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  1. Foye won’t be taking snaps away from Jones or Campbell whatsoever . Jones is elite & Campbell is good . Campbell could only do so much with a rookie & a bum next to him in 2018 . Foye will eat up all of Riley’s snaps in 2019. Campbell is underrated all of a sudden because of things he had no control of .
  2. Every coordinator & the HC should be fired but theirs only 1 New England so enjoy lol .
  3. Wtf does that even mean ? Considering they all were duds as well . Don’t be an idiot man lmfaoo .
  4. You could sell ice to an Eskimo . -__- The gift of gab with facts . Well put .
  5. HeII* to the nayyy . He’s gotta go . Shoulda been let go for 28-3. What dumb as HC “let’s” his OC throw a 25 point lead down the drain ? A bought HC or a dumb HC .. both can go .
  6. Exactly . DQ is dumb as a box of rocks . I’m patiently waiting for him & TDs demise . TD should have got canned with Smitty .
  7. Lmfaooo ..
  8. Wow . I cannot wait until he’s toasted . Never in life would I ever have thought I’d dislike a coach more than Mike Smith . So incompetent . Smh !! The both of em & DQ is worse than him . We really have the worse luck even when the stars aligned with these guys . See 28-3 .
  9. Everything you don’t want that idiot to do .. he will . Don’t let him ruin your Thanksgiving .
  10. I thought DQ was the one until 28-3 and everything after . He took off like a bat out of **** and been on a nose dive ever since . He’ll be canned the year after next and I cannot wait . I just hope our drafts don’t get squandered. Give me Harbaugh or Kubiak . Quinn isn’t it .
  11. “He isn’t as good as he thinks he is.” You’re really just typing to type . Baker is a legit corner . Without a doubt the best in the country . He’s complete, can cover, tackle, make plays on the ball and he’s big . Everyone has a learning curve . You may prefer another CB but your go to quote is you just making up something up that isn’t even objective .
  12. Lol .. so sad yet so passionate . This was a good read . I agree .
  13. Never forget .
  14. The Falcons will get blew out . That spread will be covered . You can bet that . Where’s the guy who jinxed us with that 100.00 bet against the Browns? He should be all over this .