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  1. Since we know Baker is no longer in the mix, RT is Schraeders to lose unless Polumbus is just in a "outside" zone. If not he could be fighting Rodgers for #2 swing tackle behind Holmes. LT-Matthews, Holmes, Huffer(PS) LG-Chester, Person, Gunn, Replogle OC-Hawley, Stone, Ume-Ezeoke(PS) RG-Asamoah, Lefeld, Konz, Smith RT-Schraeder, Polumbus, Rodgers(PS) I think Replogle, Smith, and Gunn are gone. Konz could stick on PUP list. Rodgers could beat out Polumbus or PS. Person should get challenged by Lefeld for last OL spot.
  2. That was expensive. He has yet to get on the field. I suppose this move was made because of that. He was built for this scheme, he just is PUP.
  3. I do think Julio could be more splosive in play action with an actual threat of running the ball.
  4. The OL is 5 guys working in unison relying on 6 others for success as a whole. The fact that this guy has had success doing what we are doing in 2015 makes me confident. He will have solid line mates around him which could be another factor in past falters. Miscast in 2014 is well documented.
  5. We need Mychal Kendricks to get cut.
  6. Think so. I really think Chester solidifies OG spot opposite Asamoah regardless of which plays RG. LT-Matthews, Holmes, Rodgers LG-Asamoah, Stone OC-Hawley, Stone, Ume-Ezeoke RG-Chester, Stone RT-Schraeder, Holmes, Rodgers Baker could win RT spot, LG ship has sailed. The more likely scenario is that he is a cap casualty. Schraeders play is largely decisive. Polumbus has strong chance at RT or swing tackle himself, better than Baker maybe considering Shannahan history. Baker certainly is not presently helping his cause.
  7. Asamoah is powerful and seems a good fit at LG anyway. But yeah, may as well cultivate as much continuity as possible by keeping the most experienced player in this scheme at the spot he has played multiple years.
  8. 15th out of 64 miscast in the wrong scheme bodes well for us now that he is back in his ideal fit.
  9. Glad I waited up, great news! I was hoping this would get done.
  10. BFD. Let the law of the land do its job, and Shembo do his.
  11. Free agency was not knee jerk over payment of poor fits to long term contracts either. I think Quinn fixed more in one off season than should be expected.
  12. This years theme was not speed or toughness and we did not end up with one dimensional players. Quinn and Shannahan have proven scheme's and added the missing players they needed.
  13. Jarvis Harrison Josh Shaw Michael Bennett Vince Mayle JaCorey Shepherd Nick Marshall Justin Coleman Nick O'Leary Donald Celiscar Kyshoen Jarrett
  14. Giants got Owa with next pick.
  15. I did not like Tevin Coleman but he's a falcon now.