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  1. Those were dark days.
  2. I will die on this hill.
  3. Is what the sAints fans gonna be saying once this **** hurricane create another Sea World in NOLA. I've never wished bad fortune on a fanbase bc of a joke but this bull got under my skin
  4. Tomaytoes / Tomatoes
  5. Until someone walks in with a box cutter and decides to crash the party.
  6. That's not important at all
  7. Nice runs but does that FB of his need a job? Jeez
  8. In my mock today is the day we took Gary Johnson, Christmas (FSU DE) and Justin Love. I'm also watching D'Andre Walker and Lamant Gailliard Who ya got?
  9. Agree, point is Ito did not have the same bulk to shine. He showed flashes and I know the exit of Teco will give him more opportunities.
  10. That's it. This draft is the one. You need to be in the FO as some type of advisor on draft weekend
  11. So I guess Coleman didnt exist and they didnt split carries/responsibility
  12. All you hindsighters are hilarious. Also, Ito hasn't really had a chance to be put in a role like Lindsay last year.