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  1. Since I was only 5 when the Braves won there last title and I've never seen any of my favorite sports teams when a championship. I would buy a Celine Dion cd and roll around town with my windows down and wont stop until the cd is done playing.
  2. Last night I came across a movie on netflix called "Rubber". Its about a killer tire that has psychic abilities lol.
  3. Great win. Now we just need the Marlins to beat the Phils.
  4. Mike stanton grounds into the dp smh
  5. Bases are loaded now still 1 out
  6. Marlins are tied with the Phillies 6-6 with one out and runners on the corners and Hanley at the plate.
  7. Try ant video downloader. Its an add on for Firefox.
  8. Tosh.0 is hilarious. He makes fun of everyone and everything including himself so you shouldn't take everything he says seriously. It's just a show people so calm down
  9. Rickie Weeks, Matt Holliday, and Matt Kemp fill out the NL HR Dery squad.
  10. Nacho Libre is another horrible movie I wish I had never seen.
  11. Wow thanks for explaining that, because that part at the end confused me.
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