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  1. Saints .. Cam Jordan . Panthers .. Nobody . Not even CMC . Bucs .. Bruce Arians or Devin White . Flip a coin .
  2. Yea . Would rather have him than the fella we drafted . Never seen an elite/good CB get toasted to a tee & still translate but that’s subjective .. I haven’t seen “every” 1st round CBs tape . Would have rather gambled our money on a DL/Edge player than a Islander . DL/Edge has help 24/8 .. CB even with safety help is still 50/50 . Only CB I ever seen come in & ball like a seasoned vet was Deztard . He was golden until 2016 .
  3. The naive live in a perfect uncorrupted world . Must be nice .
  4. I don’t care about Matts “records” it’s a passing league those same records will be shattered by the next . Matt for the most part is Above Average when everything is perfect just like Carson Palmer , Phillip Rivers & all the other try hards who always fell short . So essentially Cowherd is right . Matt is overpaid when you put numbers aside . Those “HOF” numbers are just fluff for Falcon fans . Same ones that champion him “the best Falcon QB of all time” like that’s some significant feat . I don’t hate him but I don’t love him either . Also not a homer so yea I agree .
  5. Kennan Allen is hands down the best route running WR in the NFL .
  6. As much as I hate this for DeAndre . I don’t feel sad for dumb ***’s whatsoever . Just disappointed .. can’t believe it .
  7. Rivera was cheeks . Consistently neglected his OL . Trotted out sorry *** vets “he trusted” over younger talent .. much like DQ . Made zero adjustments in SB50 .. much like DQ . Refused to give Cam offensive weapons . Atleast DQ always attempted to protect his QB & we always invest in weapons for him to work with . Only thing Rivera did better than DQ was hire a competent OC .
  8. 1. Saints 2. Bucs 3. Panthers 4. Falcons ... people are still seriously overrating our coaching staff as a whole . Only reason we consistently swept the Panthers was because of Talent & Rivera being worse than DQ which is extremely hard to do . This year Carolina got better by just getting rid of him .
  9. Falcons/Saints, 49ers/Hawks, Saints vs BigGame moments are my favs . GreenBay & Chicago are overrated af .
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