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  1. I wish you could make a comeback I loved your break downs. I’ll have to check you out on twitch can you give me a link please?
  2. Not too impressed with the video. First 3 sacks were free rushes, next 2 were clean up sacks after the QB was flushed out of the pocket last 2 were decent showed decent speed and bend
  3. Matt is a professional he’s had a friendly relationship with every OC he’s ever had but he hasn’t tied himself to a coach the way the former #11 tied himself to DQ. AS is a professional as well I caught a few titan games and saw him laughing and joking with players on the sideline never seem to prevent him from doing his job unlike past falcon coaches
  4. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. Julio was fine until Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson got in his ear about money. I blame those two divas for this whole mess and if Karma is real Julio won’t get another big contract. Fans complain about Matt not taking a pay cut but he never attempted to hold the team hostage over his services. I have a million times more respect for Matt than I’ll ever again have for Julio. I sincerely hope he fails in Tennessee
  5. Honestly I don't think Shannon thought about it before making the call. Skip had gotten on his nerves and he wanted to shut him up and show off a lil by calling Julio direct. He probably assumed that Julio knew that he (shannnon) was on air at the time. Shannon does a lot of things for entertainment value but I've never seen him do something at the expense of a player. He's super pro player
  6. Shannon Sharpe is not a sports journalist he is a sports pundit there is a difference.
  7. You sound like the ex girlfriend who calls off the engagement then refuses to return the engagement ring lol. Never try and keep someone who doesn’t want to be kept it never ends well for either party
  8. Should’ve traded Julio 2 seasons ago when his value was the highest. Julio showed us who he was when he was hanging out with T. O. (You are the company you keep) Right before holding out and demanding a pay raise just 2 years into a new contract. We may never know why Julio soured on the team but if I was a betting man I’d put it all on the Super Bowl loss. The off season after the Loss seemed to change the whole organization top to bottom.
  9. TAFT: There are no sacred cows also TAFT: Julio should be a Falcon for life.
  10. Terry never said he wanted to trade Julio just that in this business you have to listen to the offers. For what it's worth I think a 2nd rounder is too low for JJ. I also would not expect a trade to happen before the end of TC. A need is going to develop for some team, it always does, and Julio will fetch multiple draft picks. I love JJ but at this point in his career the draft capital and cap relief are more important to the future of the franchise than JJ being a Falcon for life.
  11. Gotta factor in that our backs won’t face many stacked boxes with the receiving weapons we have
  12. I thought the panthers did a great job and Tampa got a steal with Trask. Buffalo and Cleveland also had solid drafts. Miami started strong but fizzled on day 3.
  13. Our cap situation made a rebuild a very unlikely scenario.
  14. click bait or not we should be trying to move JJ11. we need both the draft capital and the cap relief
  15. Words cannot express what this man’s music meant to me. He will be greatly missed. my favorite part of early DMX albums were his prayers and convos with God. How prophetic was this verse? an except from “The Prayer” by DMX And I fear that what I saying, won't be heard until I'm gone But it's all good, 'cause I really didn't expect to live long So if it takes for me to suffer, for my brother to see the light Give me pain till I die, but please lord treat him right
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