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  1. He looked like a bust after year 1 most would say injuries slowed him down Just glad to see the much improved play. Hopefully next season he can turn into a perennial pro bowler. http://247sports.com/Bolt/PFF-Jake-Matthews-is-third-most-improved-player-in-NFL-42836125 If someone already posted sorry
  2. Nah let norman talk it only gives the falcons a little added motivation when they play next year If its one thing that will PO a professional athlete is saying some one got lucky. If you saw julio's post game he said they put the work in and got the W there was no luck involved and if anything should have had atleast 3 more points. Its like the saints after they were swept last season they really had nothing to say and nothing but respect and went out there and played them tough and got the W and said nothing afterwards.
  3. Dont think it was a mistake to go wco he probably should have either waited till next season to switch to it or brought in the personel to play that scheme And defensively everybody knew quinn didnt have what he needs to run his defense yes its improved but he needs more talent With out Ryan they may only have 2-3 wins he bailed them out early but defenes have caught up with them and now the offense looks lost because they dont have the personel to switch it up and the oc is calling all the plays and not making adjustments
  4. You would think but the same can be said when they took jones besides they just took Beasley and has been a major bust so far td isnt very good drafting DLmen so he likely goes back to what hes best at and thats skilled position
  5. Can see it now the last time the offense looked lost he said ryan needed more talent which he'll say again.and he can say when they drafted julio he nearly hepled us get to a superbowl problem is julio jones type of WR dont come around that often. Anybody feel if TD retains his job (which is highly likely considering they really over achieved early and look more like what people expected) he going to heavly draft for the offense. Problem is all those seasons wasting draft picks on defense has finally come back to haunt him. He now needs to rebuild the offense and still has major holes on the
  6. Ryan at one time have 3 number 1 targets sense TG left he just hasnt had the same success.He has put up solid number but that was because the team was mostly playing from behind. Ryan now has 1 number 1 target and a bunch of complimentary pieces. No shame in it if your not Rodgers or brady every good qb needed good players. Manning always had multiple top targets. Ryan is also struggling in the new offense as well. But now it seems he having to force it to jones to much then when he goes to his 2nd or 3rd option there is always very tight coverage when you RB is your second best target thats u
  7. Yea but if you've been watching all the games Roddy is just done he cant get separating anymore (as on that play) and isnt making the tough catches like tg was doing
  8. Seems that way maybe 10-6 but dont think that gets them in do to the very weak schedule People are looking past the point this was a home game vs a bad team and they lost this team isnt nearly as good as there record indicates Quinns also going to get crushed in the media if this team falls flat on its face in the 2nd half
  9. They've nearly game away a hand full of other games as well as the saints game Look at the last two seasons they gave away a lot of games Its a trend thats has gotten worse
  10. Well anybody who has watched the games knows we had no business winning a few of those games this team more so resembles a 8-8 type team There just lacking talent plan and simple there good at lots of things greaf at nothing and have no identity as to what type of team there going to be.
  11. opposing defenses and offenses has figured this team out. Dan quinns rah rah attitude has injected some enthusiasm in to the team but its over the cat is out of the bag. Predicting a 9-6 record Team is just lacking talent big time no pass rusher OL is all smoke and mirrors outside of mathews no real talent. Ryan is struggling in this new scheme. 4 more turnovers all the phrase for quinn well when you continue to turn the ball over thats bad coaching. Mike smiths teams didnt turn the ball over and thats why his teams had a long substained era of success one thing quinn has to understand otherw
  12. Its not only Ryan the whole offense is learning this system fortunately they have been able to run the ball if not hard to say were they'd be at record wise All the people bashing the pass rush the defense only gave up 7 points i'd take that any day and they'd likey win every game only needing more than 7 points
  13. i can see it all ready wont be shocked if the run it 40 times next game with all the turnovers Quinn is old school he going to have them running almost every play next game and why not nobody has been able to stop it freeman had 21 touches for 156 total yards and two tds i think its safe to safe he and coleman will get plenty of work next game im saying 40-45 touch between freeman and coleman next game had they gave freeman about 10 more carries they probably leave with a W and 1 or 2 turnovers they had 25 touches total for 196 and two tds tonight
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