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  1. Nope I think he has to prove to the GM and HC he still has gas in the tank. Maybe next year if he has a good year.
  2. More likely they are sold on Jalen Hurts. Files is just insurance because he’s a proven back up.
  3. Because you can take steps now that will provide sustained success over multiple seasons rather than attempt to put all your eggs in one basket for 1 season. I’m sure blank would rather have a decade of sustained winning vs 1 Sb win and 9 years of average to bad seasons any competent businessman would.
  4. The fact that Matt Ryan has a couple of good years left is exactly why we should draft a QB this year. It doesn’t have to be at 4 though. I think Trask or Mac Jones would be good fits for Arthur Smith’s system and I believe he could develop them into legit starters while we ride out Matt’s contract over the next 2-3 years.
  5. Dude check the tape I called a SB appearance during TC in 2015. This isn’t the same situation not even close. Also we didn’t win the SB after 2015 so I’m not sure what your point is. I acknowledge that we will win games next year. I’d be severely disappointed in anything less than 8 wins. This team has no depth...period that makes winning a Super Bowl or even getting there next to impossible. The front office’s first job should be building the teams depth nobody except delusional fans expect them to change the team into Sb contenders in a single offseason.
  6. Cap can be manipulated but not without consequence. The consistent winning teams are never in win now mode. We are not 1 or 2 pieces away from a super bowl winning squad
  7. You honestly think that we can win a Sb next season? If so there is no reasoning with you. We will win some games maybe even squeak into the playoffs if we’re lucky enough to avoid major injuries. But there is no way you can convince me we have a championship roster or will get there by the start of the season. There’s a fine line between optimism and fantasy.
  8. More likely you are overestimating our guys. I get I love the Falcons too but I’m a realist first and foremost and our roster + cap situation means they’re is little we can do this offseason to become SB contenders. If you can accept that then the smart move this off-season is to build for the future not just for next season.
  9. With only 31 players under contract and millions over the cap our problem will be depth no matter who we draft. Under current conditions this draft should be about future seasons not next season
  10. Judging by Rodgers comments post playoffs I think it was wise to draft Love last year. Also GB lost because their defense couldn’t hold up when they needed it to and questionable play calling not because they didn’t have enough weapons on offense.
  11. Lol even Brady has a QB coach, who isn’t there just to coach the starting QB but the backup and develop the practice squad QB as well. Also there is a new system being installed even if it is similar to systems Ryan has ran before. Verbiage, cadences, alignments will all be different. Besides the Texans have formally announced that they have zero interest in trading Watson
  12. Sigh there is a fairly long list of coaches hired after their team played in the super bowl quick google search results Dan Quinn (obviously) Kyle Shanahan Mike Shanahan Romeo Crennel Frank Reich Mike Martz Norv Turner Bill Belichek That’s just the short list. Don’t know where this myth came from that teams don’t like to wait. When in reality teams have always sought to poach talented coaches (and players) from super bowl winning teams. If EB was as good as some think he would’ve landed a HC gig last year maybe even the year before. Clearly som
  13. I do agree with you though in that the Falcons will be hard pressed to have a winning record let alone make the playoffs or winning the SB
  14. For Christ’s sake do a google search before you spout nonsense. Smith beat the patriots and ravens last year in the playoffs before losing to the chiefs in the afc championship as the offensive coordinator
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