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  1. 3 hours
  2. Kick the tires on this please.
  3. The home Saints game or the Cowboys because I will be there.
  4. Hope so bc my mind goes straight to injury. .....
  5. Anything on why the former Oakland Raider was brought in?
  6. What if Fowler does well do we keep him as a 3rd TE?
  7. Nothing on Senat?
  8. Dirty Bird Nation, I'm in central Florida now and I want to continue watching my Falcons and not the Succs every Sunday. Does NFL Sunday ticket allow me to do so?
  9. Tier 1: Saints, Cowboys, 49ers and Panthers
  10. I'm the only one, whew!
  11. AB probably like listen Who, we don't have the type of money you deserve but Home Depot and ATL UTD are looking for a new private shareholder if you get what I'm saying.
  12. Sooo through some random tweets Takk ends up asking Brielle Bierman to a Braves game and she accepts. I hope this isn't cursed like dating a Kardashian bhahaha!
  13. Reason everyone tried to sacrifice Shanny after the 2015-16 season.