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  1. Ffs
  2. Unless I'm mistaken, he already does photography for the team
  3. Yea that's a good idea, except Matty gonna change the play every down in the red zone and go 0 for 3 in pass attempts.
  4. Mmmm.. that's going to be hard to think about when he's through throwing punts down the sideline.
  5. Who said anything about flag football? We both know that football players have been taught to go beyond tackling and bringing players to the ground. They're praised for knocking the **** out of people and that stuff needs to go away.
  6. That's crazy. Nfl continues to be the most popular sport in our country. Superbowl is practically a national holiday. Sure there's going to be less kids in youth leagues but that isn't going to dry up the talent pool..cmon.. nfl players aren't what they are because of peewee football. My son played a couple of years and those little turds didn't even know what was going on. Only thing we'll see happen is school programs will be forced to move towards a safer game. Anyone who thinks football needs to be kids crashing into each other needs to find a different thing to watch anyways.
  7. They've been tweaking since day one and its more popular than ever. Nfl will never die.
  8. I gave it a b, but really it's kind of meh. It reminds me of that smitty/td draft from years back where we got all those linebackers.. I think yawin smallwood was one. And we're all like.. who are these mfers but were still excited sorta. Except for all the negative Nancys who turned out to be right
  9. Funny thing is, I never once suspected it was a joke because it sounds like something quinn would do
  10. Makes more sense than saying he's the 6th best because a message boarder says so
  11. Bring the Payne.... bring the bryan.. Uh.. I'll take payne just on cool name factor alone.
  12. As my father used to say You can want in one hand and **** in the other, and see which one gets filled first.
  13. Did the falcons meet with Bryan? I didnt see him listed with the players they met with but I don't know. It'd be unusual for them to take someone they didn't visit with
  14. I guess he's officially back in the family. I'm ok with that