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  1. And that has been the story of those 2 clowns at CB. We need new CBs
  2. Im not trying to call him out, but somebody on the defense did say that.
  3. "Its the Browns. We'll figure it out" , said some player on this team i wont name. Thats the kind of attitude and lack of preparation that gets people fired.
  4. I have just never seen 1 Runing Play this season with a lead Fullback blocking, And those 4th Down plays at the 1 Inch Line ,,, a Fullback would have helped
  5. I dont know what Sark and Ryan were doing all last game. All Ryan was doing was throwing to Tight Ends. I dont know if he even targeted a WR. And those Debacles at the 1 Yard Line were embarassing Did they spend all night before at a Bar? This wasnt the same Offense we saw the week before.
  6. I Know its Horrible! This team is cursed. It has driven me to insanity since 1978
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