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  1. Referees!!! Hahahah
  2. I say if we used him more as a blitzing linebacker it could work out. Playing as a full time linebacker i dont know...covering rb not very good. TE he might can do ok
  3. Give me..... Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston Dream world.... Ryan Leaf Jk
  4. I think the biggest thing that sets it aport is trash talking is part of the game.. you don't get flagged for and don't get fine for... but push and putting you hands on some one (after the game) is not part of the game, get flagged for and fine.... it also can get players hurt...
  5. I like what I seen from his highlight tapes coming out... but when he played looked really bad! This game he looked amazing strong ,burst of speed. He had 2 plays I believe where he followed the fullback and the fullback did his job and Hill took advantage.. The past few week and now this one it's like our RB are running with more burst right when they get the ball. Not sure if that the change in the oline that's allowing it. Or is it couching? People playing for more money (Coleman) more playing time (Smith) (before hurt) or playing for a job (Hill)
  6. Reason I will still watch Is so i can say what are the areas we see a weak point? Not just what everyone on the board will say but your own mind. Gives us a chance to watch the game not as a whole but individuals... Also I think there is stuff that I'll keep a good eye on... oline is something BIG to watch... the benching of Ryan Schrader (you normally don't bench high dollar guys) how will he respond? Will it be a wake up call... the chance of losing millions... Beasley (never thought he was a double digits sack guy year round) but a 6-12 sack guy. Is that going to be enough for the team to want to keep him... is the effort there and is it to risky to pay him 3-5 year contract... or did his dream of playing for his favorite team and doing it was that his drive? Does he have anymore drive after reaching is dream? Is the linebackers going to continue to grow with Jones,Campbell and the rookie (forgot his name) he has looked good next to them guys... but keeping a eye on him as the season nears the end... can we say that the LB play is there and not have to address it in the draft? So much more!! Always remember it's a game... even if we are losing so many more ways to enjoy the game.
  7. Before this season I would have said to cut him. I didn't like how he runs some of his routes... This season I seen that change.. he runs his routes hard,doesn't stutter step like he used to... he fakes one time then blast to his route... now I will say this I hate that we are waiting to get him involved.... we need to game plan with him... 3rd week now that most of his catches was at the end of the game. That's OC and OL they need to play better.... lastly I wouldn't cut him but I wouldn't mind trading him... but it would have to be for a 2nd. We won't get that so keep him... the only angry player on offense
  8. I would agree. I was going to buy season tickets but they price me out. I would like to buy but now it's just single game tickets
  9. I have a question is the black out games not a thing anymore? I would think If they took away the black out of games then the push for packing stadium goes down. Because they still make that tv money. So I assume if you make your money from TV stations and you can fill up the stadium half way also selling psl seats you make your money back. Vs you don't put butts in the seats and you don't get air time. So with no fear of black out games you don't have to push for better price seats because your TV deals cover that. Now all this doesn't matter if black out games still are there.
  10. Sucks we lost but they didn't disrespect us..... other then spanking our ***. It's was fun watching the young team have a good time ... looks like they are up and coming.. Duke Riley had two big hits that game. Don't know how the rest of his game was since I had to step out for a emergency..
  11. Duke been playing good the past 2 games.... reason is couches seen he was having a hard time playing every down... they cut his play time and it has up his production.
  12. I say he has been improving on that as well. (consistent catching) The whole team all together been having a down year in catching the ball since Roddy White and Gonzalez been off the team. I will say they have stepped it up this year... especially after last year being that 8 of Matt's int's came from the wideouts dropping the ball.
  13. Last year and the first 2 games of this season I say he dance around to much before getting into his brakes or routes... To the point I seen Matt look his way and go away from him because he wasn't in his route yet... so I always believed if he would not take to long he would be much better. I see him not taking as long and now he is getting the ball alot faster and being able to turn up field and fly.
  14. Him missing sproles hurt but why didn't trufont and the other guy move up for the gang tackle that's what hurt us 3 people there and didn't swarm like we preach
  15. Why don't you start your own website or Twitter so people on here can follow. I would hate to lose your insight, pictures, videos of camps and things like that. I for one would visit your website.