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  1. Wasn't he the YouTube sensation we had high hopes for a few years back? Or was he the guy that wanted us to leave Brittany alone. I can't recall.
  2. It was one of his coaches fiance'.
  3. Petrino can suck it. Personally, I enjoy watching Karma bite him. Almost as much as I enjoyed watching LSU whip him.
  4. McNeil is damaged goods. If he was healthy, he would be signed already. I wish it were different but the guy isn't working out very well.
  5. I troll here (hence my avatar) but usually post at the Falconsroost.com. It's pretty entertaining and has several very intelligent posters. But after I was banned years ago because I said Brooking sucked I backed off coming here. My ban until 2042 was lifted at some point.
  6. Katrina may be the only natural disaster where the property value actually increased after the storm. Keep'em, we don't want them back in LA.
  7. He's damaged goods. The team needs to start looking long-term. In 2008 he did well but since then his feet have looked like roller skates.
  8. Someone doesn't like Thomas DeCoud. I love it. Lots of linemen. The concept is good, but I had mine a little different. I would address Defensive End and Offensive Tackle with my first two selections regardless of popular opinion. I don't have the faith in Edwards and Biermann that the front office indicates.
  9. If given a choice, my carpenter wouldn't be using a hammer over a nail gun. I would make sure he had good tools before I write out my check.
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