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  1. I think Gabriel and Coleman have a shot.
  2. I've been saying this for 50 years but I'm certain brees is done there after this season. Anyways I feel like he's going to regress this year. Though brees regressing would still make him a top 5 qb lol
  3. Future middle school football coaches
  4. I'm just saying, he'll push ward off the face of the earth and yea he'll be taking some snaps from the other two. He could start for a few teams, be a great number two for most teams, and will be our 3rd back for short yardage. He put up monster numbers on college. The ones saying he will be on the practice squad are crazy
  5. Hill isn't a typical depth rb.
  6. Was wondering why looking at it made me feel sad
  7. Oh, is that a legit nic or something you're trying to make happen? Lol
  8. I wonder if he just carries it everywhere? Like does it take it in subway to get a sandwich? Yea..lemme get a chicken bacon ranch..this my grandma, I made her a promise.. I said I'm getting pickles on my subway sandwich.. so lemme get some pickles. Extra pickles! I love pickles, g--d----!
  9. That's not my quote. Only thing I said in that thread was in reference to you saying everyone was making you hate him. You should go take a nap or something friend