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  1. 21 hours ago, therawest said:

    I was probably the one lone holdout that this guy could actually be good one day, but after seeing that, I’m done. He has no idea what he is doing out there. He missed both assignments that led to two rushing touchdowns.   On of them was a 90 yarder. 


    Duke Riley didnt cost us the game. What cost us the game being unable to score 1 point from the 1 yard line - 3 Times. Sark and Ryan had brain farts all day

  2. 7 minutes ago, Peyton said:

    After the Cowboys watch this film they will probably be running a lot of sweeps Trufant's way.  We'll likely see for the first time in NFL history an NFL CB run completely off the field by a ball carrier. 

    What has become apparent is Trufant has benefitted off Rico and Keanu having his back at Safety. Now he is exposed for what he is - which is basically lazy nothing now,

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  3. ive seen a play where a wide open INT was 5 yards from him and he made NO EFFORT to dive for it. Just Pathetic his play has been. Not that he would have caught it, he cant catch anything thrown right into his hands, BUT AT LEAST TRY!

  4. 4 hours ago, since68andcounting said:

    At some point, the head coach has to send a message that lack of effort will not be tolerated. We have nothing to lose. It's a slim to none chance for the playoffs and perhaps a move like this gets some other players to up their game.

    "Fast and Physical" - The anti-Trufant

    Beasley's been working a little harder, but c'mon, ONE tackle in FIVE games for a starter???

    Thats not a bad idea actually. I like it. Trufant and Beasley BOTH need to be benched. Trufant more because he just doesnt seem to care or try anymore.

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  5. On 11/11/2018 at 3:19 PM, R_The_Great said:

    I get it, he has looked good vs bad defensive teams, Redskins had a bad week, but good lord this play calling is so bad.  4th and half a yard for the game and he goes to Saubert?  I am done with this dumb *** idiot

    those play calls on the goal line were horrible. TWO TIMES AT THE 2 INCH LINE and we couldnt get in. That was terrible TWICE.

    But lets not fire him yet. He had a bad game, all teams have bad games. Look what the Steelers did to Carolina.

  6. 6 hours ago, octoslash said:

    That's one of the most chicken-s**t efforts I've ever seen.   I played at Central DeKalb as a 10-year old and saw players with more guts.

    It's something you never, ever think to label a pro football player but I really wonder if Trufant isn't terrified of contact.  I mean it's either that, or he's totally stupid, or half blind.  There are no other possibilities to explain something so egregious. 

    How in f*** does he sit through films every week and keep showing his face to his teammates?  

    I think Trufant doesnt give a **** no no more. Its time to get new CBs