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  1. Yea and i do think Knapp suffered with having Vick as his QB. Now he has a good one finally, and i understand after 10 years that you can only coach players that want to be coached. Vick was never one of those players. Vick was always 1 read then Run type of QB. Ryan processes everything so fast he can make 4 reads in 4 seconds
  2. I used to hate Greg Knapp when he was here. But I love him back now as a QB coach.
  3. HAHA ... I miss him already too
  4. Well at least Pasztor got enough money to pay the rent and light bills. I feel bad for him still.
  5. Thats pretty ****** to get hired and then fired a day later.
  6. I thought we just signed him
  7. Bell is not playing the rest of the season. His agent found a loop-hole in the CBA contract that will keep Bell out for the entire rest of season without penalty.
  8. He tricked me!
  9. This is like coming to the SEC. **** is Real over here
  10. Irvin needs to know he aint playing against scrub QBs over here in the South. He better be on his game over here
  11. Your Sig pic is my favorite ones ever. 3 Dudes in Green Suits on shoes riding right into the club. Awesome
  12. It is what it is. Its football. But we know what Falcon Football means around here lol
  13. I saw that too ... but you know football aint played on paper its played on grass, and especially an away grass field against a team that has Almost won most its games. It worries me. Its a game we should Win and chalk up to the W column. But ya never know right?
  14. If the Falcons' defensive improvement is sustainable. The Falcons' defense doesn't need to be great. It just needs to be passable, to allow the team's top-five offense do the rest. It's possible that Atlanta coach Dan Quinn self-scouted well during the team's bye week and came up with some solutions to mitigate the defensive damage, which translated to just 14 points allowed in Washington. It's also possible Atlanta simply ran into an anemic Redskins offense at precisely the right time, when the group was short three starters on the offensive line. Now 4-4 with middle linebacker Deion Jones eligible to return later in the season, the Falcons are back to being realistic playoff contenders in the NFC. Fielding a "good enough" defense with an explosive offense is basically the recipe for success powering the top teams the NFL this year, so why can't a team with Grady Jarrett, Desmond Trufant and Takk McKinley follow that model? Follow Gregg Rosenthal on Twitter @greggrosenthal.
  15. Footballs thrown to Tru are like Lex Luthor throwing a rock of Kryptonite to Superman. Trufant does Not Catch Footballs - he swats them away. But as long as he swaps them away them Im Good with that.
  16. I think 10 wins (with tie breakers) will get us in. We only play 2 more teams with winning records (Saints and Panthers). It is definitely do-able. And we always play both those teams tough, last field goal last possession win. Im excited. From all the Defensive improvement (Kazee) I have faith. I know Ryan and the Offense will give us 28+ per game. Its possible. That being said ... if we lose to the Browns then we are in trouble
  17. The Media is already predicting a Repeat of last season when the NFC South sent 3 Teams to the Playoffs. And That is possible and likely. I Love how this team has pulled it together at mid season. I think WE can do this. And if we do it will be the Greatest Miracle of All Time.
  18. We're not going to win this division - realistically. Its Wild Card or Bust for us. Unless the Saints completely Implode and we Explode to run the table.... we just need to sneak in
  19. At the time of the trade offers, we didnt know that we would get Irvin. NOW we got Irvin. NOW things have changed with the Vic situation. NOW Vic needs to be a little more worried, because he has maybe become expendable.
  20. We just gotta beat them. If we can get a wild card playoff spot then i think we can run the table. And knock those ******* out.
  21. No he is not from West VA. He is from Hawaii. Like I thought.
  22. You made me have to Google .... Early years Kikaha attended Kahuku High & Intermediate School in Kahuku, Hawaii. He is from Hau'ula, Hawaii. He played defensive end and tight end. As a senior in 2009, he was named Honolulu Star-Bulletin's' defensive player of the year.[1] Kikaha was rated as a three-star recruit by[2] In January 2010, he committed to the University of Washington to play college football.[3]
  23. Yea his name doesnt really fit someone born and raised in West VA.
  24. Is he Hawaiian?
  25. That team are complete jerks from the top down to us. So Yea ... if they can stomp in our Yard in the SB then that is giving them more motivation. We just have to stop them somehow. I dont care whatever else team plays here, but It can Never be the Saints