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  1. its a few things with this picks that piss me off. im ok with some if it makes since, like Jake Matthews over Aaron Donald that was the best player at his position and it was a huge need. did we miss on donald yes, but i understand the pick. but a pick where you get Takk over Watt made no since.
  2. If true that is a mistake for the falcons i dont believe you would ever get a 1st for him. So take the best you can get for him, also the 5th and 6th could help us this draft so i dont understand why you dont take that.
  3. I wanted tj watt and was a little upset when we took takk. But was inspired when I seen how he played. But at the end of the day his health is his biggest down fall. The front 4 the start of the year was getting to the QB. When takk went down that started to go away. If health a full season I think he is a double digit guy. Yet he can't stay healthy and why we are moving on
  4. First off I will say I think Arthur has learned and will step away a little more then what he has been since Smith and Quinn. If you are making people feel welcome and safe then it does rub off to the coaches and players. Arthur is a players owner, for example when you are draft here it is very likely you will play the rookie contract out. With very little chance of you getting cut. If you do practice squad, people have job security here. I think that is going to change. So now he needs to high someone that backs that up.
  5. Using my own tactics I used to stop your trolling on your other account on me now... very nice keep trying.
  6. No im confident that you are using two accounts lol. So that wouldn't make me insecure.... you need to learn the meaning of words before you use them... but now I see why you made this post, you say things without having knowledge of the things and words you use... get it together jetjones11 I mean Intellectually Honest...
  7. You are talking to your 2nd account... nice touch threw me off one that one.
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