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  1. I was one of his worst haters last year, but this season he is dialing up Brilliant Plays that I think are better than what Shannahan did in 2016. Todays game against that really tough Redskin Defense was Outstanding. We lead the NFL in 3rd Down Conversions because of excellent play designs and that is a tribute to Sark. I was really wrong about this guy. And I am Happy that I was Wrong. I want Sark to be our OC forever. Great game today. And Congrats to Julio finally getting into the End Zone.
  2. I remember we used to have some good FBs in years before. I dont think Ive ever seen a Full Back on any Play this season. Do we have one? Whats his name?
  3. And that has been the story of those 2 clowns at CB. We need new CBs
  4. Big shocker there... smh
  6. This was a Classic Trap Game if there was one
  7. Im not trying to call him out, but somebody on the defense did say that.
  8. I have no idea who our FB is. Ive never seen him play
  9. i think it was Devondra Campbell that said that
  10. "Its the Browns. We'll figure it out" , said some player on this team i wont name. Thats the kind of attitude and lack of preparation that gets people fired.
  11. It was a while. I think you banned me a time or two
  12. I have just never seen 1 Runing Play this season with a lead Fullback blocking, And those 4th Down plays at the 1 Inch Line ,,, a Fullback would have helped
  13. Didnt you used to be a Mod?
  14. This team needs new Cornerbacks. Its time to recycle the defense
  15. I dont know what Sark and Ryan were doing all last game. All Ryan was doing was throwing to Tight Ends. I dont know if he even targeted a WR. And those Debacles at the 1 Yard Line were embarassing Did they spend all night before at a Bar? This wasnt the same Offense we saw the week before.
  16. I Know its Horrible! This team is cursed. It has driven me to insanity since 1978
  17. We sure could have used a Fullback at the Goal Line
  18. Quoted for Truth
  19. Have you actually seen Desmond Trufant lately? Neither have I
  20. I dont think we do. We just use Tight Ends for that role now dont we?
  21. Kazee is the only good player we have in the Secondary. He at least Tries, unlike those other two clowns we have back there.
  22. Its really simple. We got caught in the classic Trap Game. They went to Cleveland thinking "Oh its just the Browns, we dont have to work, we will figure it out". Great No Game Planning.
  23. You let a dude run 92 yards for a Touchdown ... All 11 Players on Defense should be ******* ashamed of themselves. NO EXCUSE FOR THAT To a Man that is just Embarassing. He set a Browns record with that Run. Pathetic Defense
  24. On Defense we have what we have. Kazee is the gem. The rest are not very good. They need better coaching
  25. Yes Sir and thank God for Ito