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  1. Had more to do with the ascension of the defense vs better playcalling from Sark which was consistent in consistent throughout the season
  2. I laughed so hard at this. You weren’t sold on Sark? You spent weeks trying to convince anyone who would listen that Even though the offense was sputtering along Sark was gonna open up his “toolbox”. Spouting some asinine garbage about how he was saving his best playcalling for later in the season and how he didn’t want to give defensive coordinators film of his best plays even though we were losing close games. I remember distinctly going back and forth with you over Sark’s playcalling. Don’t make me dig up your posts from last year. Man up and own your ish. It’s not the end of the world to admit you were wrong every now and then. Ill give you credit for being on the Saubert hype train early. Reminds me of those old JA98 posts lol
  3. Also someone to have on speed dial in case of an emergency
  4. That’s my quarterback
  5. Nothing wrong with picking the brains of a couple of all-pro caliber wrs.
  6. He was a bad fit from the get go with Carolina considering his limited skill set. That being said he’s not wrong in his assets of Cam. Poor accuracy and poor football IQ
  7. I want Crawford to pick up where he left off last season before he got hurt, senat to be stout against the run, reed to continue having his moments in rotation and Vic and tak to bring the heat from the edges, Grady gonna Grady so not worried about him.
  8. Only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner and Cam is both rolled into one. The minute he learns some humility as well as how to take an L like a man some of the hate will dissipate
  9. Idk I feel the players should bear most of the responsibility for maintaining their own bodies after all in their profession their bodies are their business. LeBron spends a ridiculous amount of money every year to maintain his body all year round.
  10. Poor drafting, lack of player development, and bad FA acquisitions will hamstring a team long before any one contract will
  11. His o-line got owned in the second half.
  12. we actually got into field goal range once but then horrible play calling and execution doomed us
  13. I thought the price was too steep they must have strongly felt he wasn't going to be there later. That being said they upgraded their D-line so it's a win for them. I'm actually surprised the Bucs didn't go edge rusher.
  14. Love the pick as I was not sold on Bryan even a little bit and my TE went the pick before. Great Job TD/DQ. The potential for this offense just went through the roof
  15. we Might still get a guard in the 1st. DQ loves competition in TC. Having said that I think we get another pass rusher in the 1st or Wr. Just my 2 cents