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  1. I'm amazed he didn't end up on the bucs.
  2. I hated kroy but now feel bad for him. He shouldn't have ever been depended on as much as he was his last few years. His attitude and work ethic were what you want out of players though and his last year here he was pff's highest graded run defender. He just should have never been the guy to rush qbs.
  3. Trade him to the Browns
  4. If nfl refs were being influenced by gambling, we would know by now. You can't litter without the nerds on reddit and 4chan uncovering every aspect of your existence. There needs to be more accountability though and I agree that they should be nfl employees, who do nothing but study film and ref games. Only time people have issues with the refs are when their team loses a game. No one here was up in arms over officiating after the first saints game. The second one though, good lord.
  5. Keith is a good coach and highly respected around the league. Quinn doesn't stock up on special teams players the way Smith did though.
  6. If anyone is expecting a hometown discount you better GET ******* SET
  7. 4 pages and y'all wonder why people post stupid **** like this
  8. So nfl teams keep him around cause he's pretty?
  9. Sometimes my southern slang is hard to control
  10. Gonna say this story seemed awfully familiar
  11. Keep your political bs in the.. in the... what am I thinking of? Must of been a dream