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  1. Yeppp .. rigged rigged rigged . Soon as people accept the fact the game we love is just that the better . It was like a good movie . Not for us but you understand my sentiment . If you wanna see the hero battle back with all the stars aligning For him to do it that was it .
  2. We already have him at UGA damm near . Kids love Kirb , he’s loyal to average players & he chokes or gets outcoached in big games .
  3. Lol ..
  4. 2013 to 15 . That was a Falcon for life contract . Dude was washed after our SB run. Let’s not act like 2nd contracts means one was good because a GM was silly enough to give it to him . I wouldn’t call it trashing . Some don’t like Julio’s extension but it’s not because of his performance .
  5. When he was playing .. sure but he isn’t so yea .
  6. Ryan is not the better QB homer . The evil of great is good . Watson is great .
  7. I really want him on this team . I like the idea of trading back up into the first for him . He reminds me of Rico but like on steroids has great ball skills, can blitz really well, play in the box but can cover high at a high level . I want a DT or LB at 16 & him at 25-32 .
  8. Winfield Jr !
  9. Nothing new to be learned here . Trufant had been a dud since his injury but once one becomes a fan favorite they can never be bad .. ever . I enjoyed him from 13 to 15 but that 2016 injury + being handsomely paid after was the nail in the coffin for his game . Some here like to say fans didn’t like him “because of his hands” which is completely false literally every fan knew his hands were weak & wanted him to improve but regardless of that his game was still elite prior to injury so no one cared . When he started fading the hands became a highlight. It went from bad hands to weak coverage to shoddy tackling . His contract hurt us .
  10. A dud . He can’t catch . -___-
  11. Exactly .
  12. QB ? That’s nutty . RB ? He was for 2 years or so .
  13. Exactly . Regardless of what one thinks he was productive in limited snaps .. last year is Asmaoah like or however you spell it .
  14. When I said Bill I was referring to Bill O Bryan not Bellicheck lol . Maybe that’s what got everybody confused lol