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  1. 72 games on one of the most heralded defensive lines in football. 29.5 sacks with one of the premier DE in football on the other side, and 2 DTs that demanded double teams. Most likely one on one with a RB 60 pounds lighter than him and still couldn't get half a sack a game. Forgive me if I seem unconcerned.
  2. What in the blue **** are the Dolphins thinking? Matt Moore over Orton? Heads will roll in January.
  3. 3 years ago every retina on this board was already scarred.
  4. You the original nuccah?

  5. And now Chad Johnson. With Brady to play with. Did someone mention them picking derelicts up and getting career years out of them.
  6. Forget Revis and Ashyskinmungo. Wilfork and Haynesworth is most likely going to be disgusting. My vote for most impactful maneuver so far. Could only be surpassed by Orton signing with Miami. The rich get richer.
  7. That was either a tunnel version driven statement or you were being intentionally dense.
  8. I don't go to the Bucs Board anymore just because I can't stand the free flow of stupidity.
  9. Talib's trial won't start until next March. GODell can try to act at that time. Semi related...I have to believe there was some discussion about him during the CBA talks, but I haven't heard it mentioned. Anyone know?
  10. I'd prefer Jonathan Joseph.
  11. 75 times. It is a given that if you can claim to have done anything 75 times, you did it because you liked it or because you had to. 75 times FL Governor Rick Scott took the 5th while involved in a trial related to a company he was involved with scamming Medicaire. 75 times this dude invoked his 5th amendment rights (Thou shalt not bust thyself). Dude paid for his campaign in cash that came dirty, but as long as he was paying for his own ****, it was all good with Florida's retired population, and his fellow white collar criminals. Does anyone believe he won't have to plead the 5th a 76th time
  12. If he did in fact shoot at the guy, **** yes he should be punished. That's a silly question. The Bucs knew he was sketchy when they picked him.. Experiment over, let's all move on.
  13. Edwards does good Braylon Edwards follows through on a big promise Posted on: May 25, 2011 10:06 pm B. EdwardsPosted by Andy Benoit Braylon Edwards might be best known for his mistakes – and deservedly so. But the Jets free agent wide receiver is also one of the most charitable players in the NFL. On Tuesday, Edwards followed through on a promise he made to provide $1 million in tuition for 100 Cleveland students. It was called the ADVANCE 100 Program, an educational initiative established by the Braylon Edwards Foundation in May of 2007. As part of the program, the students had to commit to 1
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