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  1. Who said anything about Ito?? I know I didn’t. We were talking about TeCo and you never specified how he was being used wrong. However you do know that part of a rb’s job is to you know run the ball and he sucks at that part. Which by the way limits his effectiveness as a receiver since when he comes on the field teams know to look for the pass more often than not because you know he sucks at running the ball
  2. You’re kidding yourself if you think there’s more to TeCo than what we’ve seen. His vision is terrible and he goes down at first contact way to easy
  3. Well I fell for the click bait. OP sucks
  4. I’m not convinced this season can be salvaged. Nothing this team has shown me convinced me that they wil turn it around anytime soon. Blowing up the roster however is not the answer. The most glaring issue is line play on both sides of the ball. Offseason should be devoted entirely to fixing the lines. As someone pointed out all other problems (besides tackling) stem from the horrendous play along both lines.
  5. So basically your only reason for wanting to move on from JJ is the cost which is likely to be 3-5 million more than his current deal. Again Mr. Blank has expressed his desire that JJ be a falcon for life so obviously he is not concerned about the money and the one area that TD has excelled is cap management. You have yet to offer a contingency plan for replacing the value JJ brings to the team.
  6. common sense and logic dictates that there is no fair value to trading away a HOF type player that is still producing at a high level period. What would you trade him for? a draft pick that may or may not pan out? another player? who is available that is equal in value to JJ. Most importantly who is going to replace, not just his production on the field but his presence which dictates so much how teams gameplan against us. I'm not dismissing your premise. I'm just saying have you really thought it through. How would you sell this as a good idea to Mr. Blank if you were TD. Keep in mind the owner has said that JJ is a falcon for life so clearly money is not an issue.
  7. You can't be serious. Of course the Raiders were stupid for trading Mack. He has literally outperformed the entire Oakland defense by himself. Mack season stats: 4 sacks, 3 FF, 1 FR, 1 Int, 1 TD Oak team def stats: 3 sacks, 1 FF, 0 FR, 1 Int, 0 TD
  8. Richards couldn’t cover a twin bed with a king comforter and it has nothing to do with being new to the scheme.
  9. So we don’t have a lack of blitzing problem. What we have is a lack of blitzing variety problem. 10 out of 11 blitzes either came from the slot or Campbell up the middle and the one lone Campbell blitz off the edge. Obviously the scheme is too simple and very predictable.
  10. Is this the part where we’re supposed talk you out of leaving? Never understood why people feel the need to announce their departure.
  11. I have zero faith any significant changes will come. Quinn's defense is predicated on getting pressure with the front 4, something we cannot do consistently. The more time an opposing QB has the more the zone breaks down. The first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have one and we have a pass rush problem. Quinn and MM need to realize that the D-line, even when healthy, is not what they were hoping it was going to be. They need to figure out a way to manufacture pressure. Vic needs to go back to being a situational pass rusher and that's it. As of right now that is his floor and ceiling in this league. Richards needs to get off the field during passing downs period. MM needs to take his skirt off and get aggressive with his play calling. What difference does it make if you take away the big play but leave all those short to medium holes in the zone for teams to creep up the field and wear your defense down with? If were going to lose I'd much rather we go down swinging.
  12. I very much agree with the OP. How do you not know that the Saint's offense runs through Thomas and Kamara and not prepare for it? I don't remember a single catch by kamara where there was a falcon close enough to contest the pass. SP constantly moved Thomas around to get him matched up on the S or LB. Tired of this coaching staff refusing to adjust and counter offensive game plans. I'm not buying into the whole "too many new guys to plan and execute properly" excuse. The OP is right MM's playcalling was laughable and his failure to try and corral Thomas and Kamara is in excusable. Whatever it was that he was doing was clearly not working yet he did next to nothing to counter the Saint's. I particularly loathe the rush 3 drop 8 into a soft/loose zone that he seems to be in love with.
  13. I’m actually surprised it was close enough to go to OT as I had zero faith that Sark could call two good games in a row. Looks like the offense is clicking finally but the defense is a dumpster fire from coaching to execution. How we never schemed or adjusted to kamara getting the ball in space or Thomas being moved around to take advantage of mismatches is bush league.
  14. If we retain Vic Measly for the vet minimum we’re fools. He brings nothing any guy off the street or An undrafted rookie couldn’t bring.
  15. Who’s available that can make this defense at least average?