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  1. It’s 3 years 12 million with 4.5 million guaranteed. I don’t see the issue with it.
  2. I believe you will find a trade partner especially if Hunter Henry is tagged. A lot of Teams are in need of a TE this offseason.
  3. At the very least, I would tag Hooper and trade him. If we are not going to pay him take advantage of the weak draft class and get a pick for him this year. I would like to resign him but I don’t believe he is worth the money he will get in free agency and we can’t pay everyone.
  4. Since Cleveland will be in the market for a TE I could see us franchising Hooper and swapping Hooper for Njoku and a pick. I can’t see the Falcons letting Hooper walk for a Comp pick especially when jobs are on the line.
  5. Elliot and Justin madubuike are two of the DT I wouldn’t mind getting in the 2nd round.
  6. I starting to really like Chaisson. I just have a feeling he is going to blowup the combine and go before 16.
  7. Can KC slowdown the 49ers passrush? I think Andy Reid is going to have to run the ball a lot more than he likes.
  8. The saddest thing about this weekend was watching the 49ers, Vikings and Titans offenses. All of them run a version of the Shanahan/Kubiak ZBS and all 3 of them are committed to running the football with play action off of it. I still think Matthews, Lindstrom, Mack and McGary fit the ZBS better than our current scheme.
  9. Falcons are not going to be able to go sign an elite pass rushers for 5 years 85-100 million. Depth pieces are going to need to be added. Bruce Irvin produces 8.5 sacks for the panthers. Michael Bennett produces 4 and didn’t play the whole season. Building depth through free agency with solid players on short term deals doesn’t hurt the team and also allows them to draft and develop guys at that position. I also didn’t say anything about a WR. I would still target defense in the draft but the likelihood you find multiple pass rushers as rookies is unlikely.
  10. I would like at guys like Bruce Irvin and Michael Bennett In free agency. Both are still effective players and wouldn’t cost a ton. I wanted to resign Irvin last year. I also would look at someone like Ronald Blair, who was a good backup for the 49ers. He is coming off an ACL so he is a good bet for a 1 year deal. I feel like we will need to go pass rush by committee next year and hope we land an impact player in the draft. I would also look at LB Darren Lee in free agency. He didn’t play much this year and could be another solid bet for a 1 year deal. He seems to fit our system and we need some depth at LB.
  11. It looked good with him the last few games. There is literally no benefit in cutting him. You eat 10 million in dead money and save 4 million plus you will need a 3rd CB. Keep him another season or trade him. At least with a trade you get something for him.
  12. I honestly don’t see the benefit in cutting Trufant bc it would cost more than he is making to replace him with someone just as talented. I would rather have Trufant for 1 more year to go with Sheffield and Oliver.
  13. I wouldn’t put Espensa out of reach just yet. I’ve seem a lot of different opinions on him. I think 10-15 might be his range in the end though. I want to see more on Curtis Weaver and Gross-Matos. We might just have to hope that the QBs push some players down the board.
  14. I think It had to be Morris bc he was probably the one most likely to get a DC job somewhere else.
  15. I’ve seen him flash when he’s had a chance. It’s too bad he got hurt. I definitely think he is at the least a good rotational DL. He seems to be good against the run. His development as a passrusher will be the key.
  16. Get the comp pick and move on. Falcons are going to have to make some tough decisions. You can’t pay everyone. I would try and Keep Hooper but we are going to have to go the cheap route in free agency and hope to find some value like bucs did last year with Barrett. Ronald Blair is intriguing.
  17. The answer is Dan Quinn. He is the problem. Defense sucked this year with him as DC then got better when he removed himself but this goes back further than this year. He is a defensive guy and can’t fix the defense. He and TD keep making mistakes. We signed Brown and Carpenter and then drafted 2 OL bc I guess other spots on the roster didn’t need help. Lastly, his OC hires have been a disaster but hey he was the one unimpressed with Matt LaFleur’s and Mike McDaniel’s work. Oh let’s not forget Mike LaFleur was also on that staff.
  18. I’m pretty sure I read that the initial blocking was bc Elway wanted him to become the OC of the Broncos after a HC was hired. They decided to part ways due to differences in offensive philosophy and staffing. Kubiak wanted to bring in some of his own coaches and Fangio didn’t want to do that.
  19. I wouldn’t mind getting their assistant GM George Paton in a package deal either.
  20. He is still a very good QB. Yeah he has struggled at times this year due to the OL and DK refusal to scheme to protect him.
  21. There is only 32 Jobs in the NFL for a HC and GM. Next, Jobs are more attractive in the NFL when a team has a QB. Falcons have a very good QB and that is attractive. I know half this fan base hates MR but sorry guys he is a very good. Dirk Koetter might get him killed but if he as for makes it we are good. As for the Cap situation, things can be done to creat cap space. Teams and depth are build through the draft anyway.
  22. I’m all for AB cleaning the FO out and everything I’ve read about Ed Dodd would lead him to be the top but candidate but I wouldn’t mind looking at the Vikings assistant GM George Paton and the Ravens Joe Hortiz. both seem to have a strong reputation in scouting.
  23. Well we are not moving on from him so you can either accept he’s our QB or you can find another Team.