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  1. I could have posted TOP 5 REASONS WHY THE FALCONS BEAT THE BROWNS. And we all saw how that turned out.
  2. we need better coaches
  3. we werent in the draft market for a RB because this team already paid for Devonta Freeman. We should have paid Teco instead, and let Freeman go
  4. No team can fill every hole. But Trufant needs to go. Alford can go too. Freeman needs to somehow go. We need new Guards. 1 Offseason wont do it. It wont fix everything in 1 offseason. Its a "Rebuild" but its a process build
  5. way too many times
  6. Worst thing ive ever said? **************************************************************************************************************************** Yea the censors pretty much asterisk it all
  7. Duke Riley didnt cost us the game. What cost us the game being unable to score 1 point from the 1 yard line - 3 Times. Sark and Ryan had brain farts all day
  8. Losing kind of sucks and it pisses fans off. Particularly when you get destroyed by the Browns.
  9. What has become apparent is Trufant has benefitted off Rico and Keanu having his back at Safety. Now he is exposed for what he is - which is basically lazy nothing now,
  10. Can we get Deion Sanders back?? These CBs are terrible this year. Alford I can handle his PI penalties but at least he makes an effort. Trufant is a complete waste of a roster spot out there.
  11. ive seen a play where a wide open INT was 5 yards from him and he made NO EFFORT to dive for it. Just Pathetic his play has been. Not that he would have caught it, he cant catch anything thrown right into his hands, BUT AT LEAST TRY!
  12. Thats not a bad idea actually. I like it. Trufant and Beasley BOTH need to be benched. Trufant more because he just doesnt seem to care or try anymore.
  13. LOL he is the Best Almost Sacker in the NFL ...
  14. those play calls on the goal line were horrible. TWO TIMES AT THE 2 INCH LINE and we couldnt get in. That was terrible TWICE. But lets not fire him yet. He had a bad game, all teams have bad games. Look what the Steelers did to Carolina.
  15. Yea the first Seahawk brother was supposedly good. Desmond "SEEMED" good for a while. But yea their name was always Hyped a lot.
  16. Trufant just needs to go. He shows no effort or brains anymore. Is he on drugs? He plays like it. Trufant cant cover white on rice anymore. We need new CBs, desparately
  17. Julio is just getting old and worn down. We are seeing the end of him. And it sucks but his tires are getting flat. Kind of like what we saw with Roddy White. But thankfully we have Calvin Ridley now
  18. Kazee is awesome and my new favorite player. He is like a little fireball of a defensive player. I love his effort and energy. Unlike those other 2 dummies playing CB
  19. I think Alford at least Tries. Trufant ... i think he is retired already but just hasnt told anybody.
  20. Lol ...The only good player we have in the secondary is Kazee. Trufant and Alford are trash. I dont even know who else plays back there
  21. Trufant sucks. Not only as a CB but just as an overall player in general. He just acts like he doesnt even care any more. He has to Go away somewhere else far away. Hopefully he will go to the Saints, so we can torch him there
  22. I just dont understand how a RB can out-run 11 defensive guys for 92 yards. Chubb could have kept going to 92 miles. Is he really that fast?
  23. Yea Vic Beasley is awesome. LOL .... Not a worse DE in the NFL haha