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  1. Poor drafting, lack of player development, and bad FA acquisitions will hamstring a team long before any one contract will
  2. His o-line got owned in the second half.
  3. we actually got into field goal range once but then horrible play calling and execution doomed us
  4. I thought the price was too steep they must have strongly felt he wasn't going to be there later. That being said they upgraded their D-line so it's a win for them. I'm actually surprised the Bucs didn't go edge rusher.
  5. Love the pick as I was not sold on Bryan even a little bit and my TE went the pick before. Great Job TD/DQ. The potential for this offense just went through the roof
  6. we Might still get a guard in the 1st. DQ loves competition in TC. Having said that I think we get another pass rusher in the 1st or Wr. Just my 2 cents
  7. i just stated that to put it in to context of the rumored brees signing. and to be a smarty pants lol. I'm actually surprised at the Brees deal he could have commanded a lot more on the free market from playoff ready teams like the vikings, or bills
  8. If true I wouldn't be surprised if all or most of that $48 million is guaranteed
  9. Takk’s post after the Vikings beat the saints proved to me that he’s all in as a falcon this is just icing on the cake
  10. Lmao Mike Smith got 7 years with no SB appearance and 1 playoff win and 2 losing seasons. Don’t ya think Quinn will have a bit of a longer leash?
  11. There’s plenty of blame to go around but this does not absolve nor exonerate Sark. A big part of Shanny’s success is his ability to find an opponent’s weakness and put our play makers in a position to exploit and abuse said weakness (think Denver game last season) another thing Shanny did that Sark failed to do was ride the hot hand. I was frustrated many times watching Free or TeCo break several 5-8 yard runs in a row then head to the bench for the next 4-6 plays. He failed to utilize Gabriel when he had favorable speed match ups or Sanu when he had favorable size match ups. It just seemed like when ever the offense would find a groove he would go away from what was working more often than not. His play designs weren’t awful but the sequence of play calling left much to be desired.
  12. Even with the $18 million in dead money they are projected to be $32 million under the cap. They can afford to keep him but it may be at the expense of improving the rest of the team. Without a viable replacement already on the roster I imagine they’ve painted themselves into a corner. I honestly can’t believe they’ve let him reach the end of another contract considering how the last negotiations went. A smart GM would have gotten a 2-3 year extension done before the end of the season.
  13. i find your lack of faith disturbing. The falcons are still contenders if winning 10 games against the 3rd toughest schedule in the league and being the only nfc to return to the playoffs after suffering the worst loss in super bowl history doesn’t give you hope that the Falcons window is far from closing nothing will. We didn’t have a great year but neither was it the total disaster most seem to believe. Have faith my brother we will get another shot at redemption
  14. Someone put a suicide watch on @Mega Flare lol. What kind of falcons fan can’t find the joy in a gut wretching saints loss?