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  1. with us having Davis, plus his injury. then having to give up a 4th not sure if its worth.
  2. I think most people just assume that the teams that are going to trade for him are in the win now, or that one player away... so that is why people are saying the teams that are being linked. But to answer your question julio will be traded where ever the falcons want to send him. Reason being is that he doesnt have a trade clauses.
  3. The sad part is I tell people at my job all the time. That come from different states and everything GA is a state with alot of great players but no rings.
  4. This is one of the most annoying topic I spoke on before. You really have people saying "he isn't even top 15 " or "he isn't even top 25" It weird how people see our own players, I understand people don't want to be "Homer's" but come on. Lol
  5. Lol they found the Patriots a comp pick that screwed us. Maybe they can make it up to us.
  6. He would have to wait until after the 2023 season. I dont think he wants to leave. He even said "I'm from the city" and to talk to his manager about contract talks. Nothing he has done has pointed to him not wanting to be here. Plus he will be 30 when his contract is up. Market will still be high but it's more of a 2 year kind of deals then 1 years after. He might want to do what Suh has been doing. Edit: I see people already told you he is here for 2 more seasons
  7. Extending Grady Jerret, followed with a new contract for Za'Darius Smith. Bradley Chubb is still on his rookie deal. So there is alot more to it. Yet this talking about a fantasy land trade. But that is to answer your question of how it could work.
  8. I might be biased , I would do that. Lol I actually really like Laviska Shenault! I might want a little more. But I would think about it. I would really want Za'Darius Smith and a few picks.
  9. If falcons get Za'Darius Smith (GB) and Bradley Chubb (Den) I would do that in a heart beat!!
  10. The petition worked!! Around June 2 all julio jones jersey will be throw backs!! 😢😢
  11. lol ok i never seen something wrote so fake... He hates the falcons after him finally having a Offensive minded coach..... then to say he wants to play with cam... a guy who wont even be with the pat next year... on top of that ryan has never been a big arm deep ball QB.. he throw the deep ball with accuracy . He never had a deep ball zip...
  12. He said "i'm from the city" meaning he wants to be here. love that he said to go talk to his person that handles all the contract talks. Meaning he talks about his play and his mindset. Even said " I dont speak for another man" when asked about Fowler.
  13. Someone needs to do it!! I need stuff to hold me over until August! Dustin Crum. There I started yall finish it lol
  14. I hope we don't move up and that the targets we want just falls to us.
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