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  1. Rico says he wants to decide in the next few days. He liked the visit. Im happy about that
  2. For anyone who doesnt know about or hasnt seen Tavon's film, take 5 minutes to watch this: If you dont have the time, watch this: had no clue why anyone was making so much noise about him until I saw this. At this point, Id be very happy with a Carter/Ross finish.
  3. lol look at everyone piling on another case of AU being, well, AU. The AU family.. I wonder how much they coached reading signals vs playing defense. 60>40?
  4. If what Raekwon said is true, and i have no real reason to doubt it, we should have had this wrapped up by now. He feels we stopped recruiting him when we started re-recruiting Reuben... and he's kinda held that grudge til now. Cant blame him, OSU, CU, and UA seemed to keep in contact fine. But that all seems to be water under the bridge, now. He likes the coaches, sees the youth at ILB, and, most importantly, he and everyone around him are UGA fans. This'll still be a tough pull, but it's way more likely now than it was last week. He and Carter are toss ups, but as of now, I think they'll wind up staying home. We're selling both hard on having that hometown pride, and that may be the edge over schools like UF, OSU, UA, and CU
  5. I think he was down all week cause Paul Oliver. Gotta imagine it's kinda like a son passing away. RIP
  6. he'll be ranked 17. I get the feeling alot of those kids at the game feel better about UGA than they did a week ago. Hyatt, Carter, Raekwon, Malone, Sharpe, and pretty much any other big recruit you could think of...
  7. Yeah, that's true. I think alot of people on here thought he had a higher ceiling on D, until he did what he did in the championship and shrine games. And I cant blame them; you couldnt really judge him off his HS tape.. the film looked slow and the competition looked weak. But after that month, I dont think anyone doubted him I was more talking about the experts who tried to hype Yeldon and Hill cause they were from the 2 "powerhouse" teams last year. Anyone with eyes could see who the best running back in conference was.
  8. While we're posting embarrising media.. I'll go on record right now, he's the most talented college back since AP, and barring injury, he'll be the best in the NFL 5 years now. I know it's a moot point right now, but isnt it funny how around this time last year "analysts" were saying Yeldon and Hill were the the best young backs in the conference?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNcBpT_BK5U #20 had a rough day... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It1m0T3ocXg
  10. @Clemson- L USC- W Bye North Texas LSU @UT Mizzou @VU Bye UF App St @AU UK @GT TBD TBD Only hurdles will be against LSU and UF. Both have worse defenses than last year and horrible offenses, and LSU is a home game. UF could be tough,but I cant see us losing that game. Other than that, what could stop us from getting to Atlanta? This is why you shouldnt cliff jump after one game..
  11. It was tough to see, but I thought he broke his leg on that play. The commentator sounded concerned, then Keith just walked off the field. I'll say this about the play-calling; half the game, it appeared Bobo was playing for a 3rd&10.
  12. Negatives Bobobobobobobobo- Why must he troll us? Such great playcalling and execution to answer and take control in the first quarter. Then he pulled it all back. Because passing was working so well early on, he decided to abandon it and run it over and over again.. into 8 man fronts. The feeling fans had with a 21-14 lead and the ball was never felt again. He needs to be more consistant. Murray- Had an uneven performance. The stats would indicate he had a horrible game, but they dont show how well he engineered those long drives;or how bad our Oline played. I wouldn't blame Murray for the pick, the sacks, or the blindside fumble. I will blame him for his happy feet and the apparent concussion he suffered. How does a 5th year QB forget what a play-clock is? O-line- Holy crap that was bad. Mitchell- I really feel bad for him (not knowing how long he'll be out for), but LOL. Funny that coach disclosed that to the media. Front 7- Not toooo bad for their first game, but need to be MUCH better next week. Swann- That hit-stick will haunt my dreams. He should have just bent over. Safeties- Norman, the smart one, was missing assignments all over the place. Tray had 3 hours of learning moments. Happy that JHC will be back. *** hole Comentator- Wooten is not a freshman, *******. Didnt even correct himself. There were various other mess ups he had, but that one particularly pissed me off. Positives Backfield- Yeah, he's the best back in CFB. But the thing I took away was his emotion and will to win and rally the troops, especially being a more reserved guy on the field normally. Marshall trucked people up and down the field. The only thing that separates the two, in my mind, is vision.They're both physical freaks, but Gurley made holes appear from nowhere. We should enjoy Hicks while we have him. Needs to work on is his ball security though.. WRs- Bennett looks back to his self. Conley looks like he's ready to break out. The one that really impressed me, though, was JSW. That weight loss really helps his agility and rr. Now we can all see the 6' 205 track star beast he is.. and he has 3 years left. Langley- The most questioned defender coming in had easily the best performance in the secondary. Played a little soft in coverage, but had some great breakups and didnt miss a tackle. He's gonna be a good one. This game was brutal. And it wasnt that we lost, it was the way we lost. I came into this game hoping for a win and mentally prepared for a loss because it was a really tough situation in the first game, but more importantly, the team goals would not change after this weekend. At the end of the day, this is still true. I feel confident in saying we'll work out the issues from CU, win against SC and LSU AT HOME, and everyone will stop jumping off bridges in about three weeks.
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