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  1. its going to be a close game. i agree
  2. has anyone ever called you a bung-hole before? Or something to that effect? Im just curious - are you 12? or unhappily married? i just want to know if im talking to a complete jerk, or a rutard, or some other mutant.... just help me out here. So I get a clearer image of the butt-wad that im wasting my time replying to... just help me out
  3. Just drop it bruh ... i dont have time for you, and you just completely wrecked and ruined my thread. THANKS
  4. Brother, i am seriously not trying to embarass or disrespect you. But you dont me apparently, and if you keep me going then one or both of us will get banned after all this is over with. And i dont want that for either of us. If you want to tangle with me then .....
  5. i can go all night with you. Whens your bed-time? You tangle with me i can go until your school bus arrives in the morning. But i dont want to do that. Because i am a mature adult, and i know better than to internet punch kids on school nights. so go to bed kid. see ya again later tomorrow
  6. You know what... why dont you just STFU ... stop reading what my thoughts are and maybe contribute something to add to the commentary of the discussion instead of blasting me for this thread - which is proposing legit bullet points to the discussion. Can you do that? Or you are you just going to combative against me? Long sullen silence? Or mean comments? ..... Whats it gonna be?
  7. can you just not talk to me any more? please?
  8. im sorry ... which Falcon team have you ever been watching. the one that ever blew out an opponent. ??? We only win games by 3 points or less. Im just curious how this "blow out" will occur.
  9. Not everybody can be a Hall Monitor like you. Keep up the good work. You will make a great mod here one day :/
  10. you are such a jack butt
  11. i love you charles. but sometimes you sound like my old grandpa (RIP) ...and sometimes i sound like the annoying little grand-kid that wants toys instead of clothes for christmas. We all want the same thing - a Winning Falcon team. We ALL Want Magical Toys for Christmas (the Superbowl Ring) ... maybe one day , hopefully before we're all dead, we will get to see that
  12. And this being said, what will you say when the Falcons lose against the Giants tomorrow.... Making 5 game predictions never turns out well. Just wondering if you will be around here to answer up to your bet for the next 5 weeks. I love the optimisim. But the realism is what happens.
  13. Im proud of you man. Those old pics i saw of you, you were pretty Fluffy. Good Job
  14. I thought we were on Part 3. Im confused
  15. i dont take anything personal, unless its in my bedroom
  16. Any one person that is never annoying in any way is not a person - its a robot. Its what makes us human, our idiosyncracies
  17. Thats true. Screw them! I come here to have a good time and experience. And from time to time i do actually post thought-provoking threads that stirs debate. So yea, im going to keep being ME for better or worse. Thanks for the cognitive recalibration (from Avengers when Black Widow smacked Hawkeye)
  18. From now on, i promise to only post serious football discussion threads. No more Jokes from me! If thats what the majority posters want. No More Fun! (this place is going to be horrible)
  19. I think you really mis-understand me. Im not mad or angry. Im just trying to bring make light and fun of a doom-and-gloom situation. You should lighten up.
  20. LMAO ... oh you are such a jerk
  21. Im betting i will be taking another 2 week vacation, after an old enemy showed back up here ... someone who is really Shiny and made it his Mod Life here to make my Posting Life more miserable. I have forgiven, but not forgotten. Like any company who hires employees, they should all review candidates for the job very thoroughly. And i think this board has made a few mistakes in the past, that were not as shiny as they should have been. And thats what i will say about that.
  22. except for you
  23. I love these threads, and i support the OP. But i think i am 1 more comment away from getting a 2 week ban again. So Im going to stay out of this one on the sideline today.
  24. This is going to be fun