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  1. I don't even know why this should matter. There's been topics covering Sr and huddle as well. Why should it matter that people here aren't talking about rc? Who cares? Edit: irony is I just realized I said this on the 3rd page of this thread. Hmm lol
  2. That's weird. You still see it listed in the forums directory too? Post the address
  3. Where? The address is broken and it isn't listed in the forum list.
  4. This is true. You trolled and spammed the original rc so relentlessly we had no choice but to leave for another forum. And yes you were a pretty hot topic for a while because everyone loved making fun of you. And yes, we couldn't wait for you to come over without the mods to protect you. It would have been great. No one legitimately wanted you to join in on the conversations though. Anyone who merely suggested it would be flamed to oblivion because all they were interested in was disruption. The same ones wanted to bring over those idiots who were banned from Tatf.
  5. I was skeptical of your magic powers until the dramatic reveal. I'm convinced.
  6. These jokes gonna be good
  7. I mean, one bad season and quinn has seen enough. It'd be one thing if we had a stud behind him but Jesus christ. Vic is safe though.
  8. I'm not trying to sound like I'm insulting the op..or anyone else that would entertain the idea that we'd have a crazy free agency run.. But how can anyone follow this team and not know the procedure by now? It's so consistent that i didn't even know free agency was happening until a few minutes ago. I usually don't wake up till the draft cause ain't nothing going to happen worth Givin a dern
  9. I hate everything about that dude. Constantly screaming at team mates even though he's a garbage qb. Sliding 3 feet short of the first down and proclaiming "Got it!" Then whining to the ref for spotting the ball where he was actually down. God I can't stand him.
  10. ********* what a slap in the face that was
  11. Trade simms for locker straight up
  12. I think you mean secret cows
  13. I don't know. he looked pathetic in training camp and preseason. I didn't think there was anyway he would start. Plus the disapointment that he didn't move to linebacker like I thought he would, and the fact mass didn't have the breakout year everyone was expecting. He didn't help his case by getting punked out on the field On a weekly basis. I'm actually still furious over the whole situation. I think I'm going to search for old articles about smith being fired and laugh
  14. Now we got both guys who couldn't fill tonys shoes