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  1. How do hundreds of people allow one guy to shoot and kill 80 people? Everybody just rush him together and beat him to death. Really sad story.
  2. L...M...F...A...O Whatever dude. You're obviously on another planet right now. Come back and talk to me when you're not smoking Jesus hair or whatever the **** is wrong with you right now.
  3. I don't understand the exchange that just took place. I asked you what you meant by "dark = scifi" and then you gave me some weird answer about how it would take some back and forth banter, when I can't think of a scenario in which it would, and then why I told you it wouldn't you responded with 'Ok buddy.' If there is someone reading this that understand what just transpired more than me, I would really like your input, because something is obviously being lost in translation...even though we speak the same language.
  4. You've got a really awkward personality dog. Just, you're ******* goofy and kind of out in left field. It works for you though, I guess.
  5. But if what you're trying to say is that "dark and gloomy" Spider-man is stupid, then yes, I completely agree with you. Spider-man is not The Punisher or Batman, there's no reason for them to be attempting to "Dark Knight" Spider-man.
  6. LOL you don't have to delete anything and you certainly don't have to participate in "back and forth" banter. I simply asked you to explain your darker = scifi comment, which I'm not sure makes sense in they way you're trying to say it. I have a feeling SciFi is not what you're trying to say, because SciFi is a completely different genre all itself.
  7. Wait what do you mean they're getting darker, making them more SciFi? I don't even understand that.
  8. Mine has to be McCann pinch-hitting in the 9th w/ 2 outs and hitting the game-tying HR, and then winning it with a HR in the 11th inning.
  9. lol me and a couple of friends have started to do the "Mad Irish Car Bomb" and we only bust it out on certain occasions. Our Mad Irish Car Bomb is a MUG of Guinness Extra Stout (Not the full mug obviously, but 1/2 full) and then the double shot glass dropped in with half being Bailey's and half being Jamesons and there has only been 1 of us to actually finish the whole ******* thing and I, sadly, am not one of them. I've gotten it down to like 2 or 3 sips left but I just can't ever finish it. The Extra Stout is just so thick that it's really hard to gulp the whole thing. My recommendation, if you feel like getting real froggy: 1 Frozen Mug 3/4 Guinness Extra Stout (In a can, since it has the nitrogen ball in it or whatever it's called) Double shot glass w/ 1/2 Jamesons and 1/2 Bailey's Irish Cream If you can down that whole ****** in one sitting then you have my respect as an Irish descendant.
  10. I don't know if you would classify it as a shot or a drink, but I'm leaning more towards show since you chug it all at once, but yeah dude I agree, it's my all time favorite.
  11. Sake bomb is great too. I usually go with Sapporo or Sappora or something like that I can't remember the name of the beer, and then a shot of Saki and we rest it right on top of the chopsticks like the picture shows and on the count of three everyone pounds the table, the chopstick roll away and the shotglass drops right into the beer and everyone chugs. It's messy and phenomenal.
  12. And when I say 1/2 shot glass I mean a DOUBLE shot glass.
  13. There is nothing better for an Irish Car Bomb than Jamesons. Mother f*ck is that good the whole way down. Half a glass of Guiness Extra Stout 1/2 shot glass of Bailey's Irish Cream 1/2 shot glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey ********. 4 of those and I'm ready to beat some ***
  14. Just had this tonight. Really good beer in my opinion. Definitely recommend it. If any of you are big into beer tasting and trying different beers, check out my Beer Thread in ABF and throw in your own reviews, I'd love to try some beers that I haven't tried before.
  15. How do you not have Black Panther on your list?
  16. I've always wondered why Superman was so popular. I've never read Superman unless he was a tie-in to a Batman comic and I've never liked any of the 3 or 4 Superman movies that were made. Obviously he's got a gigantic following or else he wouldn't be so marketable, but my question is why? Why do the fans of him like him so much? He's got ENTIRELY too many powers compared to the ONE weakness he has and the whole idea of his regular every-day self being able to throw on a pair of reading glasses and be completely indistinguishable from his super-hero counterpart is maybe the most ridiculous plot hole in the entirety of comics. I'd like the opinions of those of you who like him, because to me, he's an absolutely un-readable and un-watchable character.
  17. You f*ckers over in Nola make some **** good beer, that's why I'm kinda hopeful for the LSU Brew. I'm ashamed to admit though that the 2 times I've come there for Mardi Gras and the 2 times I went to Baton Rouge (and then left there and went to Nola), I never tried the Abita beer, which seems like a really stupid thing to admit when it's brewed there. I overlooked this company big time if the rest of their stuff tastes as good as the Turbodog and the Andygator.
  18. (And yes I only bought it because 'Gator' was in the name) Really good. I could drink a lot of it (because of the light taste, not because it's low on alcohol, it's 8%...so maybe I couldn't drink A LOT). It's a really grainy beer with a pretty good fruit finish. Maybe apple or pear or something like that. I imagine this would be awesome with some grilled shrimp or chicken. So far I've tried the Turbodog and the Andygator from Abita and liked them both. Tasting more of their collection is definitely in my future.
  19. 1. Deadpool (Been my favorite since I was like 8 years old, back before he was one of the faces of Marvel) 2. Batman 3. Spawn 4. Ghost Rider 5. Cable 6. Spider-man 7. Rorschach 8. Daredevil 9. Thor 10. Blade
  20. How can you hold a grudge that long? If it was years and years of him costing us games, ok then I could see it. But to hold one horrible, horrible game against him when we would not have even been in the playoffs if not for his efforts throughout the regular season just seems really ridiculous.
  21. Trying to march when you're hammered is difficult, I couldn't imagine trying to play an instrument.
  22. I don't understand why they won't do a proper Venom/Carnage storyline. Sam Raimi said that he hated the Venom character and would never include him until he received such a negative backlash from the fans and afterwards, the studio, that he had to include him in 3. Nobody gives a **** about The Lizard or The Vulture or The Sandman. Give me a Venom/Carnage movie and then follow it up with Kraven the Hunter.
  23. I stopped reading Kluwe's response when he referred to himself as a football player.
  24. Delmon is maybe the biggest disappointment in baseball prospect history. Jason Heyward is speeding up behind him though.
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