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  1. Same place I was after 28-3 . I’ve been waiting & seeing since then & haven’t seen DQ do anything but run his mouth off the field just to get run over on it . I want him gone .
  2. Nope . Apparently she’s attempting to extort him but you know this is America where you’re guilty until proven innocent especially when people “don’t like you. “ If he wasn’t compared to Julio this wouldn’t even be a thread.
  3. All duds so it doesn’t matter .
  4. Y’all are crying about shlt that DQs sorry azzz been doing or let happen since 28-3 but y’all love him .. Deal with it & don’t compare what he’s doing here to the Patriots . No one is close to the Pats coaching staff & DQ is the furthest from it . Lol . See 28-3 for example it takes a special kinda tard to lose that game . Then hires a drunk afterwards .
  5. With Senate on the bench . DQ is a fuvkin idiot . Best run stopper not named Grady .. on the bench again .
  6. Man keep this shlt to yourself . I’m not a stat whore .
  7. Thank god . Shoulda got shlt canned after 28-3 .
  8. I said we’d lose . Just not this bad though . This run defense is worse than anything I’ve seen in years NO included & one of our best run defenders is inactive again . DQ is a fuvkin idiot .
  9. Nuff said . Lock the thread .
  10. If Ty starts we’ll lose a low scoring game . Dude is gonna get raped by Griffin/Hunter .
  11. 11-5 at Minnesota .. L Philadelphia .. L at Indianapolis .. W vs Tennessee .. W at Houston .. W at Arizona loss .. W vs LA Rams win .. L vs Seattle win .. L at New Orleans .. W at Carolina win .. W vs Tampa bay win .. W vs New Orleans .. W vs Carolina win .. W at San Francisco .. W vs Jacksonville win .. W at Tampa bay loss .. L (rest up)
  12. I know .. lol .
  13. Wtf ? What’s the backstory ? Why is Eli Manning talking up the Falcons like he’s not on an NFL roster . This is weird . So many questions .
  14. Indeed a team thing .. I hold the QB on par with the HC & Coordinators . No one player has a bigger outcome on the game outside of the coaches so 28-3 is on his shoulders as well . Imagine Brady, Manning or any other goat running pass plays in obvious run situations . They’d probably take knee or roll over after snapping the ball . The shlt himself thing was genuine question . I’m glad you answered I hadn’t seen it here ever .. only on other teams forums .