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  1. Yes I looked it up you are right.. I didnt have the facts. Still to play him when this is the case I feel is still wrong and took light away from the allegations! Dont get me wrong it helped with not having to hear about it none stop when watching/reading about football.. but none the less should not have been able to play IMO.. At the end of the day the nfl doesn't really have a rule in place to do anything on allegations so I can see why they let him play.... I also think they let him play so 2020 meetings with the nfl and players association this wouldnt be fresh on the minds of "how it was handled"
  2. In that way I'll say with out julio matt ryan still does good... like a Matt Stafford without Calvin Johnson... Ryan accuracy take place of Matt Stafford arm strength... Julio would be Larry Fitzgerald with out matt ryan.... does everything he can possibly do to help his team win but cant pull it off... But at the end of the day matt makes julio... Julio makes ryan ... lol
  3. Lol only the Patriots are low enough to sign him even after the allegations.... still play him... release him and most likely dont hurt their salary cap....
  4. Well that's a smart move that payed off!!
  5. Well I stand corrected! Lol well it work
  6. I would say 50/50 the defense and that screen pass won the game.. Now the 1st Julio touchdown looked kind of the same when we faced them in the playoff... ryan runs right looking for Julio !! This time it worked
  7. Yea the flags are starting to get a little out of hand.. but every kick off we get them that's my main problem.. we keep starting 10 or less yards from our own endzone
  8. I had to tag you again on this!!! Have you heard the Aints are crying again about the bad Refs!!! You cant make this up!! Blaming them on a blow out lose!! See it works watch next week lol
  9. Another thing we need to do is clean up them flags!! Every kick off we have I see a yellow flag... and a few on false starts!! We need to play a little better on them because we keep hurting ourselves... Or we can complain about the refs after every game like the saints are!! They are doing it now. Might work for use for when our Wideout keep getting attacked before the ball gets there lol
  10. They did but after reviewing it he just had a bad miss
  11. Play smart ball. Please lol
  12. Dont like the play call but that is gross.. we are running the ball good enough to keep them honest yet you force it! Ryan you have time in the pocket... this are all on you...
  13. It's one of them things I joke about.. but it is real! I dont like it!!! But look at all sports... Lebron James/ golden state is another one that benefits from it.. soccer players do it... in a (flopping way) it's all around sports it all about making the refs play the role you want them to because they just dont want to deal with it.... Then look at the world most people dont want to be hated or in conflict so they adapt to avoid that.. that's why you have to get pissed at them call them out for poor work... it pays off.... ask the Aints... we win at home then they cried and complain then 2 weeks later we are called for 11-15 penalty I believe... Then they missed a call in the playoffs and cried none stop and still are.... the NFL makes a rule change for them.... The Seahawks was a defense that held but not alot of calls.... Now let's look at are team.... it is very rare does our player get the benefit of the doubt... our plays dont help themselves either but come on... Alford got PI called on him on BS stuff... yet julio gets mugged every play... so Alford made a bad name for himself with the helps of bad refs... Now last week vs the vikings one play Calvin Calvin Ridley did something I seen alot of other WR do to us... that's flop when he cant get to the ball, grab the defenders and make it look as it was a Pass interference... do I like it no.. but other teams do it so we need to as well... we got to stop playing such honest football... if you are going to be called for a penalty then dang it make sure it's a penalty!!!! Ps sorry for the long right up hahah.
  14. The only way that is gonna change is if our coaches start crying and complaining every drive and play... even if it's a successful play.... that's why Pat's and the Aints, seahawks get all the calls they get or get away with..... but none of our coaches will do that since we have people on the NFL board... lol
  15. I think he wants to play corner and not a box safety