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  1. Oh wow . Lmfaooo . What makes this lock worthy ? Because you don’t like it right ? Well that’s par the course here .
  2. Dude really said White knight was a racist term . Lmfaooo . & be careful with how you talk about Matt or the white knights will attempt to get you banned and mods most definitely will give you warning points for “disrespecting” their king . 🤣
  3. Why would he leave Death Valley to come to this wasteland ? He’s a god there . Much like Saban . They are lifers .. much different from our lifers lmfaooo .
  4. That’s not a hard feat when you’re force fed & decent . 2013 Julio was on IR .
  5. He’s Uber good I said when we drafted him he reminded me of AB . His speed & route running is elite . Good hands too 7/10 . If he had Julio’s size he’d be a household name .
  6. All 3 are duds . They all work under great HCs like DQ . I’m sure they’ll get hired here though because the NFL is a retread/good ole boys club for HCs league . We really gotta dig deep to find a good coordinator & make him a HC , one who runs his own like Peyton did with Tuna .
  7. That’s exactly what it’ll be .. Sadly . I hadn’t bought gear or supported financially since 2018 & I won’t until they change said loser culture . If I have to wait till AB sells or dies than so be it . Thankfully Ive only been a witness since 98 . We’ve been at this since 66 .
  8. All the Matt lovers will pack the house out . They’re worse than Vick fans . I’ll be board watching . Not watching in person or on my cable TV their not worthy . Lol .
  9. People will get more upset with him for saying this than the people we spend our money & energy own .. The Falcons . The owner , players , fans .. the whole program .. dumb . Georgia is not a championship town .. wish I was born in raised in Massachusetts or somethin . Lol . 🤭🤣 sn: the last part is a lie I’m a proud Georgia Boy . Just wish we had better NFL football here .
  10. This is wrong . Seattle wasn’t undersized . Red Bryant was a behemoth , Kam , Sherman were all abnormal for their positions . KJ & Wagner were normal sized .. bigger than Debo , Irvin was unique in size & position but like Bennett and their ends were typical size the only one that was oblique was Bennett whenever they slid him inside .
  11. This isn’t 28-3 , heIII this isn’t even a super Bowl . I’d take this 17644x over 28-3 .. I wish Matt’s & the Failcons worse Moments were these but nooooope .
  12. Brees a SB champion wouldn’t have lost a game up 28-3 either buuuuut . Matt is a good ole boy . Does what he’s told even if it’ll make him look like a clown . These guys are gutless & definitely not smart . DQ, Matt , AB the whole gaggle .
  13. Bro no one cares about hypotheticals . Flacco was good at one point & Matt is still currently good . Neither have ever been better than good . Idc who was on what team . We constantly choke & lose with Matt & here come the homers with hypotheticals & all these well if scenarios . Point is Matt is just good & can be upgraded . That’s all .
  14. He’s just good & that’s all he’s ever been only people who think Matt has ever been great is homers & people who care about empty stats .
  15. All the MR lovers in here . Hating to hear the hard truth . Y’all defend the guy like he’s a winner or some sort . He’s just Phillip Rivers , Tony Romo or Carson Palmer in a Falcon uniform . He’s just as much responsible for blowing leads & losing the games as those 2 Bums Mike Smith & Danny Quinn . Lmfaooo . Never seen a fan base so attached to bums but I guess that’s how it is when you’re not use to having nice things . I understand the financial part about not moving This year or nextbut for people to be 100% outright against the thought of getting a new QB is sad . Choking is ingrained in Matt’s DNA same as it is the Falcons . He’s not gonna will us to wins & he hasn’t won anything since he’s been here .. that whole “we can win with him” is overrated & old at this point . We can lose with somebody else the same way we’ve been losing with “the greatest QB In Failcon history” lol . New blood is needed . Wish we could get a new owner as well .
  16. This gave me a chuckle . Good one . Lmfaooo . 👌
  17. Lamar Jackson would be our 3rd QB because we’re led by the incompetent .. not because of Matt “Solid” Ryan . Lol .
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