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  1. Who the **** are you and why do you keep tagging me? You're driving me insane
  2. I don't get it. Brady winning with the bucs would make patriot fans sick. Id be ..bucin up or whatever those clowns do
  3. I don't agree with the hate on Ryan. I mean no qb always plays perfectly. He has bad games and makes bad decisions just like the next guy. Hes also done some great things and it becomes difficult to discount that because he missed an open receiver. Id be willing to agree that his biggest flaw is not being able to lift the team. He came out looking sharp, but how many perfectly thrown dropped balls does it take to suck the fight out of him. I wouldn't be upset if we decided to upgrade, but he certainly doesn't deserve to take as much heat as he does when we lose.
  5. Am i the only one whose brain did a weird Facebook "only 3% of people can read the sentence" moment and see the topic "senat found dead"
  6. Was that the hyped up back in black year? I was ten and just remember everyone being so excited for the season but mainly it was because the Braves set the state on fire. The buzz didn't really last long. Atleast around my household
  7. Drew knows how to play motivated. He knows his grandkids are watching and doesn't want to let them down.
  8. Funny thing to me is after his first couple of seasons, the consensus was the exact opposite of what is being said now
  9. There's a specific group I'm referring to lol. I don't think you would classify. Unless you were pounding in all caps and exclamation marks
  10. I think our draft was fine. The way everything fell just turned into the perfect recipe for grown men crying like babies. There's an obsession for killer pass rushers that always gets everyone hyped up when there's a possibility that we'll go after one. Then the word got out that we might trade up which got everyone thinking we were gonna have the bestest corner So then we sit and grab a corner no one was talking about and all the babies start throwing a fit.
  11. Who are the short, fat players with "actual football skills" that td is snubbing?
  12. Td sippin on the sizzurp am i right old schoolers?
  13. I usually hate when people start throwing fireballs at stuff they disagree with on message boards but There's 15 uniform topics this dumb *** **** could have gone in but i guess that wouldn't of scored any points.
  14. Theres no doubt that people are going to ***** no matter what, but *******. These uniforms are dope af. I don't know what's wrong with yall.
  15. I don't know why people gotta whine about this. I love this uniform. The big *** ATL is great. Black home jerseys. No more Ronald McDonald red jerseys. This is great
  16. I don't even know why this should matter. There's been topics covering Sr and huddle as well. Why should it matter that people here aren't talking about rc? Who cares? Edit: irony is I just realized I said this on the 3rd page of this thread. Hmm lol
  17. That's weird. You still see it listed in the forums directory too? Post the address
  18. Where? The address is broken and it isn't listed in the forum list.
  19. This is true. You trolled and spammed the original rc so relentlessly we had no choice but to leave for another forum. And yes you were a pretty hot topic for a while because everyone loved making fun of you. And yes, we couldn't wait for you to come over without the mods to protect you. It would have been great. No one legitimately wanted you to join in on the conversations though. Anyone who merely suggested it would be flamed to oblivion because all they were interested in was disruption. The same ones wanted to bring over those idiots who were banned from Tatf.
  20. I was skeptical of your magic powers until the dramatic reveal. I'm convinced.
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