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  1. Just now, egghead said:

    That boy went hog wild. It's hard to tell. But the Raiders have not been meriting all over the place anyways. Just waiting to see what that front office will do. I'd like to be a fly on that wall. As long as they're all dressed decently (Mark Davis ....ewww... Hahhaahah). I bet they are all chewing their fingernails and screaming at every move. Hope the Raiders do OK. Always been one of my teams.

    The Raiders have invested in Gruden for 10 years, and its no mystery that he runs that organization now. Im excited to see how all this turns out. He wants to completely rebuild that team, and that will take time. His trades are a big gamble, I hope they work out for them

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  2. 6 minutes ago, DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry said:

    The notion that fans of this team would feel so entitled to a Super Bowl that the lack of one makes them say stuff like this is mind-boggling to me. I'll never understand it and I'll continue to push back at it for as long as I'm a member of the fan base. 

    I guess some people are content with Mediocrity <_<

  3. 8 minutes ago, DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry said:

    Nah sounds like you've got it pretty well. 

    Although this sort of stuff is part of every fan base, few can match the lack of perspective that Falcons fans continually show. 

    The reason for this is that this team drives all of us crazy. We are SO CLOSE, yet always SO FAR, simultaneously. Its like  if we were the Browns then we would expect to suck every season, so there would never be any let-down. I just wish we could either Suck or Not Suck.

  4. 31 minutes ago, kiwifalcon said:

    I don't understand this neglect the O & D-line stuff we let Poe Clayborn and    Upshaw go and replaced them with Takk Senat and Crawford.

    Our O-line we went on got a centre piece in Mack drafted Matthews and Schweitzer developed Schrader and went and got Fusco last year.I don't understand how the coach and front office have neglected the mentioned areas that the above posts mention :shrug:.

    I dont like you. But i do agree with you about that ^^^

  5. 9 minutes ago, mqg96 said:

    I also find it weird how the Falcons have only been 12-4 ONCE their whole history, which was in 1980. We've been 11-5 and 13-3 multiple times but haven't been 12-4 in a long time. I can see a 12-4 Dan Quinn coached team winning the Super Bowl though with a really good defense sometime in the future. In 2020 when we play the AFC West again, we also play the NFC North, and let's say we draw the Cardinals at home and the Eagles in Philly. If our 4 losses are the Eagles in Philly, 2 NFC South teams, and the Chiefs in Kansas City, we can still run the table that year. 

    WELL we better win out to get 12-4. Maybe 11-5 can get a wild card. Less likely 10-6

  6. Just now, mqg96 said:

    Is it a coincidence that the Falcons best seasons by most Falcons fans all occurred 18 years apart? 1980, 1998, and 2016!? 

    Georgia's undefeated national championship happened in 1980, and year 2 for Dan Quinn and Kirby Smart happened in back to back seasons (2016, 2017).  

    Im pretty sure its a coincidence, much like Matt Ryan only has good years on even numbered years

  7. 2 minutes ago, mqg96 said:

    To this day our best win-loss percentage in franchise history too. 14-2 was better than 13-3 in 2010 and 2012! The 2016 Falcons was just the historical offensive team but that was it, however, the 2016 Falcons still came closer to winning the Super Bowl than the 1998 Falcons. The 2016 Falcons also had a much tougher schedule than the 1998 Falcons. 

    Good points. I agree

  8. 5 hours ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

    My main point is that draftnut suggested that this team has twice as much talent as the 98 team. That is very false to me

    The Vikings that 98 season were the best high-octane offense in the NFL. Nobody could stop them. Until they met us.

    The 98 Falcon team was the most well-balanced team we've ever had. We had a GOOD Offense, and a GOOD Defense. Jamal Anderson at RB, Terrance Mathis at WR, Chris Chandler (if we could keep him on 2 legs he always got hurt so easy) ... That was a Great Falcon team

    And THEN EUGENE ROBINSON happened the Night before the SB ....  just ruined everything.

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  9. 15 hours ago, egghead said:

    I don't know. NO moves hardly at all. Quin said that he was satisfied with the team we have now. I mean. Maybe satisfied with this team now, FOR NEXT YEAR! But too many injuries seem to say the Falcons needed something here. Just Deion Jones coming back for the Dallas game is not going to cut it. Seems to me like Quin is saying, forget this year. We'll get em next year. Just my thought. I'm not from Atlanta so maybe I'm missing something. Someone tell me I'm wrong. Please.

    Unfortunately, you are exactly right

  10. 24 minutes ago, rounz said:

    Ummm, no.

    The Vikings were the darlings of the NFC that year. Nobody expected us to beat them.

    I remember somebody--Reeves, I think-- saying that the credentials he got for the Super Bowl after the game had the Vikings name on the envelope

    I think that year we were 14-2. The Vikings were 15-1 or Undefeated at home. We went to their stadium with Chris Chandler, that RB Jamal, Eugene Robinson, Ray Buchanon ,,, we held Cris Carter and Randy Moss down.

    And Morten Andersen won the game for us in OT. That was an AWESOME Game to watch

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