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  1. I really hope Dominique Davis can catch on. If his college game can transition to the NFL it would be beneficial to the franchise as viable and athletic option at back up Qb. I know it's a long shot but he could net us some valuable picks later or fill in if our O Line gets Ryan flattened. I would also like to see Rodgers as a return man. That dude was a flat out burner in college.
  2. I boldly predict he will receive a contract long enough to make his supporters happy, but just long enough for his detractors to pull the rest of their hair out.
  3. Thanks Prof for re posting if that is the case. I would rather see this info re posted than the usual Ryan sucks, cut Turner, TD blows, no playoff success, blah, blah, blah. I like what you post and it is more useful than what half of the people on this board post.
  4. I know people want to hammer Ryan for the offensive short comings but I truly believe the bulk (or lack thereof) falls on the O Line. When you have a 240 lb wrecking ball of a RB and the O Line fails to get a push on 4th and 1 it is a testament to the lack of talent upfront and TD's arrogance to trot out a less than stellar line.
  5. It seems that Snelling runs harder, but there is more to a book than merely it's cover. . First, Snelling is coming off the bench getting touches and is fresher during the game. As of right now, every touch for him is an audition, i.e. contract year. We know how players perform during these situations. . Second, Turner is battling through a groin injury and is still managing to rumble with enough consistency to keep the D honest. He has been our catalyst and is still on pace to have a Pro Bowl type of year. Last, let's go back to the off season. Snelling was floating around try outs and free agency with no one biting on a deal. Let's throw Turner out there in free agency with Snelling. Does Turner remain unsigned because it doesn't look like he runs as hard as Snelling? How do you gain 1,000 yds and not run hard?
  6. Glad finals are over. . Time to kick back. .enjoy the holidays. . and the arse whooping the Birds are going to put on the Aints

  7. Glad finals are over. . Time to kick back. .enjoy the holidays. . and the arse whooping the Birds are going to put on the Aints

  8. Regardless of how Yates performs. . I beleive it will be a tough game. . Texans O Line is one of the best and their RB's pose a tough test for our run d. . With that said I beleive the Falcons will put stress on Yates to try and keep up on scoring.. . if Falcons have their usual clock killing drives. . that D could be gassed come the 2nd half. . I am curious as to how Yates does. . he doesn't have to win the game . .just eliminate mistakes. . same with our secondary. . Atlanta CB's don't need to win the game just keep from blowing coverages. . Because I do not care who is throwing the ball. . it's still effin Andre Johnson. . he makes me nervous
  9. First. . .over 40 percent of all Texans tickets are owned by ticket brokers. . not fans with PSL and season tickets. . . . Second the true value of the Texans does not come from merchandise sells. .but rather from the value of the stadium and the sponsors that McNair has acquired. . The tailgating is out of this world no doubt. . The parking lots are over twice as large as most NFL stadiums which is cool. . I will agree. . I have been to several Texans games, have no problems with them. . I have been a Falcons since 1986 and last I checked there are no certain rules that say I am geographically restricted to root for the city in which I dwell. . .Really? And news flash. . the Falcons play the Texans this week. . so excuse the **** out of me if I do not throw a love fest for Texans and the fans that support them. . . I won't have to MISS you with these comments because I beleive they will be way over your head anyways.
  10. I hate to admit this to a Texans fan. . but now I am jealous. .seriously. . Sorry about your dad. I can imagine you have tons of autographs and pics. . I just wish the Rockets could get back to the Clutch City days. . but for that to happen. . the Rockets need anther Hakeem. . Cassel. . Maxwell. . Thorpe. .The Jet. . well you get my point. . and Lord knows players like those only get united only once in a lifetime. . Were you a ball boy during that 94-96 period?
  11. Wade Phillips. . and a HISTORY of not being a very good team. . which resulted in a roster loaded with high draft picks
  12. Bang! Way to scratch that itchy trigger finger sheriff. . Posts like the one egg salad tried to get started are lighter fuel that begins to ignite a troll fire. Good job, BB! I also seen where you had to lay the smack to 3rdcoast as well. . .
  13. The trash I was referring to was the fan making a lame attempt to put down my personal situation which has forever altered the course of my life. I am sorry that you cannot grasp that I am not madly in love with all things Houston. I am a hardcore Rockets fan, Dynamo fan, and yes, sadly even an Astros fan. I also happen to be a Falcons fan. And since the Falcons play the Texans this week, they are the enemy.
  14. Very few outside of a small portion of the 600's and the Bull Pen stay. The parking lot usually has a larger crowd than in the stadium. And once again, just because I am from Texas does not imply that I must root for a Texas team. And further more, I did not say all Houston fans are bandwagon fans. I applaud you for staying around a rooting for the Texans even after they went 6-10. You are in a small minority that stays until the clock hits zero.
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