main thing I was trying to do is fix the hole we have this year and then next year fix the next holes... I still think all the players will turn out good players. Yet I see your point of if we keep drafting to just feel the holes for this year then every year will keep bring in more. Your statements are very well put!