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  1. Tier 1: Saints, Cowboys, 49ers and Panthers
  2. I'm the only one, whew!
  3. AB probably like listen Who, we don't have the type of money you deserve but Home Depot and ATL UTD are looking for a new private shareholder if you get what I'm saying.
  4. Sooo through some random tweets Takk ends up asking Brielle Bierman to a Braves game and she accepts. I hope this isn't cursed like dating a Kardashian bhahaha!
  5. Reason everyone tried to sacrifice Shanny after the 2015-16 season.
  6. Last time we played GB in the cold Julio d*** near got the whole secondary replaced by UDFAs. Couple that with a much improved D *insert synical grin* I'm eating a block of Wisconsin cheddar
  7. I really like Cappa on the Buccs, Tre'Quon Smith on the Saints and DJ Moore on the Panthers. All I believe will be really good players if not Pro bowl caliber in a couple of years
  8. well nvm then. Looks like we picked up a FB just now.
  9. There are some decent players left out there. To me most notably Trenton Thompson a home town favorite. I'm really hoping we give him a shot and see if he can be that 4th DT on the squad. Who you guys looking at? The link below takes you to whose left.
  10. This draft would make me a happy Falcon fan. The 1st round pick I would only go with if we don' have a shot at Bryan, Vea or Payne in that order.
  11. Not sure I can remember the last time analyst have used Falcon defensive players as a NFL comparison. Quinn and Co. have done a great job drafting as of late and I love it. We could pick a K with our 26th pick and I'd be like yep, exactly what we needed. In Quinn I Trust!
  12. Payne or Hill will be a Falcon
  13. boy did he dodge a bullet
  14. great find dude is quick