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  1. 1. Their D has had some awful games, but they've had more good games than bad - those games they win at home, they're putting in their backups, so Cam/Sanchez/Cutler/Ponder got to pad their stats in the 2nd half - making their D numbers look worse than they are. 2. Imagine the stats Rodgers would have in his career if his coach were classless like Sean/Bill - They'd let him pad his stats in the 2nd half of those blowout games.
  2. It worked against Peyton cause Peyton is too scared to gun it downfield... that Ameba D messes up Denver's sissy checkdown routes (quick slants) . Against Rodgers - he usually just chucks it downfield against the Blitz or anything that looks like a blitz. Just gotta beat 'em straight up and if that don't work, then draft four guys that can rush and a back end that can cover.
  3. Flacco ? I'd rather have a drunk Rex Grossman than Flacco.
  4. I'm surprised that the refs are not trying to keep the Chargers in the game, I thought that the NFL hated blowouts during prime time games, but I guess it doesn't matter with Operation: Spoil Golden Forehead.
  5. Against a power run/read-option team, yeah - their run d sucks. But their Pass D is actually decent, with Peppers & Clay and that Secondary. Saints will probably get their yards, but idk if they're gonna clown that D.
  6. Rodger's oline had a couple of 50+ sack seasons (2009-2012). They were good in late 2010 - early 2011, since then - they've had some injuries and such. His defense was awesome in 2010, aside from that - it's just been Clay getting double teamed and the DBs getting takeaways. Matt Ryan is capable of winning a superbowl for the Falcons, he's way better than Joe Flacco - just get the dude some help.
  7. Gotta defend my dude. He got us a good MLB in Bishop & a good Kicker in the 6th rd. BJackson was a ok 3rd down back & Jones is probably the best 4th wr in the league, KHall & CHarris were decent special teamers. Everyone else were big time busts thou. So we got about 3 solid picks out of probably Ted's worst draft, how many avg. to good players did TD get in his best draft? 08: Matt Ryan & Curtis Lofton/ 09: ? / 10: Weatherspoon and Peters/ 11: Jones/Rodgers/Akeem(?) ... Not saying TD is garbage, the drafts are crapshoots, but he needs to raise his "draft percentages(?)" of finding soldiers above his current 2 per draft mark. Ted averages maybe a 4 players per draft(?) and that goes a long way toward loading a team up with starters and depth. blah
  8. That play wasn't really dirty, Ryan lobbed a pass in the middle when dudes were sitting back in Zone, Their job in zone is to run up and pop the ball from the guy trying to catch, which they did, it's violent, but kind of clean... now Roman Harper running up from behind and cheap shotting Steve Smith and Jed Collins face masking 49er Defensive players or the saints hitting up favre/warner are dirty as ****... just like the falcon's oline knee clipping defensive players like crazy is dirty.
  9. Him being stuck in St. Louis isn't bad enough? 'Suppose they can have him message Steve Smith's grill with his feet or something, idk.
  10. Don't know why everyone is on the Giant's bandwagon, they beat the jets and cowboys. Jets imploded/Cowboys suck Redskins (who play like the falcons kind of) sweeped the Giants, Packers/Saints sliced up that "scary" defense. Idk how the falcons will do against the giants cause the falcons oline sucks, but the giants aren't gonna go all the way like people are saying they are.
  11. Rodgers didn't get to pad his stats whenever he was up by 3 TDs in the 3rd QT of games. Rodgers didn't get to play in Week 17 Rodgers had close to 400 less pass attempts than Brees (brees only has 1 more TD pass than Rodgers) Rodgers starting LT missed like 9 regular season games, along with his Defense being awful. Rodgers only loss this season occured when his no.1 HB/no.1 WR were out, his starting RT went down, followed up by his backup RT going out. Dude plays the first half against the lions and he probably breaks Brady's 50 TD record and this debate doesn't exist.
  12. The Aaron/Peyton/Brees/Bradys all deserve to be talked about as much as possible...They're that good. now the dudes I can't stand are the Vick/Romo/Eli/Sanchez/Tebow type dudes that are hyped more than the 'good' QBs. "Eli is Eli-te! he was held to zero points against the 32nd ranked defense!" - espn
  13. 1. vikings, their fans never ending excuse-o-meter, jared allen's dance, picking up favre for the sake of it. brad childress. 2. steelers, a rapist and a couple cheapshot artists.. 3. bears, cause chicago. 4. saints, jimmy graham is just ...idk, love what brees and sean do for their city, but man... Jimmy Graham is just.... idk. 5. lions, anything associated with kid rock sucks. honorable mentions: - falcons: Their fans wishing harm on our players, then when it's game time, they leave. Their players cheap shotting our defensive player's knees after the whistle, their players whining about suh trash talking, pouring gatorade on their owner after they beat the awful 2010 panthers. "matty ice is more clutch than Joe Montana man!" - denver: elway's dumb horse teeth.
  14. 1. flacco is basically the strong arm version of matt ryan, both look straight scared against elite teams. 2. Cutler was a probowler when he had weapons in denver, dude is working with NOTHING in chicago, awful oline (takes on GB/Det/Min defensive lines twice a year), awful WRs. The dude is like rambo out there, trying to make a helicopter out of sticks and 'ish. 3. sanchez is like matt ryan in slow motion, check down, scared, but in slow mo'. 4. freeman is like a slow wussified version of cam newton 5. cam is a playmaker, get him a defense and he's in the nfc title game. 6. stafford is inconsistent, but when he's on fire he's more likely to have a 400 yard/5 td type of game than the other dudes on this list. 7. Romo is a straight up choker. Romo has that mcnabb thing to him, the 'nice guy with no drive attitude' on him. Like he doesn't wanna be great or something. only dudes I'd put up above matt ryan are Stafford/Cutler/Cam
  15. lol, the falcons complaining about cheapshots and trash talk? Daunta Headbanging with WRs, dudes cut blocking and hitting dudes after the whistle is all cool, but when it happens to the falcons, it's all of a sudden "Classless" ? "I don't wanna wish injury on anyone.... (other than every star player that plays my team)" - falcon's classy fans.
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