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  1. He looked like a bust after year 1 most would say injuries slowed him down Just glad to see the much improved play. Hopefully next season he can turn into a perennial pro bowler. http://247sports.com/Bolt/PFF-Jake-Matthews-is-third-most-improved-player-in-NFL-42836125 If someone already posted sorry
  2. Nah let norman talk it only gives the falcons a little added motivation when they play next year If its one thing that will PO a professional athlete is saying some one got lucky. If you saw julio's post game he said they put the work in and got the W there was no luck involved and if anything should have had atleast 3 more points. Its like the saints after they were swept last season they really had nothing to say and nothing but respect and went out there and played them tough and got the W and said nothing afterwards.
  3. Dont think it was a mistake to go wco he probably should have either waited till next season to switch to it or brought in the personel to play that scheme And defensively everybody knew quinn didnt have what he needs to run his defense yes its improved but he needs more talent With out Ryan they may only have 2-3 wins he bailed them out early but defenes have caught up with them and now the offense looks lost because they dont have the personel to switch it up and the oc is calling all the plays and not making adjustments
  4. You would think but the same can be said when they took jones besides they just took Beasley and has been a major bust so far td isnt very good drafting DLmen so he likely goes back to what hes best at and thats skilled position
  5. Can see it now the last time the offense looked lost he said ryan needed more talent which he'll say again.and he can say when they drafted julio he nearly hepled us get to a superbowl problem is julio jones type of WR dont come around that often. Anybody feel if TD retains his job (which is highly likely considering they really over achieved early and look more like what people expected) he going to heavly draft for the offense. Problem is all those seasons wasting draft picks on defense has finally come back to haunt him. He now needs to rebuild the offense and still has major holes on the defense. Then to compound the problem he hired a HC/DC who doesnt have the personnel to run his defense and the same can be said about the OC and the offense. The best thing to do might be to start over af this point but Mr. Blank isnt known to be patient be interesting to see hkw this whole thing plays out but if TD is in charge you can bet its going to be an offseason full of offensive moves.
  6. Ryan at one time have 3 number 1 targets sense TG left he just hasnt had the same success.He has put up solid number but that was because the team was mostly playing from behind. Ryan now has 1 number 1 target and a bunch of complimentary pieces. No shame in it if your not Rodgers or brady every good qb needed good players. Manning always had multiple top targets. Ryan is also struggling in the new offense as well. But now it seems he having to force it to jones to much then when he goes to his 2nd or 3rd option there is always very tight coverage when you RB is your second best target thats usually not good. The past regime invest to many mid teir picks on defense and dont have much to show for it now and in the process over looked the skilled positions to much. Now the defense is no better and the offense is nothing near what it once was. If the dont fix one side of the ball this offseason next years team will be no better maybe even worse because this team got off to a great start and has now fell off a cliff. And for the people who point at the OL thats BS Ryan has never had a good OL and yet lead the falcons to 5 playoff appearances and a nfc championship game. They've looked like the offense that got the falcons to the postseason so many times but they do t have enough guys to move the chains like the used to. If there nit going to get ryan what he needs to be successful again then its a waste to keep him in his prime years whike paying him 20mil a season as well he woukd bring back a kings ransom now. It seems they need to pick an identity are they going to be an elite offensive lead team with a decent to good defense or a defensive lead team with a offense that is more ball control. Seems like there stuck in the middle and there isn't enough talent on either side of the ball to play consistent. And if its a defenive lead team Ryans days may be numbered as mention in the post he has to have talent around him or he will make to many mistakes.
  7. Yea but if you've been watching all the games Roddy is just done he cant get separating anymore (as on that play) and isnt making the tough catches like tg was doing
  8. Seems that way maybe 10-6 but dont think that gets them in do to the very weak schedule People are looking past the point this was a home game vs a bad team and they lost this team isnt nearly as good as there record indicates Quinns also going to get crushed in the media if this team falls flat on its face in the 2nd half
  9. They've nearly game away a hand full of other games as well as the saints game Look at the last two seasons they gave away a lot of games Its a trend thats has gotten worse
  10. Well anybody who has watched the games knows we had no business winning a few of those games this team more so resembles a 8-8 type team There just lacking talent plan and simple there good at lots of things greaf at nothing and have no identity as to what type of team there going to be.
  11. opposing defenses and offenses has figured this team out. Dan quinns rah rah attitude has injected some enthusiasm in to the team but its over the cat is out of the bag. Predicting a 9-6 record Team is just lacking talent big time no pass rusher OL is all smoke and mirrors outside of mathews no real talent. Ryan is struggling in this new scheme. 4 more turnovers all the phrase for quinn well when you continue to turn the ball over thats bad coaching. Mike smiths teams didnt turn the ball over and thats why his teams had a long substained era of success one thing quinn has to understand otherwise his stink in atl will be short one.
