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  1. Don't worry someone already answer the question. The chargers was the team last year that beat us after being up 17. But as of now the only team that has made a come back after being down. Was chargers, Pats,Miami.... No one has named anymore. Im sure that's just the same as other teams. No reason to call our falcons choke artest.
  2. True. And I did forget. I have that next game mind set lol.
  3. Wow did see that now I need to check it out.other then yards I knew he did good. But didn't know it was that good. Thanks for the info.
  4. I think so yes. Thanks for the response. Another poster reminded me of the chargers. So we have 2 under Dan quinn. But doesn't seem to warrant the title the fan base give the falcons
  5. OK the chargers I give you that. But i can't count the saints. We was giving them everything under so they wasted clock. I remember because I was pissed. Thanks for the response. After asking here I posted a topic because I'm really interested to the answer.
  6. I just ask in a other posters topic. other then the Pats in the superbowl what games have we lost by a come back of 7 points or more? Under the Quinn area? I don't think it's more then the average team in the nfl.
  7. Other then the pats. When did last year team blow a lead more then 7points? Shut even 3 points?
  8. To answer this the name of the game is keeping the time running. 2nd most important thing get the first down... with that being said if you pass on 2nd down and get a drop time stops. The most important thing stops. Or if you take a sack now you have to throw it on 3rd and long. 2nd most important thing is now far away. Then if a pass isn't complete stops the clock 1st most important thing. The right then to do was run, run, run. Or in this case take the sack. 1st important thing keeps running
  9. What about the td to sanu? Or the td to the wide open tight end? We play better when we run the ball. I think we took advantage of them. Stats no watching the game yes
  10. Might be because people don't know how to take the whole game into account... so the first mastake they see they say it's because of that..... not that we wasn't taking advantage of the off cover... how the only runs we had was up the middle(the Panthers strongest part) or how the play calling hasn't been good. And with the lack of run plays it makes the oline work harder. Or that the keeping the defense fresh makes it hard for people to get there grove. The sack he took was Ryans fault hands down. Throw that
  11. But did Matt Ryan make him drop it... that's the topic. Also his overthrow didn't hurt the drive. We came away with points. The int wasn't on Ryan.... the route was ran badly... even the TV heads said respond to you off topic
  12. So Matt Ryan made him drop the ball?
  13. So is this the last game?
  14. I loved it too. The only thing is I thought we was doing it a little to much against the lions. Now it was working so I can't complain, but in the game I said I think they are doing it a lot in the first quarter to open up the pass even more in the 2nd half. Now my other point is the more you do it the more people will start not trusting it is a run but in fact a play action. Hint to the first int. I put the blame on the call and Ryan. Myself I would have called the same kind of play because if it's working don't change it to much. So it was a good play by the Lions guy.
  15. welcome to Moe's!!