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  1. How do you think we will use Mykal Walker this year? Do you think he will be used exactly like Campbell was? I really can see his ability in the pass rush game, but what scares me about him is his ability to take on blocks. I feel if he is kept clean, he is golden but if not he gets washed out of plays
  2. Me and the family is going to the Tampa game, What is the cost to park in the gulch now? Is it still lit as before?
  3. I really think we can, honestly, I feel like La Rams defensive front was better, what is your opinion?
  4. Dude was proven to murder dogs because of there terrrible performance at dog fighting, But yeah, he should be glorified. Just let that sink in. I care less what he did on the field, i loved him on the field to be honest, but sure made me embarrsed he was even part of this org. Thank god though he is a reason we got Ryan,
  5. Me being a UGA fan watched everyone of his college games. Everything about him would make someone that didn't know any better love him. Only thing I didn;t like him was his ability to learn schemes, he almost always seemed to not be where he should of been, took bad angles and missed tackles are launched, going for the big hit too many times. That being said if he ever gets it it will be on. He is not strong in coverage at all, but could be good in the box on run downs if he ever gets it.
  6. Me being a Georgia fan and you, Knight Of God, being a Bama fan, I kinda look at Smith as a dark horse, what do you think?
  7. Yeah, i have moved on too, I am really liking the Sarkasian hire too, I know the coaches screwed the pooch sunday, everybody hates Shannahan again and na, na, na. But folks they did a **** of a job getting us here, so I can't hate em. Just a **** of a time to make a mistake. LOL!
  8. For defensive cordinator, what you guy's think?
  9. Doing some st louis ribs here smoked with a mix of hickory and maple. Gonna try my hand at smoking some cheese too
  10. Did us some baby back ribs on the smoker, for sides we had some collard greens with rudabags in them, red beans, and lima beans. Washed all that down with some ice cold keystone light. Think I'm gonna pop oven a Terrepan hopsecutioner when the game starts
  11. Just thought ya'll would like to know, he is tied with Von Miller for number 1 in the NFL for sacks with 13.5. Just gonna let that sit right there.
  12. Me and PMF has talked alot about his, but how about a thread describing every type of coverage you might see in an NFL game. I know lots of fans don't understand all those concepts. He sure has taught me a ton about them
  13. You are missing out if you don't do some tailgaiting, there are some awesome tailgaites in Atlanta. I love going to the games.
  14. What will we do when he gets a head coaching job next year?
  15. @PeytonMannings Forehead, just for informative purpose, if the Falcons did run quarters are cover 4, how do you think Neal would fit in that scheme and please give us a breakdown on what you would do with him if you was the DC. Thanks again man and keep them coming
  16. pulled up some film on this guy. I love this pick. Watched film of his against Auburn and he brutalized their defensive line. Extremely athletic also, great scheme fit. I like the value of this pick more than any other pick in the draft so far
  17. Being a UGA fan i have watched every game he played in in college and i feel he is a high risk, high reward guy. I think he is risky at 17, I would not hate the pick he sure has alot of potential but I would be worried about how he translates to the nfl.
  18. **** dude, you ever think about coaching? Thanks man, makes alot more sense to me now. You def know you stuff. You ever play pro ball are something?
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