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  1. yeah, i watched it on tv last night. was just wondering why it wouldnt be on gamepass for the replay. apparently if its blacked out, you only get audio on gamepass...
  2. i mean i will be watching the games on tv live, but i like to go back and watch the replays afterwards. thats why i was trippin. like, i better not have bought this shizz and cant even watch the replays. after you said its because of the blackout im pretty sure i remember that happening in the past.
  3. so if its blacked out, all you get is audio... thats weak sauce. this better be the only one. thanks for the help man
  4. ive had gamepass before and thats usually whats happens. right now its sayin i can only listen to it . its weird
  5. that makes sense. but why would the replay not be available now? its the only one
  6. are you in atlanta? just tryin to figure out why its the only game you cant watch
  7. i just paid for gamepass and it says that our game was blacked out... anybody know why?
  8. does anybody know why the first pre-season game is blacked out? and are all the game going to be like that? just paid for this shizz and i cant even watch the only game i bought it for.
  9. Owl be dern. I thought for sure they'd let that happen. I guess owl just have to watch somewhere else.
  10. As seen today. The offense is very predictable when shammy is calling the plays. I was not saying that Ryan needs to have total control of the offense. Simply that when he is running the no huddle, he has the ability to audible in/out of shammys bs plays and put us in one that might actually work. History has shown that when we go no huddle, Ryan tends to shine. And that is clearly not the case now. He did have a good game today but the play calling was still trash. Ryan is still obviously not comfortable and the outcome of the game is evidence of that. 9 times out of ten when we go no huddle,
  11. I think it's more about Ryan being able to get up to the line and call plays based on what the defense is showing. Not necessarily up-tempo. Just him being able to get us in a play that's gonna work for what they're showing.
  12. Can we get those picks?? Seriously tho. What happens to those picks? They just go away?
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