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  1. I was skeptical of your magic powers until the dramatic reveal. I'm convinced.
  2. These jokes gonna be good
  3. I mean, one bad season and quinn has seen enough. It'd be one thing if we had a stud behind him but Jesus christ. Vic is safe though.
  4. I'm not trying to sound like I'm insulting the op..or anyone else that would entertain the idea that we'd have a crazy free agency run.. But how can anyone follow this team and not know the procedure by now? It's so consistent that i didn't even know free agency was happening until a few minutes ago. I usually don't wake up till the draft cause ain't nothing going to happen worth Givin a dern
  5. I hate everything about that dude. Constantly screaming at team mates even though he's a garbage qb. Sliding 3 feet short of the first down and proclaiming "Got it!" Then whining to the ref for spotting the ball where he was actually down. God I can't stand him.
  6. Ain't nobody gonna be talkin bout the legends anymore after last night
  7. ********* what a slap in the face that was
  8. Trade simms for locker straight up
  9. I know this is good prices for stadiums, but 2 dollar hotdogs and dang 5 dollar beer is not cheap. But for some reason whenever I see someone talk about 5 dollar beer and 2 dollar hotdogs, it makes me want to eat like a hundred hotdogs and beers
  10. Yea I'm sure everyone saw any of these guys as huge free agency signings. At the time they looked like the same meh players we bring in. I'm talking about byrd, peterson, bailey, coleman, bryant, etc They fail more often than not
  11. Saints traditionally blow at free agency. They pursue and overpay players that are injury prone, too old, and hardly contribute every year.
  12. Wit oddddeee matt ryan, Mike mukakay, and that guy doing gay management.. we have no chance
  13. I think we should do this to stick it to the nfl. The whole season was a soap opera. Adolf Goodell has it in for the falcons cause blank is homeboys with Jerry jones and bon Jovi (Goodell is a known reo speedwagon guy) Nfl tried to put a asterisk on our 2 win season with noisegate... and am I the only one who thought that Brady to Edelman pass in the superbowl was a little fishy? You know the one. Totally scripted..balls don't just get freakishly caught like that. Yea Shanahan.. I'm sure you reallllyyyyy lost your play book..christ. Sark was obviously a plant. Would quinn really hire an alcoholic who was only known for getting caught doing you know what on camera..ew. just ew. I think we should ask the titans to join us. The cities will embrace this and Goodell will totally suck it. They won't even call us butthurt.
  14. Will you idiots take this crap somewhere else you mind warped brainwashed tools
  15. 2003 Dang all these people been around for 20 plus years still saying stupid stuff lol