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  1. our defense now officially sucks again now without Deion Jones ... I love Kazee taking over at Safety - and maybe instead of a Thumper at Safety we could use a ball-hawking Safety like Kazee. We may have upgraded our Safety position actuallly/ BUT you cant really replace a Deion Jones.....the Center of our Defense. An ALL PRO .. Pro Bowler ... THIS IS GOING TO BE TOUGH
  2. They are so huge, 1 burrito could feed a family of me (or three) ,,, i miss that place
  3. Never post here again.
  4. I approve this thread; Because I voiced the same complaint. Sitting the Starters in the Pre Season is DUMB. Saving them from Injury? Yea, how did that work out after Game 1? Stupid Stupid. If players are gonna get hurt then they gonna get hurt, BUT YA KINDA GOTTA GET THEM INTO GAME SHAPE FIRST! Right? And why again Matt and Julio have a discombobulated connection - AGAIN.
  5. losing Deion Jones is HUGE. He is widely considered the Best Middle Linebacker in the NFL right now. And deservedly. This team , this Defense got Hurt big time today. Aint no joke
  6. I was getting really excited about this Panther game coming up ... and the ONE GUY that we have that can put Cam Newton on his back or face is now not able to play. Expect about 100 yards running from Cam and his usual 200 yards passing with 2 TDs . and 1 TD rushing ... and a 27-18 victory for Carolina ....
  7. No im really FNG worried right now. aS you should be. We lost our Defensive QB today. We LOST THE BEST PLAYER ON OUR DEFENSE.... You all should be concerned
  8. Without Deion Jones .... its over. He was THE ONE (from the Matrix) on this Defense. Teams are going to put up 35 pts per game on us now. And our Offense is horrible and cant score enough Touchdowns to keep up... much like the Saints.... except we dont have Drew Brees as our QB to score us 40 pts ... Im just reallly depressed right now
  9. We are basically going to be the 1 Legged Man in the Butt Kicking Contest. Guess who wins...
  10. Pretty much this ... 2 broken hands (deion and keanu neal) ... and this is our Defense now ....
  11. I can understand losing Keanu Neal for the season, but to lose Deion Jones is just too much. Deion is our best Defensive player - HE IS THE CAPTAIN and Leader of our Defense .... which right now looks pretty bare bones and quite shtty without him. Its like the Rams losing Aaron Donald. Or the Raiders losing Khalil Mack (oh wait...) ... its like..... LOSING THE BEST #%$^%@$^ Defensive COG we have .... and this SUCKS.. Because our Offense SUCKS ... And we need Deion to keep our Defense GLUED and TOGETHER and AWESOME .... andddd.................. Carolina is smiling right now. Cam Newton is smiling right now. They may be Smiling BIG after next week. God this sucks.... Why Why Why!?????
  12. Well this is ... horrible ... I dont want him fixing computers in IT. I want him being a Middle Linebacker ... and I WANT THIS DEFENSE to NOT SUCK! DAMMIT! This Sucks
  13. For those unfamiliar Moe's restaurant is basically a Tex-Mex Subway, and right when you enter the door they always yell WELCOME TO MOES! .... and it gets annoying after a while. I loved their burritos though
  14. i used to eat at Moes all the time... and i get that reference WELCOME TO MOES! Right when you open the door, and im always like just SHUT IT
  15. I just think the Steelers and Browns TIE is hilarious. They Hate each other as bad as Falcons hate the Saints. 1. Its the Browns - and TECHNICALLY they did End their Losing Streak. But they had to Kiss their Sister to do it ..... uggghh 2. Steelers - without Leveone Bell .... well this is what you get. A Tie with your rival. Its so funny on so many levels.