  12. Its not only Ryan the whole offense is learning this system fortunately they have been able to run the ball if not hard to say were they'd be at record wise All the people bashing the pass rush the defense only gave up 7 points i'd take that any day and they'd likey win every game only needing more than 7 points
  13. i can see it all ready wont be shocked if the run it 40 times next game with all the turnovers Quinn is old school he going to have them running almost every play next game and why not nobody has been able to stop it freeman had 21 touches for 156 total yards and two tds i think its safe to safe he and coleman will get plenty of work next game im saying 40-45 touch between freeman and coleman next game had they gave freeman about 10 more carries they probably leave with a W and 1 or 2 turnovers they had 25 touches total for 196 and two tds tonight
  14. don't blame the refs this was all on the turnovers and the lack luster second half were they letting them play yea but thats not the reason we lost the game
  15. This team showed its true colors tonight they pretty much had there way with the saints the defense in the 1st half then the saints started playing and little physical and as usually as this team has done so many times in the last 8 year they got soft and gave in to a depleted saints team. Vic Beasley has looked like a complete waste of a pick he's all speed and nothing else it took teams 2 games to figure him out even then he's still not finishing the rushes the saints head scratchier pick hau'oli-kikaha now has twice as many sacks started to think maybe they have been really lucky maybe there are a 8-8 type team yea they have some easy games on paper coming up but a lot of those teams are young and play phyiscal not to mention the defense was torched big time tonight by the TEs hard to believe it took 6 games for teams to attack the same LBers that have struggle big time in the past in coverage. they likely get to the postseason but they will be 1 and done they just don't have the talent to compete with the elite teams bad part is they be blown out at home yet again
  16. a lot of that has to do with the offense being such a ball control offense and not a quick strike type offense even those they can be look back at the great run they had under smith play solid defense and let your franchise QB win you the game Ryan has like 5 more than any other QB sense being drafted (32 i believe) which is a wide margin it isn't a fluke when hes done it that many times the falcons won't have the talent to dominate like the pats do for a few seasons and get easy wins a lot of games will be close but thats why they pay Ryan 20+ mil a season and paid Julio they have should up big time in crunch time and the defense is starting to as well they do boat the leagues top Run defense i think the defense is still figuring it out were that is the case somewhat on offense the offense is rolling and they showed last week against a game skins team they are legit there offense couldn't get it going OL struggled to give ryan an clean pocket somehow they still found a way to win the offense also wore down the skins defense late they pretty much ran the ball on a top 5 defense for an entire drive when they were stacking the box more so the offense has figured it out and are adding as they go to many positives to say this 5-0 start is a fluke not there fault there playing easy competition 3rd in offense 15th defense tops in the league for ball control time best redzone offense in the league and the defense is tops in run defense the stats back up there record
  17. this should be be an easy win if they turn and hand the ball off to freeman and play solid on defense something like 38-21 falcons freeman rushes for 150+ yards and 2-3 TDs now if the saints play man outside with one safety over top and force you to throw the ball then yea throw it a bunch if they let Ryan throw it 40+ times it'll be close manly because Hankerson is so up and down and Julio is playing on one leg throw in Roddy whos lost 2 or 3 steps new offense run the risk of turnovers this should be the easiest win of the year this we know them is complete BS we have a completely new offensive and defensive scheme as were we know them as well as any team could this isn't mike smiths falcons so i don't go by that we know them and we know what they like to do crap because how would they? they never played a quinn lead falcons team and the media is making to much out of these come backs Falcons completely dominated the cowboys in the 2nd half probably stole a W from the G men controlled the skins and wore them down dominated the texans and dominated the eagles for the first 2-3 quarters before running out of gas but there choosing to be a ball control team which lead to close games and tamp elite offense it really makes it tough on opposing offense in the sense you can turn the ball over because the falcons have a very high score rate in the redzone and kill the clock at the same time. New orleans also comes in with the leagues worst defense giving up 28.6 ppg and and 135+ yards on the ground 270+ threw the air and over 400 total yards of offense a game this game will only be as tough as the falcons make it if they come out sharp this game like the texans game could be over by half time.
  18. they have been pretty good and the running game was great again but Ryan was pressured quite a bit and the pressure was key to some of those over throws and they did a good job not letting him clim the pocket the OL was tested today but they found a way to be effective with freeman and the running game
  19. he's also able to do either with out slowing down thats was makes him special he runs hard yes but he has such a great brust he likely isn't as fast as coleman who should run much harder like freeman does. haven't seen freeman have to pick up blocks a lot yet and he did have that fumble so he can still get better i think he also bulked up quite a bit over the offseason also kind of shocked hes been able to carry the load like that nearly 30 carriers and heavily involved in the passing game i hope they don't wear him down and then he not the same guy when the playoffs start if coleman can become a better receiver like freeman he can get more playing time having both in the backfeild would make it tough on defense to cover both and contain Jones deep would even add to the offense more
  20. well theres different types of pressure Ryan just like any other QB even they great ones if you can pressure him rushing 4 he will struggle and will turn the ball over if you have to blitz hes going to torch you almost everytime not to mention if he knows were the blitz is coming from he and julio are on the same page and usually get big plays out of it.
  21. i just dont think roddys been getting open the seperation just isnt there anymore hes a nice match up guy now if you can find that Lber or safty covering him in the slot but they move julio around so much to get good matchups and keep doubles off him he's stuck outside matched up on number 1 or 2 CBs. if they force it to Roddy Ryans going to turn the ball over he just needs to keep doing what hes doing and force teams to put the number 2 CB on Hank then Roddy can go to work hes not the same guy watch the all 22 coaches film and you"ll see Roddy just doesnt get the seperation anymore and hes not 6-3 so he become a chain mover and even then he's never going to do what TG did because he was 6-5 and has maybe the best ball skill ever never dropped anything. Roddy just needs to sit back and enjoy the ride otherwise they just draft a guy next year in the 1st or 2nd to take his place cut him and use that move to add to the defense(Bruce irvin) Roddy always been a falcon and hopefully he can accept his role and end his career here there was really no reason to extend him because they were already in rebuild mode they wanted him here because he's a strong voice in the locker room a veteran knows what it takes to win prepair and what it takes to be a top WR in the game as well but they will easily remove him if he becomes the wrong voice.
  22. beasley has been getting double and chipped he on a play per bases is generating more pressure than gregory
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