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  1. And that has been the story of those 2 clowns at CB. We need new CBs
  2. Big shocker there... smh
  4. This was a Classic Trap Game if there was one
  5. Im not trying to call him out, but somebody on the defense did say that.
  6. I have no idea who our FB is. Ive never seen him play
  7. i think it was Devondra Campbell that said that
  8. "Its the Browns. We'll figure it out" , said some player on this team i wont name. Thats the kind of attitude and lack of preparation that gets people fired.
  9. It was a while. I think you banned me a time or two
  10. I have just never seen 1 Runing Play this season with a lead Fullback blocking, And those 4th Down plays at the 1 Inch Line ,,, a Fullback would have helped
  11. Didnt you used to be a Mod?
  12. This team needs new Cornerbacks. Its time to recycle the defense
  13. I dont know what Sark and Ryan were doing all last game. All Ryan was doing was throwing to Tight Ends. I dont know if he even targeted a WR. And those Debacles at the 1 Yard Line were embarassing Did they spend all night before at a Bar? This wasnt the same Offense we saw the week before.
  14. I Know its Horrible! This team is cursed. It has driven me to insanity since 1978
  15. We sure could have used a Fullback at the Goal Line