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  1. I'm sure Tampa can't wait to take another FA from us.
  2. Was hoping MJD was but looks like he has another year. I'm sure he'd like out of Jax and would like to reunite with Koetter
  3. I agree Owens is serviceable. I'm saying Franks may be the guy.
  4. Lol, didn't even realize I had done that. Please imagine a space in there.
  5. On our last injury report it listed both Mcclain and Owens as questionable. Is there any more info on that? I just don't want to even think about the possibility of Franks being our starting nickle corner. **** I don't even want to think of Owens being our nickle.
  6. I wish he broke down how that calculate the value of a team more. I'm amazed and find it hard to believe that the cowboys stadium alone is worth more than our whole team.
  7. If he hated Chase Daniels so much, then how did he ever get along with Willie-Mo and Wearherspoon. Every time I watched D Block they had their Mizzou hats displayed proudly in their lockers.
  8. Sounds like the guy collecting money to set up the Who dat' billboard near the dome. I bet it's the same swindler who's just going to keep these idiots money.
  9. I love it how some people just throw out criticism rather than adding an opinion or contribute to a conversation. A better response would be "maybe for a 5th rounder." My point is that Dunta will have no value to us in a year and will likely be released. The colts are obviously desperate for a CB. I personally don't see very good things for them this year and so any pick they give us will likely be a high pick in that particular round. I know, solidifying the nb spot would be great. I personally can't wait to see Dunta lay some people out coming across the middle. Then again, if we can
  10. I'm drinking the Matt Ryan Koolaid. I think with a better line and a better defense there'd be no question about his ability to win a playoff game. I love it how everyone blames Ryan for not winning a playoff game when each time it seems to be our defense letting us down. I was at the Packers game a couple years ago and I remember us struggling to get points on the board and then the Packers would get the ball and walk right up the field with it. I know Ryan threw some crushing picks late in the 1st half but I think those were forced because of poor protection.
  11. The reason Asante went for a 7th is because the Eagles were desperate and everyone knew they were desperate to get rid of him and also he had a very cap unfriendly deal.
  12. So it sounds like the Colts are pretty desperate for more CB help. What if we traded Dunta for a 2nd or 3rd rounder? The Colts are projected to be pretty bad this year so that 2nd would really be like a late 1st or so on for a later pick. I think it's pretty clear that Dunta won't be with us much longer than this year so I say we get what value we can for him while we can.
  13. Agreed, he looked teeeeeerible in preseason. He was averaging 50 yes a punt the last half of the season. Glad to have him now. Also after this years draft I guess you'd consider him a steal in the 6th (I think it was the 6th) round.
  14. Thanks for declaring yourself as someone to be ignored. Sometimes it's hard to pick out the trolls.
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