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  1. This just means there's another fan base he's trying to piss off
  2. It should only be news when julio isn't hurt
  3. I was looking for a thread to make a neal/William moore joke. This one will do. Nealy Mo always ready for ir
  4. There are serious problems going on with our receivers. Every one of them. I think it's execution, and poor leadership from the coaching staff. Ryan needs perfection from receivers to look like a starting qb.
  5. It was rhetorical
  6. TD gets the blame, are you new here?
  7. DiMarco, then imo, not far behind would be getting rid of Hawley, even though that eventually worked out.
  8. Lol op's friend is dumb*** SaintRay His friend probably just saw some fat lady
  9. What does flip your Willie mean, cause it sounds like something I'd only do if we win
  10. He looks like he's really ok with you grabbing his butt
  11. Lol @ the falcons must find a way to replace Taylor Gabriel. So let's trade the best wr in the league for Taylor fkin Gabriels replacement.
  12. Ffs
  13. Unless I'm mistaken, he already does photography for the team