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  1. Daniel Jeremiah had a 2nd round grade on him. I read a few articles and he seems like a perfect fit for the outside zone.
  2. Daniel Jeremiah had a 4th round grade on him so it’s all about who you look at.
  3. I’ve read several articles about him being a real sleeper. I remember following his recruitment of hen he was in High School. He definitely has all the tools but had some bad luck in college with injuries and COVID ruined his senior season. I think he is a very intriguing QB prospect to draft and sit behind MR for a couple of years.
  4. I think David Mills from Stanford is an intriguing QB if we don’t going QB with the 4th pick.
  5. He is terrible at his job. Last Friday, on the local sports radio show in Macon he said that AB was doing his friend Fred Smith a favor and hiring his son. It turns out AB said yesterday during the press conference he has never even met or talked to Fred Smith in his life.
  6. Sounds like it’s more Fontenot wanting to finish the job with the Saints
  7. I'll Take it. I was fine with either Fontenot or Holmes and I had a feeling it might be Fontenot bc he is also assistant GM and seems to be well versed in every aspect of the front office.
  8. This is the pairing I want though I wouldn’t mind Fontenot and smith.
  9. I just chalk it up as one game. It doesn’t change my opinion of him. He is still my top choice. Vikings scored 10 point against the 49ers last year when Kevin Stefanski was their OC. He has worked out quite well for the Browns.
  10. I would honestly rather have Fontenot, Brown or Holmes over Rick Smith. I wish we could pair Fontenot as GM and one of Brown or Holmes as assistant GM that would cover both pro scouting and college scouting. I know we have several former GMs on staff But the best teams have tons of young talented executives and scouts.
  11. DLed said 5 people were on the zoom call with EB. How many people in that meeting are leaking stuff to reporters? I didn’t trust any of these reports.
  12. Wilson is a pretty respected NFL report but I agree with you on the HC. I don’t think AB is tied to hiring a minority HC. I was just saying that it does appear AB wants to at least fill one of the two spots with a minority candidate with the best chance being GM bc the field is so deep. To my knowledge, all the candidate to date have been minority.
  13. I don’t think he is making it up. The falcons have only interviewed minority GM candidates so I think it is safe to say that they want at least 1 of the 2 positions to be a minority. Don’t get me wrong I think all the candidates are qualified based on what I’ve read.
  14. Just a quick recap for everyone who didn’t listen. DLed and the host want EB as HC. He apparently didn’t interview well which has been an issue in the past. DLed said he thinks it will be Rick Smith and Arthur Smith. Neither like Rick Smith. Both think Arthur Smith would be a flat hire even though all 6 teams have requested an interview with him, which is very rare. They clearly haven’t done any research on him. DLed thinks Daboll and Reggie McKenzie are the top HC and GM candidate this cycle and is in disbelief that the falcons haven’t interview McKenzie or Jerry Reese for the GM.
  15. It’s hard to judge Hackett when he was OC with the Bills and Jags bc his QBs were EJ manual, Thad Lewis, Jeff Tuel, Kyle Orton and Blake bortles.
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