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    Game Blouses™ reacted to Sun Tzu 7 in Kroy Re-Signed   
    On the bright side I guess it means we can finally cut him now.....
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    Game Blouses™ reacted to birdman71 in Grain Of Salt: Michael Bennett Seeking Trade To Atlanta   
    Give them a 4th rd pick.
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    Game Blouses™ reacted to g-dawg in Spoon Gone?   
    If all the Cards are offering is two yrs and $6-8mm, that is not a big/risky deal - I would probably bite on that one IF Spoon is close to 100% right now.
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    Game Blouses™ reacted to FentayeJones in Spoon Gone?   
    This just show that Spoon wasnt as much of a priority as TD and DQ alluded too. We could have easily matched that offer. Im definitely not going to cry over it. He did what was best for him.
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