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  1. yeah, i watched it on tv last night. was just wondering why it wouldnt be on gamepass for the replay. apparently if its blacked out, you only get audio on gamepass...
  2. i mean i will be watching the games on tv live, but i like to go back and watch the replays afterwards. thats why i was trippin. like, i better not have bought this shizz and cant even watch the replays. after you said its because of the blackout im pretty sure i remember that happening in the past.
  3. so if its blacked out, all you get is audio... thats weak sauce. this better be the only one. thanks for the help man
  4. ive had gamepass before and thats usually whats happens. right now its sayin i can only listen to it . its weird
  5. that makes sense. but why would the replay not be available now? its the only one
  6. are you in atlanta? just tryin to figure out why its the only game you cant watch
  7. i just paid for gamepass and it says that our game was blacked out... anybody know why?
  8. does anybody know why the first pre-season game is blacked out? and are all the game going to be like that? just paid for this shizz and i cant even watch the only game i bought it for.
  9. was told i should put this here. had no idea this thread even existed. during snowpacolyps i walked outside and looked at my car and saw this and figured it might make a decent picture.