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  1. DL Leonard Williams CB Marcus Williams add them with a back load in the contract that fixes the DL in the 3-4 / 4-3 Leonard Williams , Marlon Davidson, Grady Jarrett, Dante Fowler with John Cominsky maybe Deadrin Senat (if they like him) with some draft picks!!!
  2. like it! the only thing im adding in mine and wonder what you think but I have us extending Deion Jones with Grady Jerret.
  3. can we get the brady refs!! 17 points was with the help of crap flags! we found out the brady refs are a little better then the saints refs
  4. I could agree IF BIG IF.. at the time the people that was GM and HC could bring in anyone to help the team. Regardless of the desire to win, if you can't get help the 12 years Ryan been in the league then I can't trust you with my money. Because you not getting things done with your money. That is not only on the players that on the people they have in the front office. Why blank holds on to people for so long. Then the big one why bring back Dirk Kotter..... was that a smart money move? No was bring back a list of our old coaches back like it was a family reunion a smart mov
  5. Would you do that if your team has had money to bring in players to help your win but failed to get the right players. Players that come in and has done nothing to help your team succeed. When the only time this team has brought in help to Ryan was when Mike Smith was head coach? Yet we still couldn't field a defense. Where year in and year out we have failed to sign great free agents other then (Tuner & TG88) when every defensive player we brought in did nothing in the game to change our path? So no if the job doesn't show you they are trying to make improvements
  6. Last year was the best chance at signing budget friendly players. I wanted Shaq Lawson and Carl Nissib both could have been had for cheaper the Dante Flowers Jr. This year is going to be hard to work with I think. But vet minimums will help us the most.
  7. Patrick Jones II surprise me that he hasn't showed up.( haven't watch anything yet) How is his teammates doing? Paris Ford and Jaylen Twyman. Edit: nevermind I don't think they went.
  8. My favorite return man is ME! every year I return back to my team no matter what lol. But mine was Norwood, was not better then some but was one of my favorite players.
  9. running back is a thing that needs to be drafted, reason being is that a coach can maximize a RB ability but the running back can limit the production. -- take Shanahan, he is a coach that maximize the RB position. The only problem with that is that the RB he has are limited that is why one game you have the #1 RB go for 200 yards then the next game he runs for like only 15 yards. So for that player to have a good game that means the coach has to make sure everything is perfect or the player cant produce. So the coach offense is set up to maximize the ability of a limited p
  10. The GM handles it perfectly! He has real people skills and it shows. Arthur Smith seemed a little of but like he said its a weird setup. That kind of forced it to be awkward. But the GM is well spoken.
  11. OLB: I think Mykal Walker has shown more then enough that gives me confidence that hey could hold the OLB spot. I haven't seen a LB in this draft that I'm supper high on. ( havent looked to deep yet) But I seen Malik Walker play at times and was blown away alot of the times. NT: I believe in the draft we addressed this in the 2nd round with M.Davison and also John Cominsky has came in and did a good job. (Up grades can be had but more then safety NO) I would say FS,CB,DE,SS in that order. Yet this could change slightly depending on the type of defense we r
  12. Extending Grady and D.Jones is a easy yes. They are building blocks and easily have lived up to the contracts they signed. Both players are top 5 at the position and I dont see the fall off happening anytime soon. Extend both players another 2 years when they are both around 10 years in the NFL. They both have durability and thats hard to find in the NFL so extend them.
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