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  1. Just now, PokerSteve said:

    Not gonna happen. The Browns have lost to every good offensive team they've played, including #2, #4, #6 offenses in the NFL. Falcons are #5 ranked offense. We'll beat them and I don't expect it to be any closer than the Deadskin beat down.

    I saw that too ... but you know football aint played on paper its played on grass, and especially an away grass field against a team that has Almost won most its games. It worries me. Its a game we should Win and chalk up to the W column. But ya never know right?

  2. 4 minutes ago, PokerSteve said:

    Yeah I know it's probably impossible, my point was just getting beat by us as a wild card would be worse because they'd be so certain they've got it in the bag playing as the favorites.

    I think 10 wins (with tie breakers) will get us in. We only play 2 more teams with winning records (Saints and Panthers). It is definitely do-able. And we always play both those teams tough, last field goal last possession win.

    Im excited. From all the Defensive improvement (Kazee) I have faith. I know Ryan and the Offense will give us 28+ per game. Its possible.

    That being said ... if we lose to the Browns then we are in trouble

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  3. 2 minutes ago, PokerSteve said:

    It would probably sting them more for us to beat them as a wild card than to win the division, but I'd take either one. I would love for us to stab them in the heart and break the blade off with a W against them in prime time in the play-offs.

    We're not going to win this division - realistically. Its Wild Card or Bust for us. Unless the Saints completely Implode and we Explode to run the table.... we just need to sneak in

  4. 1 hour ago, I Even Bleed Red said:

    Meh depends on what we were offered.

    At the time of the trade offers, we didnt know that we would get Irvin. NOW we got Irvin. NOW things have changed with the Vic situation. NOW Vic needs to be a little more worried, because he has maybe become expendable.


  5. 7 minutes ago, tl;dr said:

    I may have to quit watching the NFL is those **** stains win one in our house. 

    I still am not sure there is a franchise in the NFL that benefits more from poor officiating

    We just gotta beat them. If we can get a wild card playoff spot then i think we can run the table. And knock those ******* out.

  6. You made me have to Google ....


    Early years

    Kikaha attended Kahuku High & Intermediate School in Kahuku, Hawaii. He is from Hau'ula, Hawaii. He played defensive end and tight end. As a senior in 2009, he was named Honolulu Star-Bulletin's' defensive player of the year.[1] Kikaha was rated as a three-star recruit by[2] In January 2010, he committed to the University of Washington to play college football.[3]



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  7. That team are complete jerks from the top down to us. So Yea ... if they can stomp in our Yard in the SB then that is giving them more motivation. We just have to stop them somehow.

    I dont care whatever else team plays here, but It can Never be the Saints

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