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  1. Teddy Bridgewater? Seriously dude averaged 3k yards 14 tds and 10 interceptions in Minnesota. I don’t care who’s calling the plays dude is trash always has been always will be.
  2. I’d also like to add that through 2 games that “fast and PHYSICAL” defense DQ has been dreaming may have finally arrived.
  3. I voted for Grady because as proud as I am of tru, Vic, and Takk Grady was a man among boys last night and in game 1. Only Donald has been more dominant at the DT position this season than Grady
  4. Did it not occur to you that Ridley is more effective because he doesn’t face double teams or bracketed coverages. It was pointed out by the commentators several time in both games how Julio is constantly doubled teamed or bracketed. If Ridley couldn’t take advantage of only seeing single coverage all game he’d have to go. The SHO argument isn’t wrong it’s simply outdated. The concept was developed when the league was dominated by the run game and powerhouse defenses. With the move to a passing league every successful team in the league has some sort of dominant receiving threat. It’s darn near a requirement if you want to win on a consistent basis. Even BB recognizes this that’s why he went and got AB. With Gronk gone they needed someone DCs would have to account for on a weekly basis.
  5. Time will tell although their defense doesn’t have time to get in a groove. I feel like your fear/faith in Vicodin is misplaced. The talent drop off from brees to teddy is tremendous. The most significant is brees pocket presence and mobility things teddy sorely lacks. Brees ability to extend plays as well as his accuracy against pressure will be impossible to replace. Honestly they should ride with taysom hill over teddy imo
  6. Teddy is trash. He was trash in Minnesota he will need the running game to flourish in order for him to win and teams know this. Kamara gonna see a lot of stacked boxes.
  7. The entire defense gets the game ball.
  8. Which block was that I must have missed it?
  9. We’d run better if we sat Freeman down. At this point I’d rather see ito, hill, and ollison. Oh and scrap that weak as toss play
  10. Falcons brought pressure against one of the top 3 OL in the NFL. Credit to wentz he made some amazing escapes tonight but when was the last time you saw the Falcons get constant pressure all 4 quarters?
  11. This was the kind of game in previous years I would have turned the TV off when philly got the ball back with 2+ mins to go. Great effort by the defense all game. They made philly earn those 20 points.
  12. Yes cuz it’s all on Ryan. Coaching doesn’t matter, the other 52 guys on the roster don’t matter. Brady and brees likewise are the sole reason for their teams success. You could give them any coach any 52 teammates and they will still have the same level of success
  13. You do know that he’s still playing under his rookie contract which was based off his draft position. It’s the standard in the NFL. Also great defenders get taken out of plays all the time by chip blocks, rubs, etc The other team has a job to do as well people seem to forget that all the time.
  14. Yes cuz she of course knew that he would rape her
  15. People deal with traumatic experiences differently. There’s also the fear of victim blaming when accusing powerful or famous men. Check the first page I posted a link to the alleged messages from brown to her. He most definitely admits to jacking off on her while she slept at his house.