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  1. 10 minutes ago, Pacific_Falcon said:

    How does that dipazz Dled still have a job? He's dumber than a bucket of hair.

    Because he works for minimum wage and that cheap dish-rag of a newspaper AJC loves that.

    Thats why Jeff Shultz left. Look at their website ... it looks like they hired a 13 year old kid to design it.

    That news company is horrible, and disgraceful to everyone in the city of Atlanta, and the state of Georgia in general.

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  2. QB Sack Leaders
    Rank Player Sk
    1 Brett Favre+ 525
    2 John Elway+ 516
    3 Dave Krieg 494
    4 Ben Roethlisberger 485

    Given the Total Sacks above... Im pretty sure someone, some season sacked one of those QBs more than once when playing for different teams the same season.



  3. With the Signing of Bruce Irvin, this is a move that is putting Vic Beasley on notice. The fire has been lit under Beasley to Step Up or Step Out.

    Irvin is going to create a lot of competition for Vic, and Im thinking Vic may end up on the trade-block after this season. And we will end up extending a new contract to Irvin.

    Thats what I think

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  4. If the Falcons' defensive improvement is sustainable.



    The Falcons' defense doesn't need to be great. It just needs to be passable, to allow the team's top-five offense do the rest. It's possible that Atlanta coach Dan Quinn self-scouted well during the team's bye week and came up with some solutions to mitigate the defensive damage, which translated to just 14 points allowed in Washington. It's also possible Atlanta simply ran into an anemic Redskins offense at precisely the right time, when the group was short three starters on the offensive line.

    Now 4-4 with middle linebacker Deion Jones eligible to return later in the season, the Falcons are back to being realistic playoff contenders in the NFC. Fielding a "good enough" defense with an explosive offense is basically the recipe for success powering the top teams the NFL this year, so why can't a team with Grady Jarrett, Desmond Trufant and Takk McKinley follow that model?

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