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  1. Oh and dont forget that Choke Sign that their HC Sean Payton did to us (after the 28-3 debacle). YEA THAT WAS REAL CLASSY. I think we won that game. And shoved it right up his butt crack.
  2. Yall dont forget Brees Pre-Game Chants in our Yard "THIS IS OUR HOUSE! LOOK AT ALL THESE SAINTS FANS HERE! THIS IS OUR HOUSE!" Yea that was a DingDong Move by him leading those chants on Live Tv.
  3. We probly want names we can pronounce
  4. Because he works for minimum wage and that cheap dish-rag of a newspaper AJC loves that. Thats why Jeff Shultz left. Look at their website ... it looks like they hired a 13 year old kid to design it. That news company is horrible, and disgraceful to everyone in the city of Atlanta, and the state of Georgia in general.
  5. Im not even going to watch that. Im assuming its a coach not wanting to talk bad about his player, and evading questions that everybody wants to know answers to.
  6. I hope this will be like when we got John Abraham
  7. I actually think that Brees is that kind of a jackoff to want to stick it to us like that. Sean Payton is a total jerk like that too.
  8. QB Sack Leaders Rank Player Sk 1 Brett Favre+ 525 2 John Elway+ 516 3 Dave Krieg 494 4 Ben Roethlisberger 485 Given the Total Sacks above... Im pretty sure someone, some season sacked one of those QBs more than once when playing for different teams the same season.
  9. LOL they dont allow that Stickum anymore!
  10. Love this guy already!
  11. Im not going to quote the OP because the post is too long. I stopped doing meth a long time ago and this looks like one of my meth posts from 2005. I just drink now.
  12. Julio did juke him tho
  13. That was just rude... if i had been there i would have punched that Redskin jack-*** in the nose.
  14. I love Kazee! He is just a ball of lighting energy every play
  15. LOL ... #brotherhood in the same sail boat I love you man <3
  16. Rod Coleman spent most of his career in the backfield. Either tackling RBs or sacking QBs, He was Aaron Donald before Aaron Donald in his prime
  17. Drew Brees is a 1st Ballot HOF QB. But we got to stop this mutha ****** 2 times every season. We gotta do it next game in New Orleans. Some how, Some Way we got to Stop Him and that Offense
  18. TRUE ... Rod Coleman slayed whatever OL-lineman that he faced. I miss that guy. Grady Jarret is punishing good now. Him and Senat are a good Combo
  20. i see what you did there ^^^
  21. You got a Free Ticket Rogue. Love you brother #brotherhood
  22. Im a Lover not a Hater no more
  23. LOL - JOIN THE CLUB. Free Admission
  24. No. Everyone hates me