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  1. Yep I agree and was going to say the only name I would have added to your list was Hortiz. This really is a good list of the top candidate around the league.
  2. This is how I feel. We need talent and all the charges were dropped. I would definitely do my own investigation bc he had red flags coming out of UGA.
  3. From everything I’ve read he was bad last year in New York but I also read that he got better in the 2nd half. I don’t watch the Giants so I have no idea. I know Kirby said that NFL teams have already reached out to him about Baker so I figured it was worth the discussion.
  4. I’m not following. We don’t need to go that route in regards to taking a chance on Baker? If that’s your opinion cool but some team is going to take a chance.
  5. It has nothing to do with me being a UGA fan. If the opportunity presents itself and you can bring in a talented player with upside then you look into it. You absolutely need to do your own investigation but talented players are given 2nd chances in the NFL for being convicted for crimes.
  6. All charges against Baker were dropped today. Would you take a chance on him? I know he struggled in his rookie year but Kid was a stud at UGA. I think he is worth the risk.
  7. When we blitz we have consistently gotten pressure. I’ve been impressed with the blitz packages.
  8. Do we have anyone else we can try at LG besides Carpenter?
  9. Why wouldn’t they be here for 3 more years? Both are still producing at a high level. I understand half the fanbase wants to replace our older players but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. If we get a top pick I’m cool with drafting a QB but I’m not drafting Lance. I would draft Lawrence or Fields but if we can’t then you draft players and build around what you have and we have matt ryan and Julio Jones on this team. Neither are the reason this team is 2-6 so don’t question what’s in my head.
  10. All the Offensive lineman are perfect for his system and Ryan probably has 3 years left of above average QB play and Julio will be around for at least the same amount of time. I doubt any coach is going to come in and trade Matt Ryan when he is still a good QB. When you hire a coach and GM there goal is to win and keep their jobs and I would think the HC feels better with Ryan than a rookie QB. We are not getting Lawrence or Fields.
  11. I like Brady and Smith but I think Smith offense is perfect for Matt Ryan and our offensive personnel
  12. Yep it actually is quite this simple and the stats seem to show that. We don’t have road graders. We have quick athletic Lineman built for a system we claim to want to run with a OC that doesn’t run that system. **** even our RBs are a better fit for the wide zone system.
  13. We are so vanilla on offense. We don’t try any type of motion and creatative especially in the run game. I mean try something if it’s faking end rounds or jet sweeps just the show a different look.
  14. We struggle to get to the passer when passing 4. Seemed like we did a solid job when rusher 5. We haven’t had a good passrush or passrusher since Abraham was here. I’m sorry that falls on DQ and TD.
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