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  1. To answer your question it would be McGrary, Kazee and maybe Bailey.
  2. I like his discipline and active hands. Would definitely pull the trigger if he is still there in 3+ rounds
  3. The comparison is the theme of the thread. How rusty they both are but DJ looks a little more oiled if you will. I know how Kam looked towards the end of his career. I started at the beginning because neither had to much experience and age hadn't began to affect Kam yet. I cant talk about Neal's last couple of years because he isnt there yet.
  4. I never said he was a world beater in pass coverage. I said not to shabby. Kams first 2 seasons 4 INTs 14 pass deflections. 31 games. Neal first 2 seasons 1 INTs 14 pass deflections. 30 games. I did not count Kams 3rd year bc Neal went down. I'm no where coming for Neal our defense would hurt without him on the field but if I'm picking between him and Debo im paying Debo and Neal can walk. Think about the years we haven't had that presence in the LB corps. The Worrilows, Dents, Nichols that we went through before finally getting a Debo. Our safety presence has be
  5. I'm not gonna lie, this angered me at first but it's true. He gets Chancellor comparisons but Chancellor is not to shabby at coverage. AFMB isnt ready for this convo though
  6. After this one preseason game I am not ready to jump on the Dukie train but I will say LB is not a depth position of concern for me. Our offensive tackles, SS and corners are a different story.
  7. So Bosher is sabotaging Tavecchio to get Bryant back? I'll take it.
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