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  1. With the Signing of Bruce Irvin, this is a move that is putting Vic Beasley on notice. The fire has been lit under Beasley to Step Up or Step Out. Irvin is going to create a lot of competition for Vic, and Im thinking Vic may end up on the trade-block after this season. And we will end up extending a new contract to Irvin. Thats what I think
  2. Matt and Julio
  3. Thats just Love
  4. **** man i hate this **** i need Antonio Brown to beat the Panthers! But it dont look good for him to play after his dumb-*** ****
  5. HE WAS DRIVING 100 MPH IN A 45MPH ZONE. THAT ALONE is a Crime. In Addition he was on the same street as a bank robbery taking place. So yes - the NFL SHOULD and WILL take action
  6. I think you will Win
  7. I bet what happened was AB and his buddies planned this whole bank heist out. Antonio would be the distraction car, to distract the police while his frieneds heisted all the cash from the bank. Antonio Brown was the "Distraction Car" And I think they all counting that money tonight. I Hope they robbed Wells Fargo (my bank account that closed me)
  8. The NFL does suspend players for incididents like this. Especially if the player was involved in a bank robbery
  9. 100 MPH in a 45 MPH zone thru a Bank Robbery Incident at the time. He was probly the get-away car. I dont know if he needed more money to pay bills, but he got got pulled over. I wonder if the NFL will suspend him.
  10. ANTONIO BROWN got arrested for driving 100 MPH near a BANK ROBBERY. He Might not play this week. !!! He Might not play ever!
  11. I hope that Cam Newton gets his spine broken and is paralyzed on the first play of the game. And I hope he recovers to play again the week after. GO STEELERS!
  12. Oh my bad, this is a Vote Thread. And Both those Votes are a Big No
  13. WTF Question are you asking? Whether to play the Falcon Defense this week? NO! We're playing away in Cleveland. You Never Ever play an Away Game Defense.
  14. Nothing against homosexuals - but that is rude. but kind of funny. i dont know how to react to this. SHUT UP
  15. DLed asked about "the Trade" we made for Irvin. Thats how stupid he is, and Coach Quinn stepped away from the microphone and came back and asked DLed to re-ask the question again. But he works for the AJC so no surprise there. DLed has always been a horrible journalist, and Dan Quinn showed him out on that one
  16. You Shut Up
  17. Ok i got pranked. That never happens so I will applaud it. But you just remember - what comes around goes around!
  18. Yea if you got Bell on your Fantasy then get him off there
  20. be nice
  21. DEFfinitely a Late Hit Penalty
  22. Im actually going to agree with you for once. Whenever i see that toss sweep play I cringe. We always lose 2 yards. We are better running between the tackles. The problem is that toss sweep takes so long to get the RB to the edge and defenders are too quick to pursue it
  23. i just realized i really like you
  24. That is child abuse. LoL