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  1. 2012! With the list of names we wanted to see win a ring all they way down to the falcons winning the superbowl in the AINTS house.
  2. Lol every time I'm want a player we not getting them lol But Nick Coe, Jonathan Garvin, Lamar Jackson, Binto Jones, Brycen Hopkins if they haven't got or get picked lol
  3. Jonathan Garvin , nick coe and Lamar Jackson **** trade some picks to get them lol I like all 3
  4. We can use that maybe hopefully he can become a starter to. Like a little of what I'm seeing.
  5. Looks to be a guy that doesn't miss tackles if he gets to you! Thats could come in handy.
  6. I really like him. I like im just a little more the Akeem Davis Gaithers. But my 3 of my favorite people can still be had Khaleke Hudson,Johnathon Garvin and Bonito Jones
  7. This are the guys I want us to really look at Akeem-Davis-Gaithers LB Khalid Kareem DE Nick Coe DE Jonathon Garvin DE Brycen Hopkins TE Bonito Jones DT Lamictal Perine RB Khaleke Hudson LB Lamar Jackson CB
  8. You are 100% right when the pick first happen and the guy i wanted (Kenneth Murray) is right there for us.. I was kind of mad.. I didn't post about it I started to look into him more. Looking into why we got him in the 1st then time showed it was gonna be a run a CB. Heck I would think the run isn't done with Diggs,Fulton,Johnson still on the board.. Was he best player available when we got him maybe not. But it's a need and he was a spot we needed.
  9. Heck last person we drafted with a hurt leg was Julio and that turned put nicely!! Lol so why not! I'm about to go watch some film on him now
  10. Don't know much on the Delpit guy, yet another here like him... but if we get AJ epenesa and Davon Hamilton I would celebrate!
  11. I would agree to your list as well lol
  12. Surprise 1st round: Raekwon Davis Players Low on: D'andre Swift Player high on: AJ Epenesa Small School gem: Benito Jones Most overhyped: Patrick Queen Most Bust Potential: K'Lavon Chaisson Biggest draft day slide: AJ Epenesa (was a top 15 pick) Player you least want: Yetur -Gross Matos Player you most want: Kenneth Murray
  13. I had him in my first mock draft! Lol. But in this highlights I like how you see him bending around the edge. I think he can give us the Vic Beasley production with more help in the run game! I'm hoping he still makes it to our 4th round pick.
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