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  1. If he just stays until Ryan hangs em up I'll be content. At that point he deserves to take his turn as an NFL Head Coach.
  2. Seriously please stop saying this. I feel like you are jinxing us. I knew when we hired him it could be one and done, but I hope he has been in the league long enough to know that when you have the chemistry he has with Ryan and Julio and Freeman and etc, he can be Bill Walsh or Mike McCarthy as the OC without having to take a promotion to HC. Its the connection an elite QB shares with an elite play caller that makes that once in a generation thing that just works. I really hope his success in what he does best right now is more important than being the top dog when he is only 35 years old. Enjoy the ride atleast through Ryans career and then cash in with a sterling resume'.
  3. Thats funny, how come admin cant be liked, brown nosing frowned upon? Or is it that the votes could lead to corruption?
  4. With 167 views I'm closing in on Lets get this Freeman thing straight.
  5. Well yes. It seems anything I say is the polar obstinate of what everyone else can say, so to test this theory I said the falcons will win the super bowl. Its a bit loaded to say I'm their only true fan as the opposite of that is much easier to suggest than the falcons not winning the super bowl.
  6. 61 came to see who was foolish enough to face off against me, as we all know anything I say must only be met with a counter point and in no way agreed with. I think the falcons are winning the super bowl this season, as their only true fan.
  7. I see 50 people came and said, "well, he's got us there", and left knowing anything they said would pale in comparison.
  8. Big lead early like last week and they must abandon the run and throw to catch up which works in our favor two fold.
  9. Cant wait to see Coleman. The run game has taken off since he last played. I hope he breaks some big runs tomorrow.
  10. Yeah this was over way back when I declared myself the winner. This is the esnivelant of you muttering "yeah you better run" after I have taken care of business and left the building. If you want to talk some real football I'll be in Quinn has this team winning.
  11. On both sides of the LOS. Washington should be no different as far as our expectations. Our OL The OL is just doing it all but they have Ryan who gets the ball out quickly and Jones who beats coverage quickly to help them look good. Freeman was an unknown and deserves as much credit as the OL and even Ryan and Julio for that matter. Its a team sport and they are collectively kicking butt. Our DL I think the magic of it all seems to be the place on the field that our 4 DL get to each snap. They move the QB even if they dont get a sack. The LB's and safeties are buzzing around preventing first downs as the CB's have locked down the deep passes. Whether the pass rush is affecting the QB or the coverage gives him no where to go it is working as a whole. WAS OL They did us a favor taking Scherff and not Beasley as many feared. He may be progressing but he was a sore spot in PS. Then again so was our interior OL. Morgan Moses has had his troubles as a first year starter 2nd year player. Their LT is solid but if Vic can start fighting to beat his man inside as Hugh Douglas suggested it may not matter. They have some boo boo's inside that could be a deciding factor. Cousins can be errant with a good amount of throws while his recievers can drop the ball a good bit. They bite themselves with stupid penalties(Moses) and all that together spells inconsistant offense. WAS DL They can be stout but then again PHI had plenty of time vs the 4 man rush at times. Their secondary is the achilles heal and despite what the stats say, we can run on them. I think we continue to win the LOS war on both sides with our offense proving to be far more consistant and theirs being frustrated by our defense leading to another big win.
  12. I saw it this morning but he has zero stats this year.
  13. Breeland looked good last week but even he would need help vs Julio. I would expect him to remain at LCB facing whoever lines up in front of him while Blackmon gets safety help. Julio lines up everywhere this year but still predominantly on the RCB's side.
  14. Any given sunday we can win or lose. I hope we win every game but we know that is against the odds.
  15. 10-4 good buddy, just lock or delete this thread then. Either way I'm done.
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