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  1. Vic Beasley has 1 ******* tackle the past 5 games? That is pretty ******* awesome and deserves a Celebration!
  2. I think Trufant doesnt give a **** no no more. Its time to get new CBs
  3. I could understand a 92 Yard Pass Play. BUT A RUN PLAY? NOBODY COULD CATCH UP TO HIM? I MEAN HOW THE **** DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN?
  4. Trufant thinks footballs are Kryptonite, He cant catch one if you hit him in the numbers. God forbid if he is ever needed to tackle someone. The dude is useless. He plays off the WR 10 yards. I dont understand his job anymore other than just trailing WRs. He needs to go, His time is done. He isnt giving any effort any more,
  5. Its Ok Nick Chubb is almost to my house delivering pizza.... Lol.. He is still running
  6. Play with some Heart. . At least act youre trying. I Love Nick Chubb from UGA, BUT DAYUN 92 Yards and not one of these dudes on defense could bring him down? Seriously?
  7. I dont care if he was Hershel Walker. Thay at the 2 Yard Line and breaks off a run for a TD 92 YARDS, That is Horrible. Nobody on this Defense can tackle that? I mean come on man!
  8. I could have been out there and "tried"... and i can barely walk. That was just piss poor Defense as bad as ive ever seen.
  9. YEA 10 SECONDS into that video i turned it off.
  10. That is By Far the Worst Defense Play of the Year Award right there
  11. That is just Shameful .... Never Ever should happen i dont care how injured the Defense is. You dont let a guy run 92 yards without tackling him
  12. i mean WTF was Sark and Ryan doing at the Goal Line - TWO TIMES!
  13. This season is over. Or maybe not. We lost to an AFC team so it wont affect tie breakers for making the Playoffs. But we now have to Win Every Game just to make 11-5. We all know thats not gonna happen. This REALLY SUCKS
  14. I think we can all agree that this game turned into a complete dumpster fire. We got our butt whipped by the CLEVELAND BROWNS. I just dont understand this team. We go on the road and whip the Redskins , and the next week we get smacked by one of the worst teams in the NFL. I dont know what to say except - GOOD BYE PLAYOFFS! Just Shameful. And Embarassing. Questions: 1. Where did our Offense go? Ryan? Ridley? 2. Does ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO TACKLE on Defense? 3. Does Dan Quinn know the concept of CLOCK MANAGEMENT? Apparently not any of the above Its done. That game was just a horror movie played in Cleveland. And this season is over. We will be watching the Saints play in our backyard for the SB, Im so pissed off
  15. Matt Ryan SUCKS playing Outdoor Away games. I dont understand why but he diess. He makes horrible throws and decicions, or either our OC goes brain dead. Something doesnt click... but WTF went wrong with the Defense Nobody taught them how to tackle? Or I guess its OK to play 10 Yards off the WR now? (alford and trufant).. HoRRible performance today
  16. I just dont understand how this same team that Destroyed the Redskins, just got Destroyed by the ******* Browns. I mean this is what drives me to insanity about this team. I dont know any more. Do Yall Know? Cuz I sure dont! I mean we beat the crap out of on the better NFC teams then go and go get the crap kicked out of us by one of the worst teams in the entire NFL. I mean WTF
  17. It is what it is. Its football. But we know what Falcon Football means around here lol
  18. I saw that too ... but you know football aint played on paper its played on grass, and especially an away grass field against a team that has Almost won most its games. It worries me. Its a game we should Win and chalk up to the W column. But ya never know right?
  19. I think 10 wins (with tie breakers) will get us in. We only play 2 more teams with winning records (Saints and Panthers). It is definitely do-able. And we always play both those teams tough, last field goal last possession win. Im excited. From all the Defensive improvement (Kazee) I have faith. I know Ryan and the Offense will give us 28+ per game. Its possible. That being said ... if we lose to the Browns then we are in trouble
  20. The Media is already predicting a Repeat of last season when the NFC South sent 3 Teams to the Playoffs. And That is possible and likely. I Love how this team has pulled it together at mid season. I think WE can do this. And if we do it will be the Greatest Miracle of All Time.
  21. We're not going to win this division - realistically. Its Wild Card or Bust for us. Unless the Saints completely Implode and we Explode to run the table.... we just need to sneak in
  22. We just gotta beat them. If we can get a wild card playoff spot then i think we can run the table. And knock those ******* out.
  23. That team are complete jerks from the top down to us. So Yea ... if they can stomp in our Yard in the SB then that is giving them more motivation. We just have to stop them somehow. I dont care whatever else team plays here, but It can Never be the Saints
  24. Oh and dont forget that Choke Sign that their HC Sean Payton did to us (after the 28-3 debacle). YEA THAT WAS REAL CLASSY. I think we won that game. And shoved it right up his butt crack.
  25. Yall dont forget Brees Pre-Game Chants in our Yard "THIS IS OUR HOUSE! LOOK AT ALL THESE SAINTS FANS HERE! THIS IS OUR HOUSE!" Yea that was a DingDong Move by him leading those chants on Live Tv.