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  1. I was one of his worst haters last year, but this season he is dialing up Brilliant Plays that I think are better than what Shannahan did in 2016. Todays game against that really tough Redskin Defense was Outstanding. We lead the NFL in 3rd Down Conversions because of excellent play designs and that is a tribute to Sark.

    I was really wrong about this guy. And I am Happy that I was Wrong. I want Sark to be our OC forever.

    Great game today. And Congrats to Julio finally getting into the End Zone. :)


  2. 5 minutes ago, DogIsYourName said:

    Julio is helping this team by not catching TDs so everyone else can get easy TDs.  His selflessness does shows up in the stat column as 0 TD.   We need more guys who aren't scoring so that the remaining guys can score more easily!

    That is true but its becoming a long-running joke in the NFL media about him not able to catch TD passes, and he is "Elite". Its just the Weirdest thing ever that he cannot ever get open in the End Zone for a WR of his caliber. I dont care i guess... as long as he gets triple teamed and opens up other WRs ... but its just odd.

  3. 2 minutes ago, falcons007 said:

    I remember we talking about not doing enough for Michael Bennett, Kendrick’s and others.  At this point this defense is worse, not sure a veteran will help. This team can’t cover, can’t tackle and can’t stop any one when needed. Even guys like Alford, Poole and others have taken few steps back. I am an optimist but I dont have high hopes from this season. Even debo coming back may not fix all the issues. 

    Our only hope this season is Ryan and the Offense. Im not expecting this Defense to do much of nothing right now.

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  4. We have 2 games coming up that should be Winnable. Redskins and Browns. That will and should put us at 5-4 and right back into the Playoff Race.

    Assuming we get Deion Jones back (?) we might actually get part of this football team back. And these 2 guys we brought in to play O Line... i hope they can help.

    We actually may have a chance to get to the Post Season. But these 2 next Games are Must WIN games. If we lose to either of those 2 teams then its a Done Season.

    We just have to score more points than our opponents. This is all on Matt Ryan and Sark and our Offense to carry us.

    I Have HOPE. But its kind of like if you Poop in one hand and Pray in the other - what do you have? We all know the answer to that.


  5. 41 minutes ago, DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry said:

    I know, I think you're just asking for the same thing you're saying you don't expect. 

    The reality of the NFL is that top notch players frequently have large contributory effects on their surroundings. Julio creates openings for his fellow pass catching targets. Deion Jones makes things easier on the secondary. Takk and Grady together make things easier on the LBs. Alex Mack makes things easier on guards next to him. Etc. 

    You're almost never going to have a replacement capable of coming in behind a standout player and delivering anything near the same impact. And that seems the be the expectation. That this team should have good to great starters at every position PLUS at least "good" players behind them as depth. That simply isnt realistic. "Good" players cost money or they need to be developed. Not all players who are put through a development program will turn into good players. You hope they all do but you have to be aware of the fact they wont. And you have to be aware of the fact that usually it takes a lot of hard painful learning for players to develop. 

    That doesnt mean all rosters are equally deep or that "depth" is impossible. It isnt. It's just not something that can be expected all the way around a roster. And despite what folks around here apparently think, the bar for "good depth" is pretty low relative to the ability of good starters. 

    I like this post. I just think we could have made a better move on the trade deadline. Players do cost money but that money can be shifted around to make it work. All i think we needed were 1 year Rentals. We could have afforded better players.


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