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  1. Just curious Why do you think Miami would trade up? Washington is not taking Tua. I’d put money on Washington signing Cam 5 mins or less after Carolina cuts him.
  2. With a one year deal the risk is minimal for the Falcons and a one year deal gives TGII a lot of motivation to earn another payday basically TGII is betting on himself and at least we have the trio of Ito, Hill, and Ollinson or rookie to fall back on
  3. Sad to say but Kinlaw won’t make it past Carolina.
  4. represents a $12 million increase from last year. New CBA could increase it further this year.
  5. NFL players will have the largest share of revenue of any team sport at 48% bumping to 48.5% when/if a 17 game season starts. A 50/50 split is never gonna happen. Increases to minimum salary, health benefits for active and retired players, Increase to pensions.
  6. My favorite isn’t on this list. Hopeful that Kinlaw is there at 16 and TD pulls the trigger to pair him with Grady #buildfrominside out
  7. I don't see it changing either but maybe that's the problem. Clearly DQ and TD don't have an eye for finding even a passable edge player. Ive always been a fan of building the lines from the inside out. Kinslaw would be a very good compliment to Grady on the interior
  8. Saints fans need to stop giving SP a pass for that Super Bowl win. IMO his play calling, time management, and personnel choice at key moments cost them that game as much as Brees 2 turnovers. Why Taysom Hill ever comes off the field is beyond me. All he has done is step up when needed. You mean to tell me you can’t find a way to get him more involved. He has been a match up nightmare fore the past couple of seasons.
  9. Again it’s not that easy. No doubt what Seattle did was impressive. But trading back has more to do with the other 31 teams needs than your own. It also has to do with your position, what players are available and what teams want them. of course I’d love TD to trade back And stock pile as many picks as he can but the middle of the round really isn’t a good position for trade backs.
  10. Why do fans assume that it’s so easy to trade down? It’s not as easy as New England makes it look. All TD can do is let the other GMs know that our pick is open for business it’s up to another GM to make an offer that makes sense.
  11. Isn’t this a moot point at this point. We’re not likely to be in a position to draft him without trading up. No way he gets by both the giants and the redskins
  12. Realistically our cap situation prevents us from rebuilding. Bringing in a rookie QB with no viable plan to improve the team around him would be even more disastrous than keeping Ryan.
  13. Gonna be a lot of disappointed DQ haters come next year. Personally I think his job is already safe after the past 2 performances any more wins are just icing on the cake. I firmly believe that AB doesn’t want to fire anyone I don’t believe he ever did. It’s clear now that the players believe in the coaching staff that counts a lot to AB. like someone mentioned earlier AB is loyal to a fault remember his initial reaction was to support Vick after news of the dog fighting ring broke.
  14. I’ve been saying this since all the fire everyone talk started. TD has assembled a talented roster it just took the coaching staff half a season to realize how to best utilize that talent. These dominant performances the past 2 weeks just a bolsters TD’s standing. The sooner fans realize that no GM in history has ever built a roster with all pro players at every position at one time the sooner they can move on realize that TD is a top 3-5 GM in this league.
  15. Ahhh the good old reverse mojo thread. Well played sir.