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  1. Now we're a household laughing stock wooweeee
  2. I've got some blemishes on my record
  3. I'm jus sayin.. Sooooo glad our team is getting beat to **** with injuries so we don't have all that anxiety of making it to the playoffs and going back to the sb.. we're very lucky!
  4. How the FRIKKIN heck does a kicker get injured during the bye lol.
  5. Falcons might be the best team in the league this year. Is what it is lol
  6. Read the rules again. It clearly states no discussion about players kneeling during the anthem It's right under the section prohibiting discussion on players not watching film in their free time
  7. Light weight
  8. Wait, we won that **** game!? Go falcons 3-0 baby!!! Woooooo!!!
  9. Talk about the futbol!
  10. Lol yea, I've spent many a games on my feet
  11. 1. Their very first roster was made up of guys named bill, hence the name. 2. They are the only team who's emblem depicts an animal, the moment it's shot in the head. 3. They are Canadas favorite nfl team. Which says alot alot Canada 4. The bills are not related to buffalo chicken 5. During Rex Ryans short stint as head coach, DLed waited patiently outside flowery branch for Ryan to interview with the falcons. Rumor has it, he's still there today. 6. McDermott and McCoy's families originated from the same Irish village 7. It's unknown what state the bills play in, and it will probably never be discovered. 8. John Kelly is the man. Seriously 9. That's all I got