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  1. Well I believe his td numbers where down because when he came in the nfl white,tg88,Turner was the red zone option. After that the only thing I can think of is coaching. When dq got here is when it seems like he was the guy. But then Freeman is balling out. Last year everyone was getting in. So with all that being said. We havnt really need him in the red zone. Or to be a 10td guy. I wonder how many td Julio has of 10-15 yards. Then 20-100 yards.
  2. In the later rounds I wouldn't be to mad. I do fell like we are ok at TE. But also it could give us something to trade later down the road. But biggest thing is a complete team. We have some weak spots. Not huge one but some nonetheless. FS,LB,DE,OG. we can live with what we have but if one goes down it will be hard. if we can have this taking care of I don't mind who we draft and what he plays.
  3. Go to and search falcons license plate. They have some cool ones like the Chrome one with the new Falcons logo . A black background with the new Falcons logo . They have a few for like $22
  4. I havnt seen any tape of him but ill watch some soon. But if he is a good player like people say then I would 100% draft him in the 4th because when his contract is up , alfords contract would be ending. Also like y'all said trade bait.
  5. Ok you was right about 1and5... already love 2. Lol but small things about watt I love, is that he always has ready hands when he is on the line his hands are up like a db in press coverage. I also see that he plays small for a 6'4 guy... but I mean it in a good way, the leverage he is getting looks like a monster! Small thing I didn't like, he does miss when he had a open path a few times, and doesn't handle double teams (who does)lol I also see him brace for impact with fullback/guys coming at full speed....still stands his ground So that's a bad/good thing. *****Will he make it too us? jalen reeves I also like him. he reminds me of the guy on the jags who is a small linebacker but can fly. Play action looks like it gets him but with his speed he make up for it most of the time. He hits open lanes fast and has the vision to the ball. With the small frame I think if he gets blocked it can take him out of the play. But you have to catch him to block him and that's what I like, moves through traffic nicely. HIT hard and tackles clean! I can see us doing the draft like you have it. If we did a 4-3 look I don't like it with just Campbell , Jones , wheeler/spoon **enter** t.j. Watt now I like that! we need depth and another starter at linebacker , you gave us that with the 1st and 5th we need depth/starter at G you give the chance with the 4th now I do believe our guy we drafted last year gets the starting job. baker gives us the ball skills and better run support over Allen (I hate Allen in the run support late reaction!) Allen can be ok in this defense but Baker can be great! With your 3rd pick haven't looked him up yet that's for tomorrow after bed time/work
  6. Also any mock draft with us taking Baker in it I love. This guy is a guy I really want. About to watch film on the other guys
  7. Just want to pick y'all brains. do y'all feel a TE would help as of now over other choices in the draft? We have Hooper that I see having 600-800 yards with 8td , toilolo 250-400 yards 3-6 td and Perkins 100-200 yards 2td. I feel like the TE is a strong part of this team and out of hooper and Perkins I feel could be top 10-15 in the NFL if used. Is it a trust thing with our guys or do y'all think a TE in this draft can be better then our guys? Side not but I feel hooper is going to be a beast this year now that he had a full year and has his body in NFL speed shape. Plus Ryan trust him.
  8. I agree , I seen him slow figure out his rhythm and if he didn't get hurt I think he was 2 more games away from truly showing up (stats) but he did a good job. I'm also pumped to see Upshaw,Hagemen,jerret how all of them played at the end of the year! I can see 15sacks from them guys
  9. Seeing this plus how the d-line line is being built I kind of love it. It nice seeing something slowly coming together. People forget Shelby is coming back so it's almost like a new face other teams will have to plan for
  10. I love how he played. But for the past two years it seem like that he was losing out on his job but I believe both times the other guy got injured. Now he does alot of thing great but I don't think he was amazing he was a top 5 fb in a dying breed. So not to big. But I would have liked to keep him yes! But he isn't a Huge loss. But we have 5 te from last year and maybe 1 of them can play fb sometimes. T.J. tialavea might be something to try out so he can see the field more. I just like the guy so just say his name. Lol
  11. I'm always watch Hagemen because when you get to see him murder someone off the line it's amazing! But he needs to 1st stay on the field 2nd make more plays. I also watched alot of reed,Upshaw and garland. But my eyes also find Campbell. I feel I watch the players that don't make allot of players that might not be 100% trusted. I want to say he is going to be good or I don't trust him. I already know for the most part neal,jones,tru,alford,poole,Collins are going to be doing there job on the back side because coaching is doing amazing with them guys. Same with Beasley and jerret they will do their I like watching the other guys.
  12. Getting the tackle is what matters. How he gets them does not matter lol. But doesn't remind you of how the Seahawks was training to tackle? I like this dude.
  13. Wow! Will this guy be at our pick! He has Troy Polamalu instincts and ability to move around block and get the tackle . With a Brett Grimes break on comeback routes and hands for the int! We have to get this guy. Lol mind you 1st video I seen of him and wow
  14. 62 yards is still field goal range. I'm with you on we needed to run the ball more. We ran good all game. But at the end of the day to very least take time away and rest our defense. I'm over it now and ready to cheer for next year! Brotherhood
  15. Easily could have been the greatest of all time. But it all started when he didn't apply himself early on. If he did at that time when the fastest guy on the team was a qb and had the strongest arm. Had he work harder on being a better qb hands down hof.