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  1. Why are they forgetting that even after the non call the aints still had a chance to win in OT and crapped the bed
  2. Agreed. This loss just pissed saints fans off. The Minny Miracle ripped their soul right out of them
  3. This!!!! They had no business throwing the ball run the clock get your 3 points and play defense
  4. Technically it was a missed call. A bad call was SP throwing it on 1st down for an incomplete instead of running the clock down,force STL to burn their time outs, kick the field goal and give the rams the ball back with less than a min and. O timeouts
  5. I thought Denver was blocking all kubiak interviews, did we or any team for that matter ever have a legit shot at him?
  6. Except the rule, aka the Rooney rule, states that a minority candidate must be interviewed. You do know there are other minorities other than African Americans. As an African American imo there was plenty wrong with what you said.
  7. TD has 7 winning seasons in 10 years. Quinn is experiencing his 1st losing season in 4 years. Neither is going anywhere. Get over it
  8. He didn’t win that ring with a flawed team though. Also beating this years falcons is hardly an accomplishment. When he didn’t face a flawed falcons team he lost 4 straight
  9. You mean like Rodgers is elevating his flawed team right now?
  10. I’d definitely replace the OC but in all honesty if we don’t fix the O-line it won’t matter who the OC is. We can’t protect the QB or run the ball, the 2 things every offense absolutely have to be able to do to be successful.
  11. If Smitty got 2 losing seasons no one should seriously expect Quinn to get fired after 1.
  12. Contrary to popular belief wins and losses are a team stat.
  13. I have to agree with Barnwell the Saints are a good but not great team. I don’t see them winning out and if the Falcons keep winning the opportunity to overtake them and the panthers is there.
  14. Who said anything about Ito?? I know I didn’t. We were talking about TeCo and you never specified how he was being used wrong. However you do know that part of a rb’s job is to you know run the ball and he sucks at that part. Which by the way limits his effectiveness as a receiver since when he comes on the field teams know to look for the pass more often than not because you know he sucks at running the ball
  15. You’re kidding yourself if you think there’s more to TeCo than what we’ve seen. His vision is terrible and he goes down at first contact way to easy