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  1. After being left for dead following a 1-4 start, all of a sudden, the Atlanta Falcons are right back in the NFC playoff hunt after destroying the Redskins 38-14 in Washington on Sunday.  

    The Falcons have quietly put together a three-game winning streak and during the streak, the recipe for each win has been pretty similar: Matt Ryan torches the other team and then the Falcons defense plays just good enough to win. Against the Redskins, there was one minor change to the formula: Atlanta's defense looked almost as good as Ryan.

    Going into Week 9, the Falcons were giving up more yards per game (419.4) than anyone in the NFC, more points per game (30.3) than all but two other NFL teams and they also ranked 30th overall in passing defense. Basically, they've been nothing short of a disaster, but that seemed to change in Washington. 

    The Falcons defense started by shutting down Adrian Peterson. Peterson went into the game ranked fifth in the NFL and third in the NFC in rushing, but he couldn't find anywhere to run against the Falcons. In the first half, the Falcons held him to just 15 yards on six carries, which was a big deal, because by the time the Redskins touched the ball for the first time in the second half, they were already trailing 28-7, which forced them to abandon the run game. Peterson carried the ball only three times for two yards in the second half. 

    When the Redskins were forced to pass, the Falcons were ready. They spent most of the second half putting pressure on Alex Smith, who had nowhere to throw. Smith was sacked three times in the game with two of those coming from Falcons defensive end Jack Crawford. The Falcons also forced Smith into making a rare mistake: An interception. 

    The fourth-quarter pick by Damontae Kazee marked the first time since Week 4 that Smith had thrown an interception. The only thing more impressive than the play of the Falcons' defense was the play of Ryan.
    Ryan has been one of the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL over the past month and the Redskins definitely weren't able to cool him off. Ryan shredded Washington's defense for 350 yards and four touchdowns and he even threw in quite the surprise for Julio Jones fantasy owners: A touchdown pass to Jones!
    It marked the first time since Week 11 in 2017 that Jones had caught a touchdown. Ryan now has 17 touchdown passes since Week 3, which is third most in the NFL, behind only Andrew Luck and Patrick Mahomes, who both have 19, although Mahomes has played one more game than both Luck and Ryan since he hasn't had a bye yet. 

    Ryan is playing like he did during his MVP season in 2016, which is good news for the Falcons, because Atlanta gets to play six of its final eight games against teams that are currently .500 or below. That number could jump to seven of eight if the Packers lose to the Patriots on Sunday night. 

    Basically, the Falcons have put themselves back in the NFC playoff race and with the way Ryan is playing, it wouldn't be a shock to see them sneak into the postseason.

  2. 1 minute ago, roguebeaver said:

    He’s the same old Sark...just not slurring the play call! Easier to understand!!

    Go ahead and ban me!!! Before you do, just know, I am jk and a lil off in the head, disabled! 

    Good job, Sark and your AA support group! Well done amigo! 


    Brother as long as we Win and put up that Offense we did Today against every team we will be fine

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  3. 1 minute ago, jlrfalcon said:

    But does anyone sense that Ryan has more control of the offense this year?  Did moving to the sidelines really help Sarkisian see and communicate better?

    And, with today as a great example, do we not see how much that passing to the RB's (something we largely abandoned last year) is helping this offense?

    Sark is more better on the Sideline. This is His Offense now (not Shannahans). I Love what he is doing mixing creative designs up. Ryan loves it too. More importantly - I Love It <3


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  4. 2 minutes ago, celtiksage said:

    I don't think anyone will take a chance on Sark with his limited nfl experience for now. But let him light up the scoreboard for a couple more years and he may get serious consideration.

    Sark is OC of the most best Falcon Offense ive seen since Shannahan, He will get offers

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  5. Just now, RubberDucky said:

    I have become a fan and am thrilled he had made me eat my words. The only negative is,  historically speaking,  if he keeps this up we'll likely only get him for 1 more year. 


    Really wish we could keep an OC with Matt for a substantial amount of time. 

    I agree im just worried we are going to lose him like Shannahan