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  1. That was John Lynch doing what he does....owning the draft
  2. yes I will this was the one player I did not under any circumstances want the Falcons to draft. Micheal Thomas and Micheal Evans should be mailing gifts and thank you notes to TD for drafting a frail soft CB for them to line up against twice a year. His biggest weakness is physical receivers and to top it all of he doesn't even have ball hawking skills. Terrible pick just Terrible
  3. the big picture is yes we needed a corner but we also need a S, DE, and LB and there were better prospects on the board. Heck there were better corners still on the board. I'm on record stating that Arnette will be a better pro than A.J.
  4. Not me you can book mark this. He can get 4 int his first game and I'll still believe this was the worst possible pick to make
  5. #LoseForLawrence #FailForFields #FireEveryone
  6. TD logic dictates that he will trade back into the 1st for a center or tight end
  7. We better not be trading up for a freakin corner. IDC if it was Prime Time in his Prime we are not one DB away from being a legit defense.
  8. I'll be so glad when these mock drafts end.
  9. Just curious Why do you think Miami would trade up? Washington is not taking Tua. I’d put money on Washington signing Cam 5 mins or less after Carolina cuts him.
  10. With a one year deal the risk is minimal for the Falcons and a one year deal gives TGII a lot of motivation to earn another payday basically TGII is betting on himself and at least we have the trio of Ito, Hill, and Ollinson or rookie to fall back on
  11. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001104128/article/2020-salary-cap-projected-at-roughly-200-million represents a $12 million increase from last year. New CBA could increase it further this year.
  12. NFL players will have the largest share of revenue of any team sport at 48% bumping to 48.5% when/if a 17 game season starts. A 50/50 split is never gonna happen. Increases to minimum salary, health benefits for active and retired players, Increase to pensions.
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