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  1. This. I'm about mid-way through A Clash Of Kings and I've got no problems keeping up with names of major characters. Martin spends a lot of time just throwing in a lot of names and Houses that don't mean anything when he's describing a scene so it's not like you've really got to remember all the names, but all the major characters are incredibly easy to follow, especially because all the major houses are listed and described in the back of the book. I spent a long time just reading through those before I even started the book.
  2. Word Daenerys is a super badass. One of my favorite characters on the show. I'm guessing she's going to take her handful of Dothraki bloodriders and Ser Jorah and ride after the rest of the Dothraki that abandoned her and just be like "Oh really? You're leaving? I've got ******* dragons, you're not going anywhere."
  3. I'm thinking Danaerys is thinking the same thing with her 3 dragon children now.
  4. Well they've only got 3 direwolves now, not that that would be any less pantshit enducing, but at least it's not 6 like it originally was. The model they used for the dead direwolf in the first episode was fierce as **** looking.
  5. Just read an article that says by Season 2 the direwolves are the size of small ponies and will be done entirely in CG. I hope they don't look terrible like the wolves from the Twilight trailers.
  6. Some cool before and after shots of the VFX:
  7. Headed to Borders to pick up A Clash Of Kings right now. I don't even care about knowing what's going to happen next season, the books are too good.
  8. LMAO that is odd to say the least.
  9. It wasn't Tyrion's dagger, it was Littlefinger's dagger. Littlefinger told Catelyn that he lost the dagger to Tyrion in a tournament when Littlefinger bet on Jamie and Tyrion bet on Loras in a joust. After Catelyn takes him prisoner, Tyrion tells her that the notion is ridiculous because he would never bet against his family. Of course he could be lying but I'm inclined at this point to believe him. Tyrion seems like a wholely sympathetic person completely different from the rest of his family. He befriends Jon while visiting the wall and designs a saddle for Bran so he can ride his horse again, I don't think he was involved in the murder attempt at all. He definitely knows that his brother and sister had something to do with Bran's fall though. And the Lannister kid that Cersei was in bed with was her cousin, not her youngest brother. He's the son of Lord Tywin's brother, Kevan Lannister. The book is so much more detailed about these things, that's why I highly recommend you guys to read them. Although I'm sure you're much more pre-occupied with law books and the sort. But if you get some free time I recommend it. The book makes it a lot easier to understand who all the characters are than the show does.
  10. We haven't really figured out who killed Jon Arryn yet, not in the show atleast. The Lannister's were certainly involved though. You figure out WHY he died, but by whose hand is kind of left up to interpretation and once you have the motive, the actual person who poisoned him isn't really all that important and isn't really provable in any way.
  11. Was it just me or did anyone else laugh their *** off and get completely pulled out of the scene where Robb was slamming his sword into the tree? The chick that plays Catelyn gives maybe the worst delivery of a line in the entire series when, with the most ridiculous expression on her face, almost as if she's about to laugh, says "Robb! You've ruined...your sword!" The look on Robb's face and the fact that he was hacking at the tree like my ex girlfriend when she found a snake in the back yard just had me rolling. That was supposed to be this hugely emotional scene but the entire thing, from the beginning until it cut to the next scene, was so poorly acted that it meant absolutely nothing to me. I must have hit rewind on the DVR like 3 or 4 times to re-watch it Sunday. It keeps popping back in my head periodically throughout the day and making me laugh.
  12. They shouldn't even do that. They should apologize for the last 10 episodes of the series, tell you who they planned the killer to be, and go do something else with their lives. No way in **** I'm watching Season 2.
  13. Ah so you went all Drogo. Sad to see him go though. Glad that his death wasn't spoiled for me, that was surprising as ****. I was under the impression that after the spell he was going to come back as some ultra badass but that was not the case. Would have loved to see him lead the charge into Westeros.
  14. The season finale was awesome, can't wait for next season. The Killing was such a WTF at the end. I thought it was going to be so predictable, Richmond was the killer, but nooooooo, they gave the audience a huge "**** you." Totally disgusted. I still haven't watched last weeks episode of The Killing. I stopped watching after the one about the chick's kid. But yeah, I wish there was a place on the internet to discuss Game Of Thrones THE ******* TV SERIES and not have people who have read all the books spoil the **** for everyone.
  15. Holy ****. Danaerys is a ******* bawse. She's gonna **** **** up hardcore with her new little friends.