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  1. I have a house there. My wife wants to continue renting but I prefer to sell. It's a 5/3 if you'e interested.
  2. Shout out to TD and front office.
  3. same
  4. My lord De'Anthony Thomas on returns instead of Roberts. I wanted him out of college but we still had Hester.
  5. If Sark quit drinking, Lombardi might have just caused a relapse. Jeez.
  6. bust. Clayborn did that and more in one game. /purple
  7. it's bean talk grandpa
  8. I'm honestly worried about Detroit. That is a good team. We will literally have to out coach them.
  9. All about the business boss. Entered.
  10. Dimi definitely troffed this guy's wife
  11. so did I. I'd get more info from a board poster with less strain.
  12. Different views. I do however wish you wouldn't insult my belief like that. What gain do you get from it?
  13. In Ocala, will ride it out. No worries to be honest. Whatever His will is shall be done.