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  1. Still should have been spotted a couple yards forward then
  2. Question for the group why did the falcons not get the ball at the kc 27 on the interception
  3. Lions went 60 yards in only 38 seconds after a couple plays early in drive . So sad
  4. Did any of the “hard hitting “ Atlanta media ask him about the timeout with 48 seconds left in the first half which allowed the lions time to score a field goal. Or the two man rush before the field goal. Awful awful awful
  5. Matt should have thrown it away but play call was still awful
  6. Koetter is awful. On the third and goal that resulted in int we only had three guys out in pattern
  7. Matt played awful today but he had no chance on the play with the int. 3 receivers out in the pattern when they should have 5. 2nd down play on that sequence was another awful play call. Watch the tape of that play. Maybe could have back shouldered it to gage
  8. Duke Riley is now fighting for a job from my viewpoint. Other guys have stepped up.
  9. Would love to go with my daughter and sit in some great seats.
  10. Got my parking pass tonite using the falcons app
  11. I cleared $1000 for the two tickets I sold for row 12 at the 50 in the 300 level
  12. I sent email last week and got email back next day with the code
  13. what is wrong with the message boards


